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Cal’s Scale of Hardness – Rd. 18

RED. GREEN. TABLES. Cal has updated the scale.



Once again, Andrew Gaff has a strong run home but his team mates are the ones being asked about. Shuey and Yeo should also come into your calculations as well. Shuey has now averaged 111 in his last three games. Patrick Cripps returned for 94 last week and has a dream two games coming up as does Zach Merrett and Dylan Shiel.


Nat Fyfe was the best-on last week against the Hawks but his run coming isn’t overly pleasing. Luke Parker and the Swans are in a similar boat so maybe shop elsewhere when looking at these guys.



Christian Salem is owned by just 5 per cent of coaches and with his next two games coming up against the easiest, expect to hear his name heaps over the coming weeks. Rory Laird’s run is coming, keep him in your trade plans because what he has coming up is pretty nice.


Only Jack Crisp stands out here. He has been amazing this year but his next few are up there with the worst runs in the game. Based on this, I don’t think he can keep scoring the numbers he has and although you’d never trade him out, you may not trade him in based on this.



Big Marshall keeps getting it done and could even be captain material this week against the easiest team for Rucks to score against. In the last five weeks against Tim English, no ruckman has scored less than 94 with some big scores in there like Grundy’s 168 and Lycett’s 140.

Speaking of Lycett… if he can remain as Port’s #1 ruck then he too is worth a though with his run coming.




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    July 15, 2019 at 3:39 pm

    what about forwards?

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    The Cricket

    July 16, 2019 at 11:15 pm

    Hey Calvin, where’s the Forwards table?
    And I have a small suggestion, if you’re up for it – how about a brief mention (in each line) of clubs whose hardness grade/colour has changed from the previous week?
    Come to think of it that’s maybe not such a small extra thing to provide, but it’d sure be handy!
    Appreciate your work, Cal

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