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2019 Prices

Western Bulldogs AFL Fantasy Classic Prices 2019

Prices, positions & tips for the Dogs.

The high disposal game returned for the Bulldogs late in the 2018 H&A season, they averaged 394.6 Disposals from their final 9 games (Rank 1) & 417.3 Disposals from their final 4 games (Rank 1).

The Bulldogs averaged 387.5 Disposals in the 2018 H&A season (Rank 4), they averaged 382.7 Disposals between Rounds 1-14 (Rank 6).

The players to benefit over the last 9 games for the Bulldogs; Jack Macrae (Ave: 126.4pts), Josh Dunkley (Ave: 112.4pts), Lachie Hunter (Ave: 111.5pts) & Marcus Bontempelli (Ave: 103.0pts).

If the Bulldogs continue their high disposal game in 2019 then there will be more than just a couple of fantasy relevant options.

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2019 Potential Targets:

Jack Macrae MID $890K

The investment in Macrae is quite significant at Round 1 next season, with Tom Mitchell on a slightly higher salary many will opt to pay up for Hawk midfielder.

Macrae scored 100pts or more in 84.2% of games last season & scored 120pts or more in 52.6% of games, he averaged 134.4pts from winning games & 127.2pts at Marvel Stadium. The numbers were equally impressive for Macrae against Top 6 teams last season averaging 125.9pts.

Finding enough coin to roster Macrae at Round 1 next season could be a unique play with or without adding Mitchell, if he were to continue his outstanding form then it may take a while for other coaches to make the upgrade.

Josh Dunkley MID/FWD $695K

As mentioned above Dunkley thrived late in the 2018 season averaging 112.4pts from his final 9 games, the move into a premium midfield spot clearly assisted his scoring ability.

Dunkley scored 100pts or more in 77.8% of those final 9 games last season, with a dynamic midfield at the Bulldogs can we guarantee his progression will continue in 2019?

With FWD eligibility Dunkley will be a popular target in the pre-season, he is a must watch in the JLT Series for role & scoring ability. Getting the decision right on Dunkley could be decisive early in 2019.

Ryhlee West MID $220K & Bailey Smith MID $258K

Both West & Smith were impressive in the 2018 U18 National Championships, they both have elite ball winning ability and will likely crush their salaries when they debut.

West averaged 25.3 disposals and 6.3 clearances across the Under-18 Championships in 2018, Smith averaged 25 disposals.

If both play then the entire midfield mix at the Bulldogs could be thrown into disarray for players such as Lachie Hunter, Marcus Bontempelli & Josh Dunkley.

The potential early season opportunities for West & Smith need to be monitored, they could both play an important part in shaping a successful fantasy season.


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Macrae, JackMID122.6319$890000
Hunter, LachieMID105.4321$765000
Dunkley, JoshMID/FWD95.7919$695000
McLean, TobyMID/FWD94.522$686000
Bontempelli, MarcusMID92.4219$671000
Suckling, MatthewDEF8811$639000
Wallis, MitchMID/FWD82.0618$595000
Williams, BaileyDEF79.8614$580000
Daniel, CalebFWD77.8520$565000
Johannisen, JasonDEF75.9522$551000
Crozier, HaydenDEF73.7117$535000
Trengove, JacksonDEF71.8816$522000
Boyd, TomRUC/FWD63.3312$460000
Lloyd, SamMID68.147$450000
Duryea, TaylorDEF61.6916$448000
English, TimRUC67.577$446000
Gowers, BillyFWD59.720$433000
Jong, LinMID/FWD59.210$430000
Dale, BaileyMID/FWD58.310$423000
Lipinski, PatrickMID/FWD57.7617$419000
Schache, JoshFWD57.6913$419000
Wood, EastonDEF56.3312$409000
Liberatore, TomMID91$392000
Picken, LiamFWD00$387000
Richards, EdDEF53.1421$386000
Naughton, AaronDEF51.8918$377000
Dickson, ToryFWD45.758$371000
Cordy, ZaineDEF50.6718$368000
Webb, LukasFWD47.45$339000
Greene, FergusFWD51.25$316000
Lynch, BradDEF/FWD44.339$312000
Morris, DaleDEF42.8211$311000
Smith, RoarkeDEF39.910$290000
Young, LewisDEF472$286000
Smith, BaileyMID00$258000
West, RhyleeMID00$220000
Roberts, FletcherDEF39.52$218000
Vandermeer, LaithamDEF/MID00$198000
Cavarra, BenFWD00$182000
Khamis, BukuDEF00$170000
Porter, CallumMID00$170000
Young, LachlanDEF00$170000
Hayes, WillMID00$170000
Sweet, JordonRUC00$170000


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