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Bails’ AFL Fantasy 2024 Early Team Reveal

See the first cut of the team.

Anyone fancy an early AFL Fantasy 2024 team reveal? Well, here it is. It’s only a first draft so no doubt it will change a lot, but these are the players I am keen to start with as of late December before we have seen any preseason games. I go through each player and why I am keen to start with them in 2024, while I also talk about a couple of players that are in the mix for me.


Harry Sheezel – I expect natural improvement from the Sheez in his 2nd year, and with Jack Ziebell and Aaron Hall both gone, could even be some upside if he is the main distributor for North.

Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera – Bit the same with Sheezel, I just expect natural improvement from Gavin coming into his 3rd season, and we know about those 3rd year breakouts. Won’t cop much attention either with Jack Sinclair.

Keidean Coleman – We saw what he did in the Grand Final, and being at a cheap price and Daniel Rich gone, could elevate himself into the premium category of defenders.

Heath Chapman – Very cheap for what he is capable off. A watch in preseason to see his role.

Zac Williams – One of the potential bargins of the season and an extremely cheap price after missing a lot of footy the past two years. If he is fit and raring to go. Get to watch him in opening round which is an added bonus.

Nick Coffield – New team with potentially more opportunity. Hopefully gets a good role and is fit and gets a spot in the Dogs team.

Bench – Dan Curtin, Riley Hardeman



Andrew Brayshaw – Had a slightly down year from what we expected of him, really Freo just didn’t have a good year. I expect Brayshaw to bounce back to close to a 115 average, and doesn’t have any bye in the first 6 weeks to worry about.

Rory Laird – Shouldn’t come as a shock to many of you to see my boy Lairdy in my opening draft of a team. I do think there could be a little bit of value there, with the Crows looking to improve again, and had some injury niggles in the back half of the year.

Jack Steele – Injured for pretty much the whole of 2023, and put up some really poor scores, which is why the man of Steele could be great value in 2024, and will look to bounce back to a 110+ average.

Luke Davies-Uniacke – Much like Steele, had injuries that interrupted most of his 2023 season, but we did see a stretch from round 17-22 where he averaged 112.2. Could finally breakout into the 105-110+ average.

Sam Walsh – Comes in at a very cheap price after back surgery halted Walshy’s start to 2023, and came in underdone for most of 2023, but we saw what he can do in the finals, with scores of 99, 140 and 105. Fully expect Walsh to go back to a 105+ average and looks poised to get back to that 2021 average of 109.

Colby McKercher – The no.2 draft looks set to be in North’s team straight away, and has been rumoured to be playing a half back role. Could we see a similar year in 2024 from him like we did with Sheezel last year? (I don’t expect a 95+ average, but who knows)

Ryley Sanders – One of the best fantasy scorers as a junior comes into a side that is usually amongst the highest scoring teams in the Western Bulldogs. Bailey Smith being out for the whole of 2024 (which sucks for Baz and wish him a speedy recovery to be back in 2025) means there is a spot for Ryley.

Jeremy Sharp – Made the move from Gold Coast to Fremantle, where there is a vacant wing spot left by Liam Henry. We saw his scoring capability in 2021 where he averaged 71 (averaged 79.3 between rounds 15 and 22, including a 27). Rookie price means if he plays round 1, he’s an easy pick.

Bench – Darcy Wilson, Jhye Clark



Brodie Grundy – The ruck pig moves teams for the 2nd time in two years, but to a much better situation at the Swans where he should get the opportunity to return to a 95+ average, and I think he goes 100+ if he gets the no.1 and solo ruck role. Added bonus that we get to see him in opening round.

Tristan Xerri – I will be making my way to the island where I was tempted, but never went there in 2023. We have seen a few games with him as the solo ruck, and with Goldstein making the move to the Bombers, comes in at a great price.

Bench – Max Heath



Jack Macrae – Macrae frustrated every single coach that owned him last year, and a lot won’t want him back in their side, but with a lack of forward options, plus with Bazlenka out, could see an uptick in mid time that sees him return to a 100+ average in a line with very few options.

Sam Flanders – Came home like a steam train in 2023, where he averaged 106.1 from rounds 15-24. Priced at 89, there is already 17 potentially points of upside if Dimma keeps him in the midfield, and could even go better. Has a bye in round 3 that will be interesting to see what people do.

Taylor Adams – Moves from the Pies to the Swans and could step in to a more midfield prominent role than he had in 2023 at Collingwood, but also Callum Mills missing for a fair chunk of 2024 means this could be a possibility. Get to watch him in opening round to see the role, but value if he gets that mid role we want.

Zac Fisher – Rumoured to be getting a half-back role after moving to North in the off season. Pre season watch but if he gets that role, another good value option in the forward line.

Finlay Macrae – With the departure of Taylor Adams, could we finally see Fin get a fair crack in the Pies side? Been tearing up the VFL for a couple of seasons now, so if he is there in round 1 (also get a free watch in opening round if he plays), I think we pick him.

Harley Reid – The no.1 draft pick will be one of the first selected players in our teams, and probably will be the highest owned player come round 1. Will get massive opportunity in his first season, hopefully lots of mid time, but will spend time forward as well.

Bench – Zane Duursma, Shaun Mannagh, Chris Burgess (Utility)

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I hope you enjoy the video!

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5 months ago

How many half back spots are there at North?

5 months ago
Reply to  Jim

Don’t you listen or know a thing about footy ?

5 months ago
Reply to  Jim

Only four players, I think should be playing of there.

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