Roy’s Trade Talk: Rd 17

Heading toward Finals, we want the blokes in the rolling 22. I will have a look at one from each line to consider this week.

Rolling 22


Rory Laird
Elliot Yeo
Jack Crisp OUT Gus Brayshaw IN
Lachie Whitfield
Jake Lloyd
Kade Simpson

Who to bring in? Angus Brayshaw (DEF/MID, $677,000) is still found in less than a quarter of teams, so there is a fair chance he will be a unique in your league match ups… Well at least three a month haha, and you need to take advantage of that. The fact he is available in defence, despite his ball winning role through the middle places him in the must have category. He has a BE of 101, so his price will be steady for a couple of weeks although his three game average of 111 suggests there is still some growth, especially considering his match up with the Dogs this week who he scored 133 on in round 11. He has one bad score in nine weeks (one of which was a random tag experiment) and his only other score under 100 in that time was an 80 back in round eight.


Tom Mitchell
Stephen Coniglio OUT Joel Selwood IN
Andrew Gaff
Matt Crouch
Dayne Zorko
Josh Kelly
Steele Sidebottom
Ablett OUT Dayne Beams IN

Who to bring in? Dayne Beams (MID, $706,000) is a great unique to own in the run toward finals. He is currently owned by only 5% of teams despite his thumping three game average of 119. His numbers have been ridiculous since round eight, with two poor games of 50 and 69 but every other outing has been full on Beamer beast mode, rivalling anyone else in the competition. Discounting those two games, he has not dropped under 112 in that time and has surpassed 120 on four occasions with a top of 137. He loves playing at the Gabba and has three games remaining there including a nice match up with the Eagles for the Fantasy GF.


Max Gawn
Brodie Grundy

Who to bring in? Good luck finding the cash, but a trade to Brodie Grundy (RUC, $806,000) has to happen at some stage, basically for any ruckman other than Max Gawn. His numbers are ridiculous, averaging 121 for the season and 125 in his last three and he hasn’t dropped under triple figures since round one… Can you believe that? What a reliable legend. His number reek of a Pig, but I’m not sure we have a snout to fit him. He has three scores under 110 for the year, what more can I say apart from oink.

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Isaac Heeney
Toby Mclean
Justin Westhoff
Devon Smith
Sam Menegola
Ed Langdon OUT Sic Dawg

Luke Breust is currently being disrespected but you couldn’t do it.

Who to bring in? The Sic Dawg, James Sicily (DEF/FWD, $636,000) finally finds himself a spot in the rolling 22, albeit as a forward. The Hawk defender has become a mark of consistency (yes, I know) while increasing by 113K to this point in the season. He is averaging 100 for his 28% of coaches over the last five weeks and he hasn’t gone under 90 in that time. In a promising sign, he hasn’t missed a game since round six and is in nice form coming off his second highest score for the year with 118. He has a nice stretch of games in the coming weeks with the Lions in Tassie, followed by the Blues and Dockers. His break even of 83 suggests he won’t be this cheap for long.

Ironically, my trades don’t include a rolling 22 player but are as follows:

McInerney and Fritta OUT
Abbot and Pendles IN



  • Cheers Roy!! Only running with 13 of the 22 at this point, but do have Oliver, Zerret, Rocky and Wingard who’ve held there own against others in the rolling 22..

    • Looking at trades, I’m looking at 2 options

      1. Shed myself from the disastrous Brander experiment and bring in Cogs (form has dipped), Pendles (tough few weeks coming up) or Crouch (should get the Selwood tag this week) and hold onto McInereny’s downgrade $$ for another week OR
      2. Chase the points with Beams, Gaff or Kelly and dump McInerney for a 170k RUC meaning I’m might miss a chance to dump Brander

    • Yeah, Beams and Zorko are knocking on the door but not sure how they get in over Coniglio, Pendles or Oliver.

      Recency bias at it again!

  • Wow… it’s tough at the top. Coniglio tons up, yet still gets dropped?

    • … and Kelly keeps his spot after an 89?

      • Kelly still top 8 though. 89 is about the worst you’ll see from him.

        For me, the top 8 are: Titch, Gaff, Kelly, Coniglio, Jelwood, Oliver, Pendles and any of Murphy, Sidey, Crouch, Beams or Heppell.

  • Coniglio averaging 111 from his past 2 games after a slow return from injury / bye where he scored 71.

    Beams and Zorko have gone under 70 plenty of times already this year… Coniglio’s done it once since 2016.

  • Beams v Selwood?

    • Tough call… if it was my team I’d pick Selwood. Him and Murphy will fill my last two mid spots for finals (replacing Adams and Telly)

  • Best option?

    Gaff + 52k
    Beams + 120k
    Cripps + 127k (good run home)
    Adams +213k

    I had pencilled in Gaff, but I think I’m leaning towards Beams. Only because after Gaff goes big against Collingwood this week, he’ll have Dunkley and Jacobs tags the next 2, I’m not confident enough on him with tags. And the extra cash from Beams will be handy.
    Taylor Adams would be a big risk, but could be worth it, it would allow me to do a double upgrade next week. He is getting the midfield time now that Treloar is gone, and take away his 3 frees against last week and that’s a 100. I think the potential is there for him to start going 110 – just risky.


