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2018 Prices

Port Adelaide AFL Fantasy Classic Prices 2018

Prices, positions & tips for the Power.

Will this apply to fantasy coaches in 2018?

“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

Port Adelaide averaged 377.0 Disposals (Rank 11) in the 2017 H&A season and just 350.4 Disposals against Top 8 teams, they play 10 of 22 games against Top 8 teams in 2018. The good news for those investigating whether to use Power players this season is that they averaged 395.0 Disposals against teams that didn’t play Finals in 2017 and open the 2018 season playing 10 of their opening 16 games against 2017 bottom 10 teams, Port Adelaide are a high variance team and that is likely to continue in to next season.

The Power added several experienced players to their list during the off-season, there are only limited opportunities to view the full line-up in action with just 2 JLT Series games. If you are considering Port Adelaide players then watching these games should be a priority.

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2018 Potential Targets:

Robbie Gray FWD $572K

Gray was dealing with a groin issue in the late part of the 2017 pre-season which hampered his early H&A season fantasy game, he averaged 74.2pts between Rounds 1-12 & averaged 89.9pts from his final 12 games (Incl. Finals). Gray averaged 90.0pts or more for 3 straight years (2014-16) prior to 2017, based on his starting price to begin 2018 he is very good value especially as a FWD.

Tom Rockliff MID $725K

In his last year at Brisbane Rockliff averaged 103.0pts from 20 games, he averaged 129.3pts between Rounds 1-8 missed 2 weeks with a shoulder injury and then 85.5pts from his remaining 12 games. Uninjured in his opening 8 games Rockliff scored 100pts or more in 100% of games & 120pts or more in 75.0% of games, post injury he managed just 1 game of 100pts or more. Rockliff’s ceiling is not a concern in optimal conditions, but a move to Port Adelaide does put in to question his points scoring ability. Rockliff has averaged 121.4pts when kicking 2 Goals or more over his career, a move forward likely won’t impact his output dramatically. If Rocky’s points per minute spike in the JLT Series, then it will be difficult to avoid him at Round 1 at his current price.

Ollie Wines MID $703K

Wines put together a solid 2017 H&A season averaging 99.9pts from 22 games, he scored 100pts or more in 60.9% of games but only 1 game exceeded 120pts or more (Incl. Finals). Wines has great durability having played in 97.8% of games since the beginning of the 2014 season, with the addition of Tom Rockliff his fantasy game may have some added value. If you are looking for consistency and a low owned MID then Wines could be an option, but don’t expect consistent high ceiling games.

Steven Motlop MID $489K

Motlop begins 2018 at Port Adelaide priced at an average of 69.5pts, he averaged 93.3pts in 3 Finals for Geelong in 2017 and had his papers pretty much stamped for departure quite some time ago. The price tag for Motlop represents value but his role at Port Adelaide is key in determining how much value there is, a must watch in the JLT Series.

Travis Boak MID FWD $643K /  Patrick Ryder RUCK $646K

Boak is mentioned due to his DPP MID/FWD status, he scored 100pts or more in 31.8% of games last year with a high score of 153pts in Round 8 against Gold Coast. He might be of some use for those looking for flexibility within their team with multiple DPPs.

Ryder started slowly in 2017 averaging 83.9pts from his opening 12 games, he finished strongly averaging 100.2pts from his final 10 games (Incl. Finals). Ryder is solo Ruck right now at Port Adelaide, worth considering.

Note: If on a smartphone, turn it to landscape mode to view prices easier.

Rockliff, TomMID10320$725000
Ebert, BradMID102.8622$724000
Wines, OllieMID99.8222$703000
Wingard, ChadMID/FWD92.2218$649000
Ryder, PatrickRUC91.7121$646000
Boak, TravisMID/FWD91.2421$643000
Westhoff, JustinMID/FWD83.0522$585000
Polec, JaredMID82.7621$583000
Gray, SamFWD81.8622$577000
Gray, RobbieFWD81.2322$572000
Dixon, CharlieFWD8122$570000
Pittard, JasperDEF76.8816$541000
Watts, JackFWD75.4416$531000
Houston, DanDEF72.516$511000
Amon, KarlMID71.1513$501000
Hartlett, HamishDEF70.420$496000
Powell-Pepper, SamMID69.921$492000
Motlop, StevenMID69.520$489000
Broadbent, MatthewDEF6915$486000
Byrne-Jones, DarcyDEF65.522$461000
Jonas, TomDEF60.5721$427000
Bonner, RileyDEF742$423000
Neade, JakeFWD68.336$423000
McKenzie, TrentDEF65.147$417000
Thomas, LindsayFWD55.449$415000
Toumpas, JimmyMID752$401000
Trengove, JackMID48.52$376000
Clurey, TomDEF50.9122$359000
Hombsch, JackDEF50.3113$354000
Howard, DougalDEF60.673$338000
Snelling, WilliamMID00$325000
Johnson, AidynFWD46.85$280000
Marshall, ToddFWD47.52$254000
Atley, JoeMID44.673$248000
Hayes, SamRUC/FWD00$178000
Patmore, JakeMID00$170000
Farrell, KaneDEF/MID00$170000
Drew, WillemMID00$170000
Garner, JoelDEF00$170000
Ladhams, PeterFWD00$170000
Hewett, CameronDEF00$170000
Frampton, WilliamRUC/FWD00$170000
Barry, DomMID00$170000
Lienert, JarrodDEF00$170000
Irra, EmmanuelDEF00$170000

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