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Bacon Cup Draft 2017

The results of our annual Bacon Cup draft night.

Our annual Draft Day was held on Friday night with 10 of our 12 coaches in attendance at my place. On the deck with plenty of beers and pizza, we had a great night with pretty decent squads being put together.

The Bacon Cup has been running in this form for three seasons and to determine our draft order this year, Luke – the reigning premier – decided to get some rubber duckies and put our names on them… then he send them down a river!

Our league settings include:

  • 3-4-1-3-(4) team structure
  • 12 coaches
  • 6 teams finals fixture
  • snake draft
  • byes off
  • captains off

Here’s how it went down pick-by-pick and a bit of a summary of each team (a few words from me about best and worst picks).

1Patrick DangerfieldGEEMIDPoketrain
2Tom RockliffBLMIDThe Soup Nazis
4Adam TreloarCOLMIDBearfoot Running
5Nick RiewoldtSTKFWDCalvinator
6Brodie GrundyCOLRUCdestROY
7Taylor AdamsCOLDEF/MIDWarne Dawgs
8Jack MacraeWBMID/FWDMerv Gray Autos
9Todd GoldsteinNMRUCA Point For Trying
10Stefan MartinBLRUCScottie doesn't know
11Tom MitchellHAWMIDThe Manzacs
12Zach MerrettESSMIDThorpedo Punts
13Sam DochertyCARDEFThorpedo Punts
14Josh P KennedySYDMIDThe Manzacs
15Lachie NealeFREMIDScottie doesn't know
16Luke DahlhausWBMID/FWDA Point For Trying
17Lance FranklinSYDFWDMerv Gray Autos
18Luke ParkerSYDMIDWarne Dawgs
19Dan HanneberySYDMIDdestROY
20Dustin MartinRICMIDCalvinator
21Jack StevenSTKMIDBearfoot Running
22Scott PendleburyCOLMIDBEATBOX10
23Nat FyfeFREMIDThe Soup Nazis
24Steele SidebottomCOLMIDPoketrain
25Matt PriddisWCMIDPoketrain
26Isaac SmithHAWMID/FWDThe Soup Nazis
28Marcus BontempelliWBMIDBearfoot Running
29Sam JacobsADERUCCalvinator
30Heath ShawGWSDEFdestROY
31Gary AblettGCMIDWarne Dawgs
32Leigh MontagnaSTKDEFMerv Gray Autos
33Toby GreeneGWSFWDA Point For Trying
34Touk MillerGCMID/FWDScottie doesn't know
35Matthew BoydWBDEFThe Manzacs
36Dayne ZorkoBLMIDThorpedo Punts
37Jason JohannisenWBDEFThorpedo Punts
38Jack VineyMELMIDThe Manzacs
39Jake LloydSYDDEF/MIDScottie doesn't know
40Kade SimpsonCARDEFA Point For Trying
41Jordan LewisMELMIDMerv Gray Autos
42Bernie VinceMELDEF/MIDWarne Dawgs
43Luke HodgeHAWDEFdestROY
44Brett DeledioGWSFWDCalvinator
45Rory SloaneADEMIDBearfoot Running
47Stephen ConiglioGWSMIDThe Soup Nazis
48Dyson HeppellESSMIDPoketrain
49Hamish HartlettPADEF/MIDPoketrain
50Isaac HeeneySYDFWDThe Soup Nazis
52Steven MotlopGEEFWDBearfoot Running
53Dayne BeamsBLMIDCalvinator
54Brent StantonESSMIDdestROY
55Josh CaddyRICMID/FWDWarne Dawgs
56Sam MitchellWCMIDMerv Gray Autos
57Jarryd RougheadHAWFWDA Point For Trying
58Joel SelwoodGEEMIDScottie doesn't know
59Chad WingardPAFWDThe Manzacs
60Michael BarlowGCMIDThorpedo Punts
61Devon SmithGWSFWDThorpedo Punts
62Shane MumfordGWSRUCThe Manzacs
63Bryce GibbsCARMIDScottie doesn't know
64Callum MillsSYDDEFA Point For Trying
65Marc MurphyCARMIDMerv Gray Autos
66Jack GunstonHAWFWDWarne Dawgs
67Aaron HallGCMIDdestROY
68Robbie GrayPAMIDCalvinator
69James KellyESSDEF/MIDBearfoot Running
70Josh J KennedyWCFWDBEATBOX10
71Patrick CrippsCARMIDThe Soup Nazis
72Tom J LynchGCFWDPoketrain
73Tom LynchADEFWDPoketrain
74Michael HibberdMELDEFThe Soup Nazis
76Koby StevensSTKMID/FWDBearfoot Running
77Shaun BurgoyneHAWDEFCalvinator
78Zac WilliamsGWSDEFdestROY
79Nathan HrovatNMMID/FWDWarne Dawgs
80Kurt TippettSYDRUCMerv Gray Autos
81Jarrad McVeighSYDDEFA Point For Trying
