Roy’s Trade Talk: Rd 13

The first and what was supposed to be easiest of the bye rounds is past and its time to navigate the final two rounds. Here a few blokes that are with considering, both over the next two weeks and hopefully long term.

Trade Targets: Price, BE, Score 

  • Darcy Byrne-Jones (DEF, $584,000) 76, 108. Remains in great form since a significant roll change following the injury to Hamish Hartlett. Last week in Tassie’s 73 was his worst in six weeks, prior to that he hadn’t scored less than 88 in that period. He is fresh off the back of his first of a three game stretch at home where he was sensational for 108 with seven marks, six tackles and an impressive 19 kicks.
  • Ryan Burton (DEF, $422,000) 36, 93 if money is an issue, a punt on Ryan Burton might be in play. After a shocking start to the season, it appears he is back in form with season highs of 92 and 93 in his last two from games including season high marks of eight and eleven, surpassing the previous high of five.
  • Jack Macrae (MID, $875,000) 161, 107 the highest averaging and most expensive player in the competition is not one we want to miss out on during the back half of the season and currently only 18% of the competition have him in. He is having a extraordinary season with a lowest score of 99, while going over 140 on four occasions. He is averaging 127 and it will likely take all three trades to get close to his price tag.
  • Ollie Wines (MID, $600,000) 69, 138 has had an up and down season, but if there is ever a time to take a punt on an under priced premium, it’s now. The young gun was coming off just one ton in the last eight weeks but when you break it down, he now has a 100, 98 and his latest score and also a season high 138 within his last four games. He was in beast mode with 12 tackles to go with his 29 possessions and has the next two weeks at home.
  • Toby McLean (MID/FWD, $738,000) 115, 89 is a must have and I can’t believe he is only in 15% of teams! That mean 85% of coaches need to do something about it this week and get him in. He is averaging 106 per round and is clearly the best forward in the competition with a five round average of 119.
  • Chad Wingard (MID/FWD, $449,000) 85, 121 has had a horrible season, but the good thing is the Power realised they need to play him into for and unleashed him in the midfield and the results were instant. For the first time this year he looked locked in like the Chad we know and love collecting 31 possessions, taking five marks and laying an impressive eight tackles for his first triple figure score of the year. Since a score of 92 in round one, this ton was his first score over 73 so it’s a high risk move, especially given the vulnerability of midfield roles at the Power but for that price and the fact his bye is long gone, it is worth it.

Royactionary Rolling 22


Rory Laird
Elliot Yeo
Jack Crisp*
Lachie Whitfield*
Jake Lloyd
Kade Simpson

Sic Dawg, Angus Brayshaw OUT


Tom Mitchell
Stephen Coniglio
Ed Curnow
Jack Macrae
Adam Treloar
Tom Phillips 128 last three
Dayne Zorko 128 last three
Josh Kelly*

Dayne Beams OUT


Max Gawn OUT
Brodie Grundy


Isaac Heeney
Toby Mclean
Justin Westhoff*
Devon Smith
Sam Menegola back to back 120
Tom McDonald*

Mitch Robinson, Michael Walters OUT

My trades at this stage:

No idea at the moment, but Chad will likely come in for Fogarty once he is dropped.




  • So far my trades are:

    B. Crossley > S. Jones
    B. Fritsch > T. McLean

    Unsure whether to trade M. Guelfi, T. Smith or C. Spargo

    • Why on earth would you trade fritsch out? I knows it’s his bye this week but he’s averaging 100 in his last 3 and 90+ in his last 5. That’s better than some of the premo forwards.

  • I’m liking Wingard, at least for a few weeks, as someone who could be a 90+ player at a bargain price..

    Bit worried about McLean’s output against Port this weekend, so is it worth looking at someone like Shiels as a cheaper unique option, avergaing 107 in his last 6 and 113 in his last 3??

    • Interesting Alan, I had no idea Shiels had been travelling that well – totally under the radar imo and a great POD.

      As for McLean…there’s always that element of risk what they’ll churn out post bye. I can’t imagine his role will change, but he is top $$$ currently.

      • Yeah, bringing in McLean fields me 17, but with Shiels I get 18..

        Or I can bring in Burton/DBJ and field 18 but save extra cash, but I’m pretty comfortable down back as it is..

        • Shiels not likely to be top 8 MID for rest of year.

