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Birdy’s “Lay Down Your Guns” Strategy

DT TALK regular Birdy has thought about using a different strategy this year, called “Lay Down Your Guns”. Thinking the more risks you take, the more potential your team has.

This is a new strategy I have thought of maybe using this year, I call it, Lay Down Your Guns, I thought of it after seeing Secret Squirrel’s article, and I realised that the more risk you take the more potential your team has. A lot of people are going to write this strategy off straight away and I don’t even know if I will have the guts to use it, but I thought it was worth a mention.

To put it plainly this strategy basically involves getting the 2nd best,  so  for example  instead of Franklin and Goodes, you might select Rioli and ROK.  Both these players definitely have the potential to be top 7 forwards this year, and if not, they are going to get you reasonable scores throughout the year.

The way this strategy could potentially work for you is that by cutting out the expensive premiums and picking cheaper that you think are going to have a good year this year is you end up with more money to spend on getting more of these type players in your initial squad. This will give you higher scores early on and be helpful, especially if you are going for the car. The great thing about this strategy is that many of these cheaper players can still be considered premiums and have been great scorers already.

Here’s a few players you might be thinking of picking as more unique options, well maybe you could pick more of them and save money  hoping they will all boost their scores.

Sam Mitchell he has been mentioned a lot throughout the DT Talk website, he has been a premium pick up for a while now, and this year won’t have the responsibility of captaincy on his shoulders which may have worried him last year, copping criticism that Hodge should be skipper.

Brent Stanton scored well last year, this year his new coach Hirdy has said he is going to give Stanton as much of the ball as possible. We have already seen this help his scores in his first two games of NAB.

Kieren Jack is getting better every year, really showed his potential last year, although Kirk wasn’t much of a ball magnet last year it has been said that Jack and his team mate Hannebery will step up in his absence.

Cyril Rioli possibly played a little injured last year, while still managing reasonable scores. Said to receive more of a midfield role this year which would certainly improve his scores.

ROK definitely played injured for parts of last season and scored similar to Rioli, also was given a tagging role on occasions that will hopefully be lost with his new coach.

Nick Riewoldt is a gun and under priced. Everyone should have him anyway, simple as that.

The 2 foward JB’s Jonathan Brown and Jared Brennan both scored well last year, Brown had injury problems and if he can get over those he will be a great pickup, and Brennan is off to a new club where with few experienced players along with Ablett and Risky-telly he may be looked to a lot through whats hopefully a midfield based role.

Jack Grimes is already in a lot of teams he cheap, and has played well in both NAB cup games so far.

Nick Malcelski was a great pick up last year and will hopefully pickup again this year to be a nice unique pick.

To show you how his DT strategy can reduce the number of rookies in your starting side and get your scoring well early here is a look a possible team, that has had its expensive options removed and replaced with cheaper alternatives.

DEF: Enright, Duffield, Malceski, Grimes, Fisher, Otten, Heppel ( Toy Poupolo Hibberd )

MID: Bartel, Stanton, Mitchell, Anthony, Hannebery, Swallow ( Mzungu Harris Callinan )

RUC: Mumford, Jolly ( Smith Campbell )

FWD: Riewoldt, ROK, Rioli, Sylvia, Zaharakis, Dennis-Lane, Knights ( Krakouer, Matera, Richardson )

This team leaves two rookies starting on the field, first round draft picks !

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