82Dylan ShielGWSMIDScottie doesn't know
83Jack BillingsSTKMID/FWDThe Manzacs
84Christian PetraccaMELFWDThorpedo Punts
85Patrick RyderPARUC/FWDThorpedo Punts
86Nathan JonesMELMIDThe Manzacs
87Jack MartinGCDEF/FWDScottie doesn't know
88Lachie HunterWBMIDA Point For Trying
89Jack ZiebellNMMIDMerv Gray Autos
90Scott LycettWCRUC/FWDWarne Dawgs
91Shaun HigginsNMFWDdestROY
92Jasper PittardPADEFCalvinator
93Josh SmithCOLDEFBearfoot Running
94Sebastian RossSTKMIDBEATBOX10
95Cyril RioliHAWFWDThe Soup Nazis
96Tom HickeySTKRUCPoketrain
97Lin JongWBMID/FWDPoketrain
98Kade KolodjashnijGCDEFThe Soup Nazis
100Josh GibsonHAWDEFBearfoot Running
101Robert MurphyWBDEFCalvinator
102Caleb DanielWBFWDdestROY
103Shane BiggsWBDEFWarne Dawgs
104Grant BirchallHAWDEFMerv Gray Autos
105Callan WardGWSMIDA Point For Trying
106Matthew BroadbentPADEF/MIDScottie doesn't know
107Matt CrouchADEMIDThe Manzacs
108Justin WesthoffPAFWDThorpedo Punts
109Zach TuohyGEEDEFThorpedo Punts
110Ed CurnowCARMIDThe Manzacs
111Jack SteeleSTKMID/FWDScottie doesn't know
112Tom ScullyGWSMIDA Point For Trying
113Harley BennellFREMID/FWDMerv Gray Autos
114Brandon EllisRICMIDWarne Dawgs
115Jordan de GoeyCOLMID/FWDdestROY
116Liam ShielsHAWMIDCalvinator
117Jesse HoganMELFWDBearfoot Running
118Brodie SmithADEDEFBEATBOX10
119Brendon GoddardESSMIDThe Soup Nazis
120Jeremy HoweCOLDEFPoketrain
121Shane SavageSTKDEFPoketrain
122Michael HurleyESSDEFThe Soup Nazis
124Toby NankervisRICRUC/FWDBearfoot Running
125Levi GreenwoodCOLMID/FWDCalvinator
126Jaeger O'MearaHAWMIDdestROY
127Luke ShueyWCMIDWarne Dawgs
128David MundyFREMIDMerv Gray Autos
129Jobe WatsonESSMIDA Point For Trying
130Trent CotchinRICMIDScottie doesn't know
131Angus BrayshawMELMID/FWDThe Manzacs
132Dion PrestiaRICMIDThorpedo Punts
133Elliot YeoWCMID/FWDThorpedo Punts
134Nick VlastuinRICDEFThe Manzacs
135Ricky HendersonHAWDEF/MIDScottie doesn't know
136Matthew KreuzerCARRUCA Point For Trying
137Christian SalemMELDEFMerv Gray Autos
138Matthew SucklingWBDEFWarne Dawgs
139Josh KellyGWSMIDdestROY
140Aaron SandilandsFRERUCCalvinator
141Liam PickenWBMIDBearfoot Running
143Tom NichollsGCRUCThe Soup Nazis
144Alex RanceRICDEFPoketrain
145Tom PhillipsCOLMID/FWDPoketrain
146Steve JohnsonGWSFWDThe Soup Nazis
148Mark BlicavsGEEMIDBearfoot Running
149Scott ThompsonADEMIDCalvinator
150Jacob HopperGWSMID/FWDdestROY
151Blake AcresSTKMID/FWDWarne Dawgs
152Taylor WalkerADEFWDMerv Gray Autos
153Jamie ElliottCOLFWDA Point For Trying
154David ArmitageSTKMIDScottie doesn't know
155Tom BoydWBRUC/FWDThe Manzacs
156Tom LiberatoreWBMIDThorpedo Punts
157Mitch DuncanGEEMIDThorpedo Punts
158Sharrod WellinghamWCDEFThe Manzacs
159Jake CarlisleSTKDEF/FWDScottie doesn't know
160Andrew MackieGEEDEFA Point For Trying
161Travis BoakPAMIDMerv Gray Autos
162Brad CrouchADEMIDWarne Dawgs
163Pearce HanleyGCMIDdestROY
164Michael WaltersFREFWDCalvinator
165Mitch HoneychurchWBMID/FWDBearfoot Running
166Josh JenkinsADEFWDBEATBOX10
167David ZaharakisESSMIDThe Soup Nazis
168Kieren JackSYDMIDPoketrain
169Will Hoskin-ElliottCOLFWDPoketrain
170Jackson ThurlowGEEDEFThe Soup Nazis
171Sam MenegolaGEEMIDBEATBOX10
172Mark BaguleyESSDEFBearfoot Running
173Lee SpurrFREDEFCalvinator
174Shaun GriggRICMIDdestROY
175Matthew LeuenbergerESSRUCWarne Dawgs
176Dane RampeSYDDEFMerv Gray Autos
177David SwallowGCMIDA Point For Trying
178Jack WattsMELFWDScottie doesn't know
179Richard DouglasADEMID/FWDThe Manzacs
180Allen ChristensenBLFWDThorpedo Punts

