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Roy’s Rollin’ 22 and Trade Talk – April Edition

Here is the monthly lite version o Roy’s Rollin’ 22 and trade talk!

It’s time to flick the switch back to best 22 mode, which means no more ability to hide these 30s and 40s in the forward line. For those like me rolling with two rookies in the midfield, the correct answer was obviously three and a focus for me this will be restructuring to accommodate that. Okay, lets get down to business! With the Rollin’ 22, Trade Targets and key questions answered!

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1. Harry Sheezel – His consistency and thirst has elevated him to the top!

2. Nick Daicos – Number 1 trade target after his bye. Finn watch.

3. Lachie Whitfield – Looks back to his best and fresh off a rest this week.

4. Luke Ryan  – Overdue credit being received here. Looks super fit.

5. Tom Stewart – Dare I say it… Averaging over 100 for the first time.

6. Hayden Young  – Faith restored with a thumping 129. Averaging triple figures now.

IN THE MIX: Wanganeen-Milera, Clark, McGrath, Yeo

1. Tom Green – Averaging 127 leading into his bye. Big things ahead, he’s built different.

2. Caleb Serong  – Keeps getting it done with 118 for an av. of 135.

3. Marcus Bontempelli – The frustration is real but I’m maintaining the faith… For now.

4. Jack Steele – Back to his stat stuffing best and averaging 117.

5. Zach Merrett – Good old predictable Zach. 110 despite Parish returning last week.

6. Rory Laird – Slightly down last week but will return to 110+ ways.

7. Jordan Dawson  – Performing slightly below expectation, but will be fine.

8. Touk Miller – Hasn’t dropped under triple figures and the signs are good.

IN THE MIX: Gulden, Oliver, Anderson, Rozee, Petracca, Dunkley, Rowell

1. Max Gawn – No great surprise here given he is finally solo ruck again.

2. Rowan Marshall – Back to his best with 117 after a poor outing.

IN THE MIX: English (Doesn’t like sharing)

1. Isaac Heeney – Just keeps killing it. Role surely can’t change despite Adams in the mix this week.

2. Sam Flanders – Prime trade target this week fresh off his early bye. Averaging 99.

3. Luke Jackson – Averaging a solid 97 and still no sign of big Darchole.

4. Tom Powell – Bulk CBA again and back to back triple figure returns.

5. Dayne Zorko – Hate to say it but he has done it again. Averaging an impressive 102 and looking sharp.

6. Jack Macrae – More a reflection of the drop off up forward. 20 possies and 7 marks in season debut was solid.

IN THE MIX: McKay, Moore

Trade Targets:

Sam Flanders (MID/FWD, $844,000) The Sun star is averaging 99 for the season and I have no doubt he will push that over triple figures. His BE of 96 and tough match up against the Giants means it’s not urgent, but it would be good to get it out of the way.

Tom Powell (FWD, $642,000) Justified the hype to bring him in last week with his second ton on the trot, once again attending bulk CBA. He remains a great target with a BE of just 26 which reinforces his value.

Oliver Dempsey (FWD, $426,000) Usually I would say we have missed the boat on a rookie priced player that has increased in value by over $170K, but in a world I have no faith the bottom end forwards, he still presents as a great play. I wrongfully though he would rely on goals to score but his 102 from 22 possessions, six marks and seven tackles proved me wrong. He has a BE of -13 and plays the Dogs who give up plenty.

Roy, Help!

What do we do with Massimo and Williams?
I think we are going to be able to play the BE game perfectly here. Realistically they should be able to out perform their BE until the likes of Martin, Bonner, McKercher and Robers become available down back in a couple of weeks and then we can upgrade them both to midfielders! How nice would that be?!

Who goes first, Jordon or Fisher?
Let’s not be to upset at these guys, especially Jordon who has increased over $100K. Having said that, they are both certainly in trade plans. Although Jordon is one of the most traded out players this week, I’m all for giving him a game against the Eagles because it’s the mid range players that have been getting the biggest boost vs the Eagles and I can see a good score incoming. So I would trade Fisher this week, and Jordon the following week.

Can I get Heeney this week?
I said last week was pushing it and if you bring him in this week you literally only get one game before his bye. The problem is he killed the Eagles last year, is in career best form and has a BE of just 69. Should you do it?… No, not really, but I would totally understand if you just fell on your sword and did it. Non owners probably just need to hide behind his upcoming bye, hope Adams returns and effects Heens CBAs (Horse does dumb shit) and most importantly, don’t watch the Swans vs Eagles.

Is it okay to bail on a FWD rook like Reid or Wilson early?
I don’t usually like to do this before they are close to fully fattening but the reality is, these guys can’t be played on the field. Because of this, I tick off an upgrade to the likes of Powell, or even a smaller jump to Dempsey.

What are you doing this week Roy Boy?

My plans this week is to trade Wines to Flanders via DPP, which restructures my team to allow three rookies in the midfield and drop one on ground up forward. I will then trade Wilson to Dempsey as I still need to play a rookie forward and he has a great match up. I will also take great delight in subbing Green back on to my field.

Hope you enjoyed the read, good luck and happy trading!

The most successful DTer out of the boys prides himself on his multiple top 200 finishes... nearly as much as he prides himself on his guns! The coach of destROY wants you to follow him on Twitter: @RoyDT.

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17 days ago

Thoughts on what trades to do this week

Got 0k in the bank haha

I’m thinking of going
Jordan- Dempsey but unsure if that’s a good idea, someone help please

DEF: Sheezel, Whitfield, Young, Houston, D’Ambrosio, Zilliams (Reid, Howes)
MID: Zerrett, Green, Rozee, N Martin, Bonner, McKercher, Sanders, Roberts (Mannagh, Clark)
RUC: Gawn, Grundy (Barnett)
FWD: Heeney, Jackson, Powell, Jordon, Reid, Lazzaro (Wilson, Campbell)
UTIL: Cadman

16 days ago
Reply to  Liam

Howes to a Uwland saves enough $$ to get Lazzaro/Wilson up to Dempsey or you play the BEs more while saving $$ by getting in Thomas+Gallagher for Lazzaro+Wilson??

16 days ago
Reply to  doug

Cheers mate

17 days ago

Butters not in the mix?

16 days ago

News from the West Coast is Reid to half back and McGovern to go into the forward line.

16 days ago
Reply to  Trevor

giddy up!!

16 days ago

good stuff Roy.. i know you chuck the bulk of these notes up on Patreon, but I’m glad to see the ‘lite’ version still available..
where would you rank Martin in DEF, given he’ll get DPP soon enough, top 6 or just ITM?
i am keeping a keen eye on Macrae, don’t feel great playing Gallagher + Reid on field, so hoping Bevo comes to his senses..

16 days ago

Fyfe and Fisher to Dempsey and Jackson as just short of getting Flanders. Thoughts…

16 days ago

Def: Sheezel, Whitfield, Young, Clark, Burton, Howes (Pink, Schoenmaker)
Mid: Green, Bont, Steele, Martin, Bonner, Roberts, Mckerch, Sanders (Sharp, Clark)
Ruck: Gawn, Grundy (Barnett)
For: Macrae, Jackson, Perkins, Lipinski, Reid, Lazzaro (Cambell, Cadman)

Thinking about trading Blake Howes to Joshua Draper and Patrick Lipinski to Sam Flanders. Thoughts?

15 days ago
Reply to  Josh

Don’t trade Draper in if he is on the field. I’d play Howes over Draper. Also, Campbell over Lazzaro. Trade Lazaro down to a basement 200k rookie. And Lipinski up to Flanders. Play Campbell as F6 against the saints

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