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Dream Team Strategy: Buying Trades

DT TALK reader flying high looks at a strategy which looks at essentially buying trades. Dual position players and rookies plus lots of money in the bank!

I have been doing Dream Team for about 6 years now, last year my team was in the top 200 with the rooks/gun strategy, this year I will do the same, although this year I wanted to create an experimental team. The idea for this team was inspired from something I heard Monty from FanFooty say, and that was the because of the new Gold Coast team, the magic number and player price changed will be different this year. IF Swan averages the same as he did last year he will still go down in price!

Like the team posted a few days ago Birdy’s “Lay Down Your Guns” Strategy, my team includes no premium guns, but the difference is it contains the same amount of rookies as a Guns/Rooks Strategy and banks the rest of the money, a bit over 1 million dollars atm.

The idea is to create wealth, Pick only players why you KNOW will raise in value this year. This team wont win you the car, but it aims to be the most expensive team by round 22, and score the most points in round 22. The only risk with this team is that it might not get enough wins during the year to make your league finals. But if it does you surely can’t lose!!

My Theory: 24 trades + 1 million dollars = Lots of UPGRADES!!

People always complain about not having enough trades, and not being able to buy trades/swap points for them. One of the main reasons why this happens is because people are always in a rush to hunt for the next best thing, instead of taking their time and reading through reviews of Tradezero or any other trading platform on the foxytrades website. Every team i have seen always uses all their money at the start of the year. Therefore an upgrade consists of downgrading a player banking money, and upgrading a player…. 2 TRADES! With my strategy you already have money banked so to Upgrade you only need 1 Trade!

Math Section:

In the team below you can assume that keepers are:

– Connors, Deledio
– Swan, Anthony
– Sandilands, Cox
– Riewoldt

This means you need 15 BIG upgrades, lets assume a premium you upgrade to is on average 360k (remember your trading in these players after a few bad games).

That means you need: 15 * 360,000 = $5,400,000

The amount of the 15 players I already have and want to upgrade is =

5,400,000 – 2,303,500 = $3,096,500

Therefore to make my dream team I need $3096500, there is $1,082,300 left from my initial team so I actually only need to create $2,014,200.

All of the 15 players picked will probably go up money, lets assume the go up about 1 million between then (quite reasonable assuming 100k
rises for Otten, Tarrant, Swallow, Bennel, Harris, Gamble, Krakouer and Mzungu)

This means of my bench players i need to generate another Million dollars with 6 trades, leaving 3 for injury for finals. 6 downgrades for 150k each shouldn’t be so hard to find out of the 9 rookies you start with. 15 upgrades, 6 downgrades, 3 for injuries in finals *because ur trading 15 on field players you don’t need as many trades for injuries.

Yes I know saying 6 trades for a million dollars is unreasonable, but keep in mind that there are more than 5 keepers in this team as well, I’m
planning for the worst. Assuming players picked up for 360,000 return to there form and get back up to on average 380,000, by round 22 you will have an on field team around $850000 (remember, this is the value of only you players on the field, not your bench players). I would be interested to know the value of last years winning team at round 22?

Sample Team

Money Left from initial team : $1,082,300

Backs: 1. Connors, D || 2. Deledio, B || 3. Symes, B || 4. Grimes, J || 5. Adcock, J || 6. Otten, A || 7. Tarrant, R

(23. Coad, M, 24. Stanley, D 25. Toy, J)

Mids: 8. Swan, D || 9. Anthony, L || 10. Sidebottom, S || 11. Swallow, D || 12. Bennell, H || 13. Harris, D

(26. Heppell, D, 27. Wallis, M, 28. Callinan, I)

Rucks: 14. Sandilands, A || 15. Cox, D

(29. Smith, Z, 30. Curnow, M)

Forwards: 16. Riewoldt, N || 17. Higgins, S || 18. Zaharakis, D || 19. Knights, C || 20. Gamble, R || 21. Krakouer, A || 22. Mzungu, T

(31. Prestia, D, 32. Richardson, C, 33. Matera, B)

With this strategy you are essentially buying trades, instead of wasting a trade in a downgrade you are choosing a cheaper player and
keeping the money!!

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