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Ben’s Top Trades – Round 16

Ben looks at the most popular trades from last round.

Ben of the @BeaufortBeaus looks back at the most popular trades of Round 16.

Most Traded In

There’s plenty of value here that’s still worth jumping on including Nick Haynes, who scored 72 and has averaged 76 from his last three, and Blake Acres, who scored 79 to follow up his 108 in Round 15.

Stay away from Jack Redden because he’s out for the rest of the fantasy season after surgery on a fractured thumb. I’ve also flagged Jack Scrimshaw after he crashed back to earth with a 55, andΒ Max Gawn because Melbourne are out of the running for finals and he may be managed.

  1. Damon Greaves (DEF, $205,000)
  2. Keidean Coleman (MID/FWD, $261,000)
  3. Flynn Perez (DEF, $220,000)
  4. Nick Haynes (DEF, $622,000) πŸ‘
  5. Blake Acres (MID/FWD, $552,000) πŸ‘
  6. Jack Redden (MID, $528,000) πŸš‘
  7. Jack Scrimshaw (DEF, $556,000) 🚩
  8. Matthew Owies (FWD, $170,000)
  9. Jack Crisp (DEF, $711,000) πŸ‘
  10. Max Gawn (RUCK, $842,000) 🚩

Most Traded Out

Callum Mills was a late withdrawal in Round 15 and missed Round 16 with a minor calf strain, but might be good to go against Brisbane in Round 17.

Meanwhile Alex Witherden was dropped in Round 15 and remained out of the team in Round 16, but could be named this round to replace the injuredΒ Brandon Starcevich.

We won’t know whether either of them are playing until 6:20pm on Saturday when eight teams are already locked out though.

  1. Alex Witherden (DEF, $659,000) βœ‚
  2. Angus Brayshaw (MID, $609,000) πŸš‘
  3. Andrew McGrath (MID, $647,000) πŸš‘
  4. Boyd Woodcock (FWD, $290,000) βœ‚
  5. Sam Draper (RUCK, $405,000)
  6. Callum Mills (DEF, $634,000) πŸš‘
  7. Sam Wicks (MID, $335,000)
  8. Bradley Close (MID/FWD, $331,000)
  9. Luke Shuey (MID, $611,000) πŸš‘
  10. Jack Bytel (MID, $238,000) βœ‚

Early Movers

Blake Acres is the most popular upgrade target so far. He’s in form and has an easy run home against the Roos and the Dogs.

Tom Rockliff (MID, $765,000) has caught the eye of many after his 122 and the RockPig should come home strong with easy match-ups against Essendon and Collingwood.

I’m wary of Dayne Zorko (MID/FWD, $768,000) though, despite his 124. Sydney and Carlton give up less points than Gold Coast and he only managed 56 in Round 15.

Ben's a Swannies supporter whose love of fantasy footy far exceeds his skill. He coaches the Beaufort Beaus and is on the hunt for a hat. Is a fifth year breakout on the cards? Follow on Twitter: @BeaufortBeaus.



  1. Nick


    Top work Ben. Looking good. Thoughts on Walsh as a replacement for Worp ?

    • Fooz


      I thought Walsh been quite good. … but he looked pretty tired in his last game… maybe from too much leather poisoning.

  2. Dan


    wingard or acres?

    • Sir Fartypants


      Yes! Exactly! Currently got acres but wingard always seems to have a purple patch each year…. both pretty decent draws. I’d love to hear some opinions on this!

      • Steven


        feel acres will be a more predictable 80 average but Wingard could be a wild card, willing to take the risk

  3. Damo


    So do you reckon I bring in O’Brien over Gawn? What’s the likelihood that Gawn gets managed do we think?

  4. Burger


    Thanks for the article Ben, although I’m confused as to why you & Calvin (on the podcast) say that Melb. can’t make the 8? They’re a game out with a better percentage than GWS & WB. If Melb. win their last 2 games (including vs GWS this weekend) and against cooked Ess in the last game, & WB don’t win both of theirs, Melb. will probably make the 8!

    • Sir Bobby


      Yeah but have you seen Melbourne play recently? Unless they get 22 heart transplants, they’ve got no hope.

      • Burger


        Must have had some transplants. Like I said, they can still make the 8……..

  5. James


    Did Acres play midfield last game? Looked on afl cba and he didnt have any appearances.

    • Campbell


      hes a winger

  6. Empty


    I have somehow managed to dodge all bullets and have a luxary trade.

    Should I trade Goldy –> Gawn


    Walters –> Best fwd available

    Must win this week for me.

  7. Jo-EL


    I’d go Walters to best forward available, preferably Pretracca/Whitfield, if you already have them though, why not go for an Acres, great value

  8. Jo-EL


    My trades this week

    B Close – H Brayshaw ( 170 K )
    Riccardi – Acres
    E Curnow – O Wines

    Wines has found some form recently and I only had 25 K to work with for my last trade, what do you guys think.

  9. Mark


    Well FMDT!!! Reversed my trade of Witherdon and Xerri > Ryder and god knows who, can’t remember now as I thought Ryder would play like crap against NicNat!!!!!

  10. Steve


    Who said Melbourne is out of finals? They beat GWS and Essendon and they’re in,

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