    • Shuey generally cops the tags, but the risk is always there I guess.

      I’ve had Adams a few weeks now and he’s a bit frustrating (90-100) as he’s holding up a premo spot without really looking like becoming one.

      I don’t mind Cripps but would be more inclined to pick Murphy after his price drops given their good run home.

      Beams is pumping out good numbers and probably offers better value for money than Gaff in that with Gaff you’re paying a premium for past performance.

      So of those 4, like you, I reckon Beams.

      • Not necessarily, they have both copped their fair share of tags over the course – and there is no way you would be tagging Shuey over Gaff currently.

        If you look at Adams’ 2 recent games without Treloar, he has put up decent numbers in reduced TOG (both only around 70% compared to the rest of the year at upwards of 80%) – so he is playing a more fantasy friendly role, just not getting on the park – surely if he maintains that role, and his TOG increases, he’ll be looking at 110+ ??

        Although yes, you’re probably right, should play the straight bat and go Beams, which still leaves 120k for an upgrade next week.

    • If you’re going to take a punt this week I’d be looking at Dusty or Adams, but I like Beams best from the options you’ve mentioned..

  • Thoughts between Brayshaw and Sicily?

  • Struggling to decide between Oliver or Beams, hmmm. Lowest average starting player will be Rockliff after this trade so will just be minor adjustments from here

  • I have $1.3M to spend on two premium mids. Who are the best two mids for that money?

    Already have Titch, Kelly, Cogs, Zerret, Crouch. Thinking maybe Sidebottom and Dusty? Maybe Beams?

    • Heppell and Dusty seem the value, could upgrade to players like Fyfe, Macrae or Murphy when they bottom out… their prices will probably pass each other at some stage.

      To answer your question, I reckon go Sidey and Heppell and save the dosh for an injury / cheeky upgrade later in the year.

  • matt crouch or westhoff?

  • McInerney -> Abbott and Guelfi -> Pendles?

  • Kerr to Dusty or mihocek to Heppell ?

  • Really wanted to DSmith or Laird (DPP Sicily) this week to have all premos (nearly). Currently have Ahern as F6.

    First trade Ronke to North (Heeney DPP back to forward line) leaving me with $294k.

    Want to get rid of Waterman from bench giving me $640k for a defender or forward ($50k short of the above 2)

    Def – Yeo, LLoyd, Simpson, Brayshaw, Whitfield, Sicily
    Fwd – McLean, Heeney, Rocky, Wingard, Fritsch, Ahern

    Just run with it and cash in BigO for Abbott or any other suggestions?
    Can take a rookie in any line using my DPP’s

  • Or hawk pretending to be an english teacher

  • Either way. This is fantasy football not a literature exam- who cares, in this context.

  • Is breust an option

  • could really use a hand deciding between Heppell, stevens and smith (hawthorn)for my M7

  • Trading Gowers and Fritsch to McLean and $579k left thinking Buddy, Walters, Dunkley or anyone else ?

  • Simon no offence I’ve seen u comment on everything for a while shut your hole up you act like your top dog bust your hole

  • Haha +1 … but can we agree that “verse isn’t a word in the context in which you use it” is preferable to ending a sentence with a preposition?

    Kind regards,
    Another Grammar Nazi.

  • Hi guys

    Best trade out of:-

    1) ronke + e.curnow to rocky + duncan

    2) ronke + e.curnow to westhoff + dusty/adams

    • I’m a big fan of Duncan, but the Power mids are too unpredictable.. Everyone has had a run and it’s hard to pick who’s going to get the minutes needed for a decent score for any given week out of Rocky, Gray, Wines, Boak, Ebert, Wingard and even Motlop..

      That said, Westhoff does everything and is consistent, so pair him with Dusty who could be ready to go bang and ramp up his output heading into finals.

  • Crouch, Zorko, Selwood or Oliver.. can’t make up my mind!

  • Heppell and Lambert
    Dusty and Wingard?

  • DEF: Laird, Yeo, Lloyd, Simpson, Whitfield, Ryan (Redman, Smith)
    MID: Mitchell, Kellly, Sidebottom, Coniglio, Cripps, Merrett, Crouch, Sier (Banfield, Narkle)
    RUCK: Martin, Gawn (McInerney, Cameron)
    FWD: McLean, Heeney, Smith, Wingard, Rockliff, Ahern (Guelfi, Ronke)

    Cash: $204k

    Currently have gone Ryan to Sicily and Redman to Lynch, leaving $137k for next week, Thoughts?

    • With Simpson not likely to come back in, I wouldn’t be trading out Ryan this week.. He has had a rough couple weeks, but he should outscore Sier who I’d be looking to move to the bench. I’d be looking at cashing in Banfield or Ronke first.

      Redman to Lynch and then Banfield to Sicily via Ahern DPP and play him at M8..

  • Heppell & Laird OR Crouch/Selwood & Whitfield?

  • A, B, C, D please help

    A. Selwood and Farrell + 51k
    B. Oliver and Lynch + 21k
    C. Beams and Lynch + 25k
    D. Sidebottom and Lynch + 14k

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