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Bacon Cup Draft 2019

See every pick of the draft held this afternoon.

Our annual Draft Day was held on Saturday arvo. The Bacon Cup has been running in this form for five seasons and to determine our draft order this year, Luke – the reigning premier – had a great idea… as you can watch in the tweet below.

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Our league settings include:

  • 3-4-1-3-(4) team structure
  • 12 coaches
  • 6 teams finals fixture
  • snake draft
  • byes off
  • captains on (for the first time ever)

Here’s how it went down pick-by-pick. Search a team name to see  how they line up.

PickPlayerPositionTaken By
1Jack MacraeMIDCalvinator
2Brodie GrundyRUCdestROY
3Patrick DangerfieldFWDCubby House
4Angus BrayshawMIDMerv Gray Autos
5Patrick CrippsMIDBearfoot Running
6Stephen ConiglioMIDWarne Dawgs
7Matt CrouchMIDBEATBOX12
8Clayton OliverMIDThe Soup Nazis
9Josh KellyMIDTackling Tit-Ed
10Rory LairdDEFThe Manzacs
11Max GawnRUCA Point For Trying
12Adam TreloarMIDScottie doesn't know
13Devon SmithFWDScottie doesn't know
14Elliot YeoMIDA Point For Trying
15Jake LloydDEFThe Manzacs
16Lachie NealeMIDTackling Tit-Ed
17Josh DunkleyFWDThe Soup Nazis
18Andrew GaffMIDBEATBOX12
19Lachie WhitfieldDEFWarne Dawgs
20Zach MerrettMIDBearfoot Running
21Sam MenegolaFWDMerv Gray Autos
22James SicilyDEFCubby House
23Justin WesthoffFWDdestROY
24Tim KellyFWDCalvinator
25Isaac HeeneyFWDCalvinator
26Dayne BeamsMIDdestROY
27Seb RossMIDCubby House
28Jarrod WittsRUCMerv Gray Autos
29Alex WitherdenDEFBearfoot Running
30Stefan MartinRUCWarne Dawgs
31Todd GoldsteinRUCBEATBOX12
32Connor BlakelyDEFThe Soup Nazis
33Steele SidebottomMIDTackling Tit-Ed
34Taylor AdamsMIDThe Manzacs
35Toby McLeanFWDA Point For Trying
36Gary AblettMIDScottie doesn't know
37Dustin MartinMIDScottie doesn't know
38Kade SimpsonDEFA Point For Trying
39Dayne ZorkoMIDThe Manzacs
40Callum SinclairRUCTackling Tit-Ed
41Mitch DuncanMIDThe Soup Nazis
42David MundyFWDBEATBOX12
43Travis BoakFWDWarne Dawgs
44Zac WilliamsDEFBearfoot Running
45Brad CrouchMIDMerv Gray Autos
46Jack BillingsFWDCubby House
47Nat FyfeMIDdestROY
48Toby NankervisRUCCalvinator
49Jack CrispDEFCalvinator
50Rory SloaneMIDdestROY
51Ben McEvoyRUCCubby House
52Joel SelwoodMIDMerv Gray Autos
53Bryce GibbsMIDBearfoot Running
54Shannon HurnDEFWarne Dawgs
55Scott PendleburyMIDBEATBOX12
56Heath ShawDEFThe Soup Nazis
57Jeremy HoweDEFTackling Tit-Ed
58Sam JacobsRUCThe Manzacs
59Lachie HunterMIDA Point For Trying
60Matthew KreuzerRUCScottie doesn't know
61Wayne MileraDEFScottie doesn't know
62Luke ParkerMIDA Point For Trying
63Tim TarantoMIDThe Manzacs
64Dyson HeppellMIDTackling Tit-Ed
65Chad WingardFWDThe Soup Nazis
66Mitch RobinsonFWDBEATBOX12
67Tom RockliffMIDWarne Dawgs
68Mitch WallisFWDBearfoot Running
69Robbie GrayFWDMerv Gray Autos
70Brodie SmithDEFCubby House
71Callum MillsDEFdestROY
72Nic NewmanDEFCalvinator
73Jack SteeleMIDCalvinator
74Marcus BontempelliMIDdestROY
75Jack StevenMIDCubby House
76Marc MurphyMIDMerv Gray Autos
77Christian PetraccaFWDBearfoot Running
78Jack ReddenMIDWarne Dawgs
79Jordan De GoeyFWDBEATBOX12
80Andrew McGrathDEFThe Soup Nazis
81Jack ZiebellFWDTackling Tit-Ed
82Toby GreeneFWDThe Manzacs
83Hamish HartlettDEFA Point For Trying
84Jack MartinFWDScottie doesn't know