Click here to see our draft rankings and download the cheat sheet pdf.

Pick 1 – Poketrain – Coach: Pokey

Best pick: Tom Phillips on the pine. Could end up being an onfield player.
Worst pick: Tom Hickey – is he the first choice for the Saints now?
Possible league winning pick: Having both Lynch’s and not having to worry about which one is the best.

Pick 2 – The Soup Nazis – Coach: Stu

Best pick: Nat Fyfe at 23.
Worst pick: Michael Hibberd, Kade Kolodjashnij and Michael Hurley as defenders.
Possible league winning pick: Brendon Goddard if he potentially picks up DEF status with Zaharakis to fill the MID spot left vacant.

Pick 3 – BEATBOX10 – Coach: Beattie

Best pick: Marc LeCras being available with last onfield pick.
Worst pick: Clutching here, but taking Seb Ross when Matt Crouch was still on the board.
Possible league winning pick: Sam Menegola with the last bench selection – could go 100 and be great trade bait.

Pick 4 – Bearfoot Running – Coach: Luke

Best pick: Toby Nankervis as ruckman with last onfield pick. Could have been a much worse result.
Worst pick: James Kelly leading defence.
Possible league winning pick: Taking four midfielders with first four picks.

Pick 5 – Calvinator – Coach: Calvin

Best pick: Liam Shiels at 116.
Worst pick: Too many old and a lot coming back from injury. Will average 18 games played across the team.
Possible league winning pick: Choosing Nick Riewoldt over Jack Macrae.

Pick 6 – destROY – Coach: Roy

Best pick: DEF is a beat with Heath Shaw, Luke Hodge and Zac Williams.
Worst pick: No bench for DEF or RUC… yet.
Possible league winning pick: Brent Stanton in the fifth round to get DPP.

Pick 7 – Warne Dawgs – Coach: Warnie

Best pick: Taylor Adams getting to pick 7.
Worst pick: Bernie Vince too early.
Possible league winning pick: Scott Lycett, who will be the No.1 man, in the eighth round with Matthew Leuenberger holding down the fort until he returns if he misses the first part of the season.

Pick 8 – Merv Gray Autos – Coach: Chook

Best pick: David Mundy at 128 is a steal if he gets back to 2015 form.
Worst pick: Harley Bennell – only because Chook took him last year as well.
Possible league winning pick: Jordan Lewis and Sam Mitchell proving Clarko wrong.

Pick 9 – A Point For Trying – Coach: Chopper

Best pick: Matthew Kreuzer as the ruckman after all onfield picks taken. Smart.
Worst pick: Toby Greene in the third round.
Possible league winning pick: Not selecting any MIDs until the eighth round.

Pick 10 – Scottie doesn’t know – Coach: Scottie

Best pick: Dylan Shiel in the seventh round.
Worst pick: Getting Stefan Martin in the first round – even if Scottie is a Lions supporter.
Possible league winning pick: Touk Miller and Jack Steele as breakout contenders in forward line… could score enough to cover for Jack Watts!

Pick 11 – The Manzacs – Coach: Brett

Best pick: Matt Crouch at pick 107.
Worst pick: Only taking one defender in the first 11 picks (could be a genius move yet with Wellingham in 14th round).
Possible league winning pick: Tom Boyd as trade bait if he gets some ruck minutes early in the season… or at least cover for when Mumford misses half the season as he tends to do.

Pick 12 – Thorpeado Punts – Coach: Thorpy

Best pick: Michael Barlow at pick 60. Could go huge.
Worst pick: Elliot Yeo. Stinky, even if on bench. Oh and Bundy Christensen would have stayed as a Free Agent.
Possible league winning pick: Making the most of the turnaround picks with Merrett and Docherty plus Zorko and Johannisen as first two MIDs and DEFs.

Who nailed the Bacon Cup draft the best (pick 3 teams)?

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