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Cal’s Scale of Hardness – Rd. 16

Cal’s Scale of Hardness is back! A new shiny table with five lovely colours. This will be your guide to trading over the next eight weeks.

After many questions have been circulating around the Fantasy community but now the answer is finally here.

Cal’s Scale of Hardness – IS BACK!

Despite people wanting to sue me in recent years for copying their idea (oh please) about having  table with teams with the best runs home etc… some people (mongos) were offended and angry that I did this. They even got angry that I used similar colours to them (please). Red is hard and green is easy.

So I’ve contacted lawyers and the Australian Copyright Council and have gone to the effort to copyright those colours so now only I, Calvin, can use Red and green in a table, even traffic lights need to be changed now – ha ha, I’m taking the piss if you haven’t worked it out.

But to think that I copy peoples stuff is a joke, I don’t even read the shit that Roy and Warnie do. That’s true.

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So… each team is given a colour (and value) based on how many points they have given up to midfielders since round nine. Each colour is then given a value, from 5 being EASY and 1 being MEGA HARD.

I then use my excel skills to add up each team’s value across the remaining games.

COMMON (slightly silly) QUESTIONS:

Where are the forwards? Let’s face it, any decent forward plays MID, so look at those numbers as a guide.
Surely TEAM X isn’t “easy” against TEAM Y? Oh please… this has come up way too much. The numbers are FANTASY based. We are talking AFL Fantasy. The numbers are based on facts and stats. Nothing is opinion based. Take it as it is and if you don’t like it or are negative about it. Leave.
Will this be updated weekly? Of course, as things change…things will change.
Are you really the ‘People’s Prince’? Apparently, I have heard this around the traps.
Do you take into consideration home and away games? Great question. Not at this stage, but you can see it there and make the call on that yourself.
I’m still confused can you help? No. Leave


Obviously Jarrod Witts will be huge this week, but has an ok run over the next five weeks. Marshall has a decent run over the next three weeks and the way he has been going, I’m expecting 110 average over that time. The benefit of this guy is that you can swing him FWD anytime you see fit, especially if you move Max on and look to bring him back.


For those getting excited about Scott Lycett – here is a couple of things to consider. just look at who his 140 (WBD) and his 130 (GEEL) were against. Too teams who give up a lot. I’m just saying, bring him in, but don’t expect those kind of scores for a couple of weeks and by then, Ryder could be back.



West Coast with a value of 31. Players such as Gaff and Yeo, are going to have a dream run for the remainder of the season. They only meet one ‘tough’ team this week in the Dockers and then from there on it’s smooth sailing as they play teams with an easy 5 or 4 value.

The Dockers though aren’t a scary team though, and Gaff has scored 134, 109, 120, 114 and 109 in his last five against them. He is a must-have as soon as you possibly can.

The second best runs belong to the Suns (Fiorini) and Collingwood (Treloar) who both sit on an overall value of 29. Fiorini is an interesting one, but he has lost his way in recent week only scoring 91 and 85 (against ‘medium’ teams = value 3). Treloar will be effected by Adams when he finally returns, but until then… he’ll just keep smashing it.

The Giants (Kelly, Cogs and Taranto) have a nice three games coming with two of them at home. I’ll be expecting big things.


Sydney Swans (a value of 20) – doesn’t get much harder than this for guys like Luke Parker, JPK and Heeney. For the next 8 weeks, they meet 6 six that would be deemed ‘hard’ and carry a value of 1, 2 or 3.

Nat Fyfe has a rough run home as well. He’s a guy I picked up a few weeks ago and if I had done the work I had done today, he wouldn’t be on my radar. He plays just one easy team (Hawks) on his run home.


Expect Jack Crisp to enter many teams this week. With Caleb Daniel’s injury, Crisp will offer instant reward as he meet two of the three easiest teams to score against over the last 6 games.

Melbourne have a dream run and that means Christian Salem is therefore a solid option after his previous scores of 112, 84 and 104. He has hasn’t dropped under 74 since round four and for a defender – that’s bloody great. He has missed a few games though, but with hi run and form, he’s worth a look!

Tom Stewart is also another name to serious look at as well with 3 nice games coming in the next month


I’ve been saying it for weeks, but Brodie Smith (and even Rory Laird) don’t have the nicest run coming up.

The Bombers also have a shocking run over the next six weeks. Michael Hurley might look good at times, but don’t be tempted as you finsih off the year.

NOTE: Blurry graphic will be fixed up next week, I was rushing. Shhh don’t tell WarneDawg


When I do all my stats (Calvin’s Captains etc..), I use many web sites but the best one for this is clearly DFS Australia. These guys run a  comprehensive stat site that will help you in many forms. From Moneyball to AFL Fantasy. I use a lot of their stuff and the work you see below is based from some of their content within their site – check em out. Especially if you are seeking info on RUCKs and FWDs.

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