          • This is true, but I’m one to focus purely on the Top 6-8-2-6 from all the lines.

            Looking at the BE, only Gibbs, Oliver and Ablett have a lower BE but a higher average with all of them yet to have their bye still.

            Kelly is coming in next week too, and I do have Sidebottom, Selwood, Zorko and Zerrett, who most likely aren’t even Top 8, given the players above them.

            Just trying to justify it to myself

          • Bugger, if I want Kelly I’d be well stacked through the guts but weaker down forward, maybe I need to adjust the plan for better team balance.. Means trading out T.Kelly a week early to jump on McLean though

    • haha, I’m thinking the same thing, but didn’t a lot of us just bring Walters in for the same reason and goes and score 60 plus a suspension? At least Wingard is a lot cheaper for the risk:)

  • Guys currently have 14 before trades due to Pearce injury.
    Should I hold Pearce on week and trade him to Smith/Redman next week?

    Currently thinking
    Taranto to Wingard
    Hibberd to Burton
    Christensen to McLean.

    Other option is.
    McInerney to Abbott/Jones
    Hibberd to Burton
    Bundy to McLean.

    Currently done
    Pearce to Heron
    Big o to Abbott
    Bundy to Mclean

    • I like the first one but my only hesitation would be Wingard. I know hes been scoring well but Hinkly seems to like throwing players in and out of the midfield.

      I also like trading Pearce as I think he’s done his job regardless of injury.

      • The only downgrade option in def is Heron who I’m not keen on and could get dropped after the Suns great effort. IF only Pearce didnt injured then I could field 18

    • Abbott any genuine chance of playing?

  • Thoughts please:

    Zac Giles-Langdon to Josh Battle
    Andrew Brayshaw to Tom Mitchell
    Michael Hibberd to Lachie Whitfield

    *Left with $156K

  • Byrne-Jones this week and Josh Kelly next week
    Simpson this week and Pendlebury next week?

  • Does anyone know a way to rotate three dpps around? I need to move Devon smith from forward to the mids, Coffield from mid to def, and sicily from def to forward. Can’t see a way to do it in advanced trades. Thanks!

    • got to click on ‘advanced trades’

    • you cant swap players around like that without trading someone out.
      spud forward out.
      Move sicdawg fwd, coff to defence, smith to midfield.
      Then you can get another forward back in with players positions swapped.
      Probably not a great thing to do, but thats how you do it.

  • Is it worth picking the likes of Wingard/Burton regardless of weather or not you have the coin to pick McLean/Yeo

    • It might pay off or it might not. The only way to know will be to look back and see. Personally I won’t be risking it

  • Gday Lads.

    Currently thinking of doing the following

    714K in the bank.

    Round 13 trades
    Murray > Yeo
    Ronke > Westhoff
    Dodee > Redman or Joel Smith.

    Round 14 trades
    Seedsman > Crisp
    Martin > Oliver
    Brayshaw (freo) > Zorko

    round 15 trades
    Guelfi > Mcdonald
    S.Martin > Grundy (weak as piss trade, but just an idea at the moment)

    Thoughts on these trades would be awesome lads, thanks for your help.

    • Don’t plan too far ahead Bear, something will always come up to change your ideas..

      Laird out last week forced me to hold Seedsman, and I lost 30k for the privilege of his 68

      • Fair call Alan. Do you think those trades for this week are suitable as far as ‘team selections’ go (e.g. laird coming back in this week) ?

        • If it was me, I’d play the BE game and trade Seedsman over Doedee for J.Smith, providing you can field 18 still..

  • McInerney to jones/abbot
    mutch to joel smith
    guelfi to wingard

    save 220k

    yay or nay

  • Going left field this week.

    Bringing in Gaff, seriously underrated avg 110.

    Mcinerney – Jones / Abbott
    ZGL – Joel Smith (going early as looks like a good cash cow
    Guelfi – Gaff

    Bank $104K for next week

    • Gaff is a great POD, I wanted him this week but can’t afford him, so looking at Shiels instead..

  • Wingard has had one good game…. you guys don’t think you’re jumping on a bit early? While he looked awesome in round 12, he was absolute pants in round 11.

    • Wingard, Walters, Rocky, et al suck in thousands of coaches every year. I’ll be farked if I’m gonna be one of them this year!

