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Roy’s Rollin’ 22 and Trade Talk – Rd. 13

Here is a sneak peak of Roy’s Rollin’ 22 and Trade Talk which is available weekly on as part of the ‘shout us a Pot’ tier.

The toughest of the bye rounds are behind us in many regards given we can now use at least one of our trades to upgrade to a premium coming off their bye. Ideally, we obviously try to use all three trades to bring in players off their bye but downgrade targets dictate that to some extent and I am happy to bring in cash cows with an upcoming week off, not premiums. Hopefully ‘points per minute’ guy Toby McMullin (FWD, $260,000), fresh off nine tackles in 40 per cent TOG loses the vest responsibilities this week.

  1. Nick Daicos– The star Pie has been solid as a rock, racking up through the midfield for five hundreds on the trot for an average of 122.
  2. Luke Ryan – His scoring prowess can no longer be ignored and he is pushing ‘must have’ status following his bye with a five game average of 136.
  3. Harry Sheezel  – The Sheez role looks to have settled now and I think we can expect a 105 average as a midfielder in the second half of the year.
  4. Nic Martin – Seems to have taken a slight hit since the return of Jordan Ridley but has still produced nice scores of 102 and 97 in his last two.
  5. Jordan Clark – After not reaching triple figures all year, he has gone bang with scores of 141, 128 and 151. That my friends is called forcing my hand!
  6. Hayden Young  – Young rounds out the six with a third Docker, only a nose in front of form players Holmes and Crisp.

IN THE MIX: Holmes, Crisp

  1. Sam Walsh– With only one blip from his eight games, the hard working Blue is averaging 114 following 133 with nine tackles in his last outing.
  2. Josh Dunkley – Dunks has been solid as a rock with a low score of 90 while averaging an impressive 111.
  3. Zach Merrett – The star Bomber overcame a couple of quiet weeks to score 109 and 115 to comfort his owners and firm as a trade target following his bye.
  4. Caleb Serong– Has been solid without being outstanding. There is no faulting his seven game streak of 100 point games but only one of them has been over 107.
  5. Errol Gulden– It’s funny to think the hard running Swan has gone from the hunted, to third in line to cop any attention from the opposition. Will carry on from his hot form leading up to the bye.
  6. Marcus Bontempelli – I’d like to say I’m not one to go early, but that would be a lie on all fronts. The Bont looked back to his best after a career high 159 in a complete domination of the Pies so he is back in.
  7. Jordan Dawson – Only slid as I have concerns about his injury. Absolute jet, was averaging 123 in the six weeks leading up to the weekends sub par performance. He doesn’t drop that hard without significant issues.
  8. Adam Treloar – Credit where it is due. The hard working Dog keeps getting it done on the back of 114 to give him a season average of 109.


  1. Max Gawn– Continues to get it done, despite the lack of contribution from his teammates, averaging an impressive 119.
  2. Rowan Marshall – He’s a hard watch at the moment but still sits at clear number two with an average of 112.

IN THE MIX: English

  1. Sam Flanders– Bounced back after a withdrawal with illness to score a 113 and looks set for a big game this week against the Saints.
  2. Isaac Heeney – Fresh off his bye with an average of 112 and gunning for a Brownlow.
  3. Dayne Zorko– It’s disrespectful, I know but my criteria have quite a strong weighting in regard to age, vest and injury history.
  4. Zac Fisher– Averaging 110 in his last four since becoming the number one distributor in the back half.
  5. Alex Sexton – Looks great since returning to the side in round nine as a running defender. He has scored 88, 126, 81 and 102 in that time.
  6. Jye Caldwell – Throw a blanket over F6 at the moment but Caldwell’s two hundreds in the last three outings gets him the nod for now.

IN THE MIX: Moore, Baker, McKay

Trade Targets:

Zac Fisher (DEF/FWD, $751,000) The big Fish hasn’t missed a beat since copping the vest. The number one defensive distributor role is now his and he has four hundreds on the trot while holding the mantle. A BE of just 41 reinforces the value.

Errol Gulden (MID, $933,000) Great form leading into his bye with scores of 116 and 119 from 95 and 97 per cent TOG respectively. A bargain price for an uber premium and set for a huge second half of the year.

Tom Green (MID, $761,000) Genuine bargain of the competition after dropping $237K since the start of the year, largely due to injury. He will be better for the rest and is well worth grabbing in the next couple of weeks while so cheap.

Isaac Heeney (FWD/MID, $928,000) The Heen machine isn’t slowing down any time soon, so if you are a weasel hater like Cal, smarten up and trade him in. He is a genuine superstar and available in the shithouse forward line which makes him a high priority.

Toby McMullin (FWD, $260,000) A downgrade target who has completed his bye would be gold and I am holding hope that the young Giant loses the vest given the Giants injury woes. His scoring punch has been outstanding when given a chance and he has a BE of -6.

Roy, Help!

Thoughts on Sheez and Green in for Bonner and Sharp?

I would lock that in. Even though Green may cop attention this week, it is a good long term play given he was projected to be a top three scorer at the start of the year. You could arguably wait on Sheez given his BE of 130, but I would pull the trigger because you don’t know the next chance you will have to get him and he has a soft match up with the Eagles.

I have 23 available, should I just bring in Clark or Ryan?

I understand the temptation and you would be inundated with talent coming into your side next week, but I think you avoid this. Imagine paying over a mill for Ryan and he tweaks his hammy at training.

Is Soligo an option to trade in?

Well he has been disappointing the last four weeks and the fact he has a bye coming up, I say no. Do I think he will benefit from Crouch being out and the injury cloud over Dawson? yes, especially with a game against the Tigers this week but I wouldn’t do it.

Can we still trade in your man Crisp?

If it somehow fixed your bye structure, his four big hundreds on the trot and BE of 62 make it a clear yes. I would prefer to keep all upgrade trades to players coming off their bye at the moment as I feel there are plenty of good options.

I know you said no to Hind last week, but he was good again… Can we launch now?

BE of 8, scores of 110 and 96 in the last two say yes as a bye play if it suits your structure. I am not a believer though, so I remain a no with a game against the Blues this week and bye in round 14. He isn’t cheap enough to justify this kind of play in my opinion, especially with his vest history.

Is Colby back this week?

I know that’s what he was eyeing off, and he would be even more keen with the Rising Star there for the taking. But its a no from me, they need to look after him.

Do you like LDU and Neale at their price?

Yes I do, they are both great players, in great form, at great prices. I always worry with LDU (despite his three game average of 111) because we have seen it a number of times and it has ended in disaster, but he is worth a punt if you are keen with a BE of 80 its hard to go wrong. Likewise with Neale, a two time Brownlow Medalist with three hundreds in four games and a BE of 81 is in play.

Could we get some Zork on our fork at that price?

It’s still a value game, so the sensible answer is no. But given the state of our forward lines and the scramble to get as many half backs into our team as possible, it may just be worth it. The fear of injury is lessened over the next three weeks with best 18 and he has two good match ups on the horizon against the Dogs and Saints.

What are you doing this week Roy Boy?

At the moment I am looking to get some Zork on it, along with bringing in Fisher and McMullin for Bonner, Clohesy and Wilson.

Good luck this week and happy trading!

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fresh hot and steaming
fresh hot and steaming
8 days ago

Thanks Roy, do you think getting rid of fyfe or wilson this week is the priority.

7 days ago

What about Chad Warner? Or is Gulden the higher priority?

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