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Cal’s Scale of Hardness – 2020

Calvin looks at the strength of schedule for the early rounds.

The AFL 2020 schedule is here and that means it’s time for those colours.

What we have done here is looked over the draw to see which players could be targets early and which players you might avoid based on the teams they play in the early stages of the year.

The colours and stats we have used here, are based on what teams have given up in the latter half of 2019.

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Scale of Hardness 2020: Defenders – first 10 rounds (click here for full season).

Can I tempt anyone with Bachar Houli? His start is awesome but his price is not. After averaging 103 last year, he’ll be the most expensive he has ever been to start the year, achieving 10 points more a game than any other season.

For the Lions, we must strongly look at the cheap Grant Birchall and even Alex Witherden. They have a dream start playing three of the easiest teams in the game in the first month of footy.

Witherden averaged 13 less in 2019 than he did when he was scoring 88 a game in 2018. Many expected him to hit the 90+ mark last season which makes him very cheap (with a good draw) if you think that this could be his year.

Rory Laird has a tough start as he plays three hard teams in the opening five rounds. Gold Coast also have a tough run early (when don’t they) so if you think you have found a hidden gem from their team… seriously think again.


Scale of Hardness 2020: Rucks – first 10 rounds (click here for full season).

Hello Sam Jacobs. He’s at a new home (GWS) and will take over the mantle as the No. 1 ruckman at the club. His draw to start the year is very juicy. He plays five team in his first nine games ranked as easy and should maximise his points. He is massively under-priced after playing just 5 games last year. Priced at approximately 68.8, the big fella will find himself in many starting teams and with his draw, it even makes him more tempting.

Despite meeting big Max Gawn in the first round, Nic Nat has a reasonable run early as does Matthew Kruezer.

Brodie Grundy will be licking his lips for his first two games for the year. He takes on Tim English in his first game. Let’s not forget that he scored 153 and 168… walk up captain option nice and early.

On the flipside, Reilly O’Brien meets the Power and Lions in his first two games, both teams rank as some of the hardest to score against.


Scale of Hardness 2020: Midfielders – first 10 rounds (click here for full season).

At first glance, the Sydney Swans seem to have an easy start meeting three easy teams to score against in their first month. If anyone from their list tickles your fancy then jump on as they will reward you early.

Andrew Gaff plays two easy teams in his first three games and both of them are at home. He could be very nasty and could start the season with a big bang!

As we know the Suns are by far the easiest team to score against and our pig Tom Rockliff will get the first go at them in round one. Anyone tempted? He’ll score a big 180 and we’ll all jump on, you know we will.

In the negative section, we have to mention Geelong who travel to the Giants in round one and then play the Eagles in the west in round two. Dangerfield will not be starting in my team and for those tempted by Joel Selwood’s cheap price tag, you might want to think again. He’ll be priced at 78 after having his worst Fantasy season in his long career. Also keep in mind he averaged 60 in his last four games, but scores that don’t count towards his average are his scores in the Finals where he had 116 and 113.

The Crouch Brothers also have a tough start as they hit three “semi hard” team in the first three games.

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