  • Bring in Yeo or Simmo for Murray??
    Never really trusted yeo but im getting desperate for points

  • Gaff vs Curnow?

  • taranto to mclean and either

    spargo to the hoff
    and smith battle
    spargo to rocky
    and fristch to wingard

  • Trades so far:
    McInerney to Abbott
    Coffield to J.Smith (going early, all defenders are playing anyway)
    ZGL to K.Simpson (DPP Murphy)
    $71k for next week.

  • Surprising there’s no talk of Gibbs, despite his bye. He’s scored 111, 92, 142 and 112 in last 4. Has BE of 88 and priced under $700K with avg of 108.

    • The trick to getting ahead is to pick the players not broadcasted on this site or traders ;)

      Thats why I am going Gaff this week, avg 110 and no one is talking about him.

  • Have a bit in the bank, trying to find the best trade option –

    Murray to Macrae
    Big O to $170k ruck
    Billings to McLean

    Or instead of the Big O trade (so I have cover), I could go –
    Ridley down to Redman or J.Smith, have a full field and want to make sure I’m covered next week

  • So lost on trades
    Def : yeo simpson lloyd seedsman doedee sicily (brayshaw ridley)
    Mids : mitchell McRae hoff parker danger phillips brayshaw giro (coniglio zerret)
    Rucks : nicnat big o (gawn cameron)
    Fwds: heeney tarranto rockliff murphy rioli guelfi (devo ahern)
    142k in bank
    Was thinking
    Seedsman to either laird or downgrade
    Big o to abbott /jones anyone even know if theyll play
    Tarranto to MacLean
    Any comments appreciated

  • Trading:

    Murray to Yeo
    A. Phillips to $170k (c’mon P. Wilson!)
    Giles-Langdon to McLean

  • Who should I loop hole? McLean or Westhoff. Don’t have Macrae

  • Is it possible for two taggers to rage each other in a game, for example Ben jacobs vs Hewitt

  • Top 100, thoughts on getting in Josh J Kennedy(Guelfi)? I have 19 using 3 trades AND laird & Mirra play. His BE is 35 and with Darling out for a month he should get more of the ball, or will Sydney and Essendon defence just blanket him… Ideally we get fresh rooks to downgrade from Carlton, Suns, Hawks etc.

    • Yep do it, I had already planned to jump on him this week with the same thoughts with darling out and low breakeven. Plus free to play through the rest of byes.

  • Do I get Gaff in this week or hold off for Kelly the week after?

  • Thoughts on bringing in Buddy?

  • Keen to bring in Gaff this week, and Kelly the following week. All options allow me to get Kelly, except for 1 but a simple Murphy > Redman will give me the cash I need.
    All give me 19 for this week. Which one do y’all think?

    Option 1:
    Guelfi > Wingard
    Coniglio > Gaff + 181k
    Bit worried about Coniglio given how Merrett went post concussion, and I feel Gaff is flying under the radar. I like the look of Wingard, hopefully he stays in midfield or my season is f**ked.

    Option 2:
    Mutch > J.Smith/Wilson (if named)
    Guelfi > Wingard +220k

    Option 3:
    Mutch > Smith/Wilson
    Cogs > Gaff +240k

  • Will Brendan Goddard come good?
    Only score 57 last week and hasn’t scored over 100 since Round 5. With his bye this week I’m seriously considering sideways trading him to Bryne-Jones.

    • “Never trade your premos” is the general advice… but in his case it’s hard to argue he is one. I say trade, but do it knowing you may regret it. BJ can go big on his day

  • Wingard a better option then Sicily to bring in?

    • Wingard for his be, but if you have the cash left over, Sicily.
      Sicily’s dpp can be very handy, but he can get suspended.
      Wingard is likely not a keeper, but he will make some money.

      Big cheers to all who replied to me earlier! Fyi I have locked in trading Goddard ahead of Guelfi and Tim Smith.

  • Not likely to come good imho.. He’s looking like a 70-85 scorer, he’ll have the odd 100, but he’ll also through in a sub 60 like last week against Brisbane..

    DBJ is an upgrade, not a sideways trade..

  • McInerney to S.Jones
    Guelfi to McLean
    Gray to Wingard

    19 playing with another 19-20 next week after trades. $351k left in the bank.

  • What is everyone’s thoughts on Wingard? Will he continue to stay in the midfield, or will he be relegated back to the midfield? At the moment his price is hard to ignore.