85Jamie CrippsFWDScottie doesn't know
86Lance FranklinFWDA Point For Trying
87Michael HurleyDEFThe Manzacs
88Jaeger O'MearaMIDTackling Tit-Ed
89Tom McDonaldFWDThe Soup Nazis
90Bachar HouliDEFBEATBOX12
91Tom Lynch (ADE)FWDWarne Dawgs
92Scott LycettRUCBearfoot Running
93Christian SalemDEFMerv Gray Autos
94Luke DahlhausFWDCubby House
95Brandon EllisDEFdestROY
96James WorpelFWDCalvinator
97Shane SavageDEFCalvinator
98Jack GunstonFWDdestROY
99Zach TuohyDEFCubby House
100Brayden FioriniMIDMerv Gray Autos
101Jack NewnesFWDBearfoot Running
102Jarryd LyonsMIDWarne Dawgs
103Dylan ShielMIDBEATBOX12
104Callan WardMIDThe Soup Nazis
105Jake MelkshamFWDTackling Tit-Ed
106Jesse HoganFWDThe Manzacs
107Jack RiewoldtFWDA Point For Trying
108Jackson TrengoveDEFScottie doesn't know
109Bailey WilliamsDEFScottie doesn't know
110Jimmy WebsterDEFA Point For Trying
111Liam ShielsMIDThe Manzacs
112Jamie MacmillanDEFTackling Tit-Ed
113Shaun HigginsMIDThe Soup Nazis
114Jason JohannisenDEFBEATBOX12
115Jarrod HarbrowDEFWarne Dawgs
116Tom PhillipsMIDBearfoot Running
117Darcy Byrne-JonesDEFMerv Gray Autos
118Josh Kennedy (SYD)MIDCubby House
119Ryan BurtonDEFdestROY
120Ed CurnowMIDCalvinator
121Dom SheedMIDCalvinator
122Blake AcresFWDdestROY
123Jared PolecMIDCubby House
124Josh ThomasFWDMerv Gray Autos
125Tom StewartDEFBearfoot Running
126Michael WaltersFWDWarne Dawgs
127Matthew SucklingDEFBEATBOX12
128Jack VineyMIDThe Soup Nazis
129Jordan LewisDEFTackling Tit-Ed
130Jeremy CameronFWDThe Manzacs
131David ZaharakisMIDA Point For Trying
132Luke ShueyMIDScottie doesn't know
133Dion PrestiaMIDScottie doesn't know
134Ollie WinesMIDA Point For Trying
135Jade GreshamFWDThe Manzacs
136Luke BreustFWDTackling Tit-Ed
137Luke RyanDEFThe Soup Nazis
138Brad EbertMIDBEATBOX12
139Ed LangdonMIDWarne Dawgs
140Jack DarlingFWDBearfoot Running
141Brayden MaynardDEFMerv Gray Autos
142Shane MumfordRUCCubby House
143Tom HawkinsFWDdestROY
144Jayden ShortDEFCalvinator
145Kane LambertFWDCalvinator
146Josh Kennedy (WCE)FWDdestROY
147Aaron HallMIDCubby House
148Kyle LangfordFWDMerv Gray Autos
149Daniel RichDEFBearfoot Running
150Tom Lynch (RICH)FWDWarne Dawgs
151Dale ThomasDEFBEATBOX12
152Tim EnglishRUCThe Soup Nazis
153Rory LobbFWDTackling Tit-Ed
154Dom TysonMIDThe Manzacs
155Josh JenkinsFWDA Point For Trying
156Trent DumontMIDScottie doesn't know
157Nic NaitanuiRUCScottie doesn't know
158Isaac SmithMIDA Point For Trying
159Trent CotchinMIDThe Manzacs
160Luke DunstanMIDTackling Tit-Ed
161Dan HanneberyMIDThe Soup Nazis
162Harry PerrymanDEFBEATBOX12
163Lachie WellerDEFWarne Dawgs
164Aaron vandenBergFWDBearfoot Running
165Touk MillerMIDMerv Gray Autos
166Zac FisherFWDCubby House
167Kade KolodjashnijDEFdestROY
168Aaron SandilandsRUCCalvinator
169Chris MastenMIDCalvinator
170Ryan ClarkeDEFdestROY
171Jasper PittardDEFCubby House
172Brandan ParfittFWDMerv Gray Autos
173Zac ClarkeRUCBearfoot Running
174David SwallowMIDWarne Dawgs
175Tom MitchellMIDBEATBOX12
176Tom LiberatoreMIDThe Soup Nazis
177Michael HibberdDEFTackling Tit-Ed
178Jack HigginsFWDThe Manzacs
179James AishDEFA Point For Trying
180James HarmesMIDScottie doesn't know

Co-captain of DT Talk since we started this thing in 2007. Best finish was 13th in 2009... that was a long time ago. Follow on Twitter: @WarnieDT

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