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2017 Prices

Melbourne AFL Fantasy Classic Prices 2018

Prices, positions & tips for the Dees.

Melbourne were Ranked 2nd averaging 1712.0 fantasy team points between Rounds 1-13 in 2017, they scored 1,700pts or more in 8 of their opening 12 games which included 4 games above 1,800pts. The Demons were somewhat disappointing in their final 10 games of the year averaging 1579.2pts, they finished the 2017 H&A season with an average of 1651.6pts which was Ranked 6th.

Despite the good numbers for Melbourne in 2017 there was really only 1 standout for the year in Clayton Oliver, he improved his average by 32.7pts to average 101.6pts in just his 2nd year in the AFL. Many premium players under performed and/or were cut down by injury last season, as the Demons become increasingly competitive the popular fantasy targets should provide a genuine positive early in 2018.

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2018 Potential Targets:

Max Gawn RUCK $605K

A hamstring injury in Round 3 completely derailed the 2017 season for Gawn after opening with scores of 111pts in Round 1 & 95pts in Round 2, he returned in Round 14 averaging 87.8pts and scoring 100pts or more in just 1 of his final 10 games. In 2016, Gawn averaged 106.5pts scoring 100pts or more in 68.2% of games & 120pts or more in 36.4% of games. Gawn’s ownership will be high at Round 1, there is no reason not to pick him.

Jack Viney MID $638K

Viney was another at Melbourne that had an injury interrupted 2017 season, he averaged 90.7pts well down from his 2016 average of 101.2pts. Viney still managed to score a season high 145pts against Hawthorn in Round 7 and followed that up with 132pts against Adelaide in Round 8, he is one of the value picks at Melbourne to begin 2018.

Angus Brayshaw DEF/MID $462K

After dealing with multiple concussions Brayshaw returned to action in Round 21 and averaged 86.0pts from his final 3 games, over his short career he has averaged 88.7pts when recording 20 or more Disposals in a game. Brayshaw has added value in 2017 as a DPP MID/DEF, his starting price might difficult to ignore at Round 1 with considerable upside possible.

Clayton Oliver MID $715K

Oliver was great value in 2017 averaging 101.6pts from 22 games , he scored 100pts or more in 40.9% of games and did not record a score fewer than 80pts. Oliver comes with a significant price tag to begin the 2018 season, most will shy away from selecting him based on value reasons but consistency will likely not be a problem. If you think Oliver can achieve a higher average than 101.6pts in 2018 then he could be a very good point of difference, worth considering.

Michael Hibberd DEF $652K

Hibberd was mostly ignored in 2017 and his average of 92.6pts as a DEF to begin 2018 won’t be, he scored 100pts or more in 38.9% of games and recorded a season high 129pts against Port Adelaide last season. With Docherty missing in 2018 fantasy coaches will be on the lookout for a solid Defender as a replacement, Hibberd could be your guy.

Harley Balic MID/FWD $346K / Jesse Hogan FWD $499K

There is not much data about for Balic at AFL level and a new club further distorts our knowledge, he managed just 4 games for Fremantle in 2017 with a high score of 91pts. Balic is a must watch in the pre-season, if his points per minute numbers spike then he is worth a roster spot at Round 1.

For various reasons the 2017 season was one to forget for Hogan averaging 70.8pts, over his career he has averaged 90.3pts when he kicks 2 Goals or more in a game. If you think Melbourne will have a very good 2018 season then Hogan will likely be a key part of their success, absolutely worth considering at Round 1.

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Jones, NathanMID104.2516$734000
Oliver, ClaytonMID101.5922$715000
Hibberd, MichaelDEF92.5618$652000
Viney, JackMID90.6718$638000
Tyson, DomMID89.6319$631000
Lewis, JordanMID88.8419$626000
Gawn, MaxRUC85.8513$605000
Salem, ChristianDEF85.2516$600000
Pedersen, CameronRUC/FWD83.415$587000
Neal-Bullen, AlexFWD81.0519$571000
McDonald, TomDEF/FWD79.1422$557000
Vince, BernieDEF7819$549000
Hunt, JaydenDEF72.4522$510000
Melksham, JakeFWD71.7919$506000
Petracca, ChristianMID/FWD71.0522$500000
Hogan, JesseFWD70.810$499000
Harmes, JamesMID/FWD68.8217$485000
Lever, JakeDEF68.2917$481000
Stretch, BillyMID68.229$472000
Wagner, JoshDEF57.789$467000
Brayshaw, AngusDEF/MID77.25$462000
Garlett, JeffFWD65.5721$462000
Kent, DeanFWD69.836$433000
McDonald, OscarDEF61.2520$431000
Jetta, NevilleDEF60.8622$429000
Bugg, TomasFWD60.310$425000
Maynard, CoreyMID781$412000
Hannan, MitchMID/FWD57.2520$403000
Frost, SamDEF54.516$384000
Kennedy-Harris, JayMID61.836$383000
Balic, HarleyMID/FWD604$346000
Vandenberg, AaronFWD00$301000
Weideman, SamFWD357$224000
Spargo, CharlieMID/FWD00$214000
Fritsch, BayleyFWD00$210000
Petty, HarrisonDEF00$198000
Smith, TimFWD33.52$179000
Baker, OskarFWD00$176000
Smith, JoelDEF/MID30.333$170000
Filipovic, LachlanRUC00$170000
McKenna, PatrickDEF00$170000
Johnstone, DionMID/FWD00$170000
Keilty, DeclanDEF00$170000
King, MitchellRUC00$170000

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