    • Who knows… But they had a good win against good opposition, so it’d be hard to see them change much against GWS.

      But you’re right, at this price, he’s not likely to lose any $$

  • At the moment my trades are…

    Taranto > Battle
    Beams > Mclean
    Mutch> Macrae

    Desperately want the dogs boys and need to offload some misfiring mids.
    Also does anyone else think Taranto’s mid time might drop again when Cogs comes back to play with Kelly?

  • Really stuck for trades this week. Might have too many bye players next week.

    DEF: Laird, Sicily, Seedsman, Savage, Doedee, Mirra, (Ridley, Brayshaw)
    MID: Titch, Danger, Neale, Parker, Westhoff, Kelly, Phillps (Saints), Treloar, (Zerrett, Ahern)
    RUCK: Nank, Cameron, (Gawn, McInerney)
    FWD: Heeney, McLean, Ah Chee, Waterman, Spargo, Devon Smith, (Taranto, Spargo)

    Actually sitting alright for numbers this week, but next week my mid and defence take a big hit, so thinking of going Doedee and Kelly out?

    What trades would people make?

  • How do these sound?
    Laird to DBJ
    Guelfi to Gaff
    Robby Gray to Liam Ryan

  • Fooz

    Like everyone else, there’s a lot of manoeuvring going on right now. I’m trying to balance what’s coming for R14 here in R13.

    Just realised that my original plan for the byes went out the window when I went for Austin as a cashcow (yay!) over Sicily/DBJ…

    Oh well. Looks like I’ll scrape 19 this week (if Laird gets up, and 20 if Cameron debuts), and a bare 18 next week (or 19 if Brander gets a run for a couple o weeks…)

    Seedsman > DBJ
    ZGL > Westhoff
    Pearce > J Smith

  • Would everyone hold Laird if he’s out again? The 706k would be very handy over teh next 2 weeks, but then getting him back in after Rd 14 could be difficult..

  • DEF: Laird, Yeo, Lloyd, Whitfield, Ryan, Austin (Rice, Coffield)
    MID: Macrae, Mitchell, Fyfe, Coniglio, Merrett, Crouch, Taranto, Rockliff (Phillips Banfield)
    RUCK: Martin, Gawn (McInerney, Cameron)
    FWD: McLean, Heeney, Smith, Ronke, Guelfi, Ahern (Giles-Langdon, Spargo)

    Cash: $24k

    Currently have only have 16 on field before trades. Thoughts on what trades to do?
    1.) McInerney to Abbott (or any playing ruck could get Jones)
    Coffield to Redman
    And Giles-Langdon to Sicily/Wingard. Leaving 44k if Sicily comes in.
    2.) McInerney to Abbott (or any playing ruck could get Jones)
    Taranto to Wingard
    And Coffield to Simpson. Leaving $0k.
    Relying on a 170k ruck to play to field 18 or is there another decent way I could get 18?
    Thoughts on trades?

    • How about Taranto to Brander via Yeo/Whitfield DPP then Langdon to Wingard which would give you 18..

      Then you could either downgrade McInerny to Abbott and have $$ to upgrade next week OR even upgrade Ronke/Banfield to a Wines or DBJ via some more DPP action..

      1 – Taranto to Brander (via Yeo DPP)
      2 – Langdon to Wingard
      3 – Ronke to DBJ (via Rocky & Whitfield DPP)

      • Cheers mate, what are your thoughts on Brander? like scoring and JS wise

        • Don’t know much about him, but he doesn’t appear to be a big scorer and sounds like he’s only in for Darling..

          That being said, WCE has had there bye and he’s likely to get 2-3 games at least which is enough to get you through the bye rounds.

  • Ok, these trades are almost finalised though if the teams aren’t good to me it will stuff them up

    rnd 13:
    Mcinerney to abbott
    mutch to joel smith
    guelfi to wingard
    243k in the bank

    rnd 14:
    duman to 170k
    austin to J.kelly via smith dpp
    and probably a small downgrade on a rookie just to gain a little $

    what does everyone think

  • Ok gents question
    I have enough in the bank to bring in Macrea with a break even of 160+ Leaving 35k bank
    Or should I bring in gaff almost 100k cheaper and wait for macrae to come down in price ?

  • That’s what I was thinking thanks for your input

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