Fry’s Forgotten Few – Round 4

I don’t want to talk about last round. I don’t want to talk about how a lot of my premiums failed to fire. I don’t want to talk about how Liam Ryan’s injury changes my preconceived trade plans. I don’t want to talk about how my 1,907 points in Round 3 saw me lose all the ground I made up in Round 2. And I DEFINITELY don’t want to talk about how I traded in Gary Ablett and opted to throw the captain’s badge on him, only to watch his 33-year old hamstring give out on Optus Stadium with his score stranded on 71. But like I said, I don’t want to talk about it.


Paul Seedsman, Crows ($528K, 44 BE, 13.16% ownership)
Usually, I avoid any player with an ownership over 10%, but considering Seedsman has seen nearly 1,000 coaches trade him in this week, I’m going to allow it. Starting the year with scores of 86, 92, 107 puts him as the 5th highest scoring defender at the moment and while he probably won’t stay there, he is good for around 90 every week.

Hamish Hartlett, Power ($538K, 62 BE, 2.18% ownership)
It is slightly concerning that Hartlett struggled against Sydney (77), but had decent scores against Freo and Brisbane (92 and 98). That being said the Power don’t have an incredibly tough schedule in the near future with Essendon and North Melbourne in the next three weeks. Could be a smokey for sure.

Draft Sleeper – Tom Cutler, Lions ($546K, 73 BE, 0.18% ownership)
Cutler only played on the weekend because he was a late inclusion for Dayne Beams, but he showed what he is capable of if given regular games. His 94 points were the third highest score for the team and Cutler is every chance of retaining his spot. A season ago he only managed 12 games, but he scored 80 or higher in half of those games with a handful of tons. If named, he could be a handy bench pice.

Image result for tom cutler


Jarryd Lyons, Suns ($717K, 63 BE, 2.18% ownership)
I personally watched Lyons on the weekend to see if I should buy into the hype. The short answer is yes, this kid’s legit. 151 on the weekend and priced at under $750K get him into your side now, before it’s too late.

Lachie Hunter, Bulldogs ($709K, 61 BE, 2.46% ownership)
The Bulldogs chances of winning a flag might already be in tatters, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fantasy relevant. After pumping up Jack Macrae last week, his teammate earns some recognition this week, with Hunter top-scoring in their win over Essendon with 148. The Dogs winger is certainly going to have some quiet games, but not many players boast a ceiling that high.

Draft Sleeper – Tom Phillips, Magpies ($613K, 74 BE, 0.26% ownership)
Without raising too much attention, Phillips is actually having a great year. His consistency has been an issue, but there’s no denying that he can score in big bunches for owners. I made the investment for a spot on my pine in Draft and you might want to look at making a similar move.


Callum Sinclair, Swans ($579K, 51 BE, 2.27% ownership)
Sinclair has never been a must-have in fantasy, in fact, he as often burned people and may very well find himself on some never again lists. However, in three games this season the ruckman is averaging over triple figures and seems to have cemented his role as Sydney’s best ruck. There is plenty of value to be had in the ruck race and his career averages suggest otherwise but don’t forget Sinclair’s name if you are looking to generate cash.

Draft Sleeper – Tim English ($285K, 51 BE, 63.0% ownership)
Yes, English is the 4th most owned player in the league…in Classic. When it comes to draft he is still likely floating around the scrap heap ripe for the picking. English is a perfect back up ruck choice and should put up 70’s if the Western Bulldogs keep playing him.

Image result for tim english


Toby McLean, Bulldogs ($611K, 79 BE, 3.44% ownership)
Speaking of the Western Bulldogs, they might be the flavour of the week at the moment. Toby McLean tempted some coaches in the preseason, but a lot weren’t brave enough to pull the trigger on the fourth-year pro. After posting back-to-back tons though, he will quickly see his ownership rise.

Mitch Robinson, Lions ($570K, 63 BE, 4.73% ownership)
Robbo is kind of like the forward version of James Sicily, owning him is going to be a rollercoaster ride. He missed the Saints match with a one-week suspension but returned against the Power to score an impressive 110. He is still cheap considering his talents and trading him in wouldn’t be the dumbest move in the world.

Draft Sleeper – Josh Kennedy, Eagles ($575K, 90 BE, 1.62% ownership)
As the Eagles spearhead continues to ramp up his rehab a return to action is just around the corner. Beat out your league rivals by adding him to your team now so you can benefit from the copious bags he will kick in the back half of the year.

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The Three Big Questions Of Round 4

Should We Ever Take The ‘C’ Off Tom Mitchell?
No Fry, the answer is no, no, no, 100 times no. In all honesty, though, the Pig’s upcoming fixtures mean that he is in for more big scores, barring anything catastrophic. Chasing another players’ score is a fine tactic, but until we see signs from Titch that he is mortal (a sub 120 score say) then he is a set and forget.

Should I Trade A Cash Cow Even If They Have More Room To Grow?
IN an ideal world, no. However, sometimes you are presented with an option that’s hard to pass up on. One such example is on the table this week with coaches trading Andrew Brayshaw to Nick Coffield. Considering Brayshaw’s average (53) is still a little way off his breakeven (33) the move might be a bit of an unpopular one, but moving a rook before his price decreases at all is a smart move.

Which Premiums Do We Need To Give Up On?
Sometimes, for whatever reason, players fail to live up the hype. I was able to trade Michael Hibberd and Zach Merrett away last week and avoid an even WORSE score, but they aren’t the only ones on the chopping block. Tom Rockliff, Adam Treloar, Taylor Adams and Marcus Bontempelli have all failed miserably to start the season and if you can upgrade them for a more ‘reliable’ gun, do so without flinching.

Back From The Dead

Matthew Kreuzer, Blues (120) – Dominated the Pies on Friday night. Will be a top 3/4 ruckman this year.

Mitch Robinson, Lions (110) – As Mentioned above, Robbo is a great unique choice and seems set to average 85+.

Tom Lynch, Crows (88) – Wait a little longer before investing. Looms as an option though.

Esava Ratugolea, Cats (84) – He was dropped after Round 1, but returned to dominate Round 3. If he is named as the solo ruck a lot of coaches (including me) will turn Liam Ryan into the Geelong wonder kid.

Pearce Hanley, Suns (24) – I was as shocked as you to learn Hanley suffered another injury on the weekend. Baffling.

Peace ✌

Got a question that needs answering? Feel free to leave a comment below or message me on Twitter @myrealnameisfry) and I’ll get back to you!


  • Fyfe or Lyons? Leaning toward the ‘better’ player in Fyfe, but not sure.

    • Lyons looks like he has a higher ceiling, but we need to be careful about how many Suns/Power players we load up on. Lyons is still a beast and it’s tough to split them, but I back in Fyfe by a hair.

  • Not sure English is that expensive…

  • Seb Ross or Pendlebury as uniques or go up to danger and gibbs

  • Duncan or Lyons?

    • Lyons, but depends on how many GC/PA players you have. If you’ve got Holman and Barry already in the midfield, then I wouldn’t take Lyons.

      • Only got Holman in the mids. Why Lyons over Duncan? Lyons no games at metricon until after bye, early bye, very inconsistent next year, not sure if top 8? Duncan ceiling of 161, will play pure mid, lowest score of 90 last year.

        • Lyons ceiling is only 10 points shy of Duncan and he seems to be developing into a powerhouse. Duncan has missed a little time already this year. Flip a coin?

          • Do you genuinely see lyons being a top 8-10 mid? Not sure if I do atm. Definitely see duncan there.

          • Why’d you ask then??!

          • To see if anyone had any good arguments to convince him otherwise perhaps? Always good to look for more info even if you’re relatively confident of the answer.

      • But you may have cashed out Holman and/or Barry by the Rd10 bye …

        Frustrating that all 22 on-field players’ scores are counted for that round!

  • i know this isn’t tour field Fry, however which rookie would you take out of murphy and o’shea as a bench option.

  • Swinging the axe this week and going Billings to Ratugolea, leaving me with a big chunk of cash to upgrade Brayshaw.

    Was originally looking at going Hunter, but now I think I’ll go McLean as he will most likely be a top 6 forward. It also leaves me with enough cash in the bank for another upgrade next week.

    What do you reckon?

    • Bold move axing Billings a few games into the season, but I guess he has been mediocre. Having cash in the bank is always a good move, but if you’re going to do that massive downgrade and mini upgrade then I’d target someone with better job security than Ratugolea.

      • Looking at playing the breakeven with Billings and don’t really have anyone else to get rid of except for maybe Treloar or Taranto, but will back them in another week.

        What mid or fwd rookie options would you recommend? At the moment I’ve got Barry, Banfield, Kelly and Holman in mid (2 on), and Fritsch and Waterman in fwd (0 on).

        • Im getting treloer out before Billings,if he plays more fwd again thats another shit score.

          • +1
            I watched the replay of Friday nights game vs Carlton today and he just stood there watching not even trying to tackle. Didnt lay 1 tackle the whole game, first round 6 and second round 5.
            Must be something wrong with him

        • Good calls backing in treloar and taranto… about 250pts between them!

  • Nice write up mate!
    Great options.

    I have Robsinson and Bailey Williams coming in this week

  • No mention on Jesse Hogan, can you see him keeping it up and be a decent unique? playing midfield time now and working high up the ground for +6’s

    • I think his average will look similar to his first score of 68 compared to his last two hundred. That being said, if he does keep playing up the ground and putting up big scores he will definitely be discussed. I think he’ll average around 80

  • Thoughts on Macrae Fry?
    I’m thinking him in for Merrett?
    At this stage have Coniglio but Macrae very tempting.
    Due to Ryan injury Hibberd stays unfortunately

    • Seriously rate Macrae – think he is being overlooked atm with a classic case of losing his forward status and people being reluctant to select him as a Mid only.

      Averaged 99 or more in every one of his seasons barring his rookie year, massive ceiling, plays a nice blend between inside and outside and loves a tackle. I’m targeting him next week for one of my mid-price guys. 110+ this year

    • Sounds like a great move, Macrae has barely put a foot wrong so far

  • Worth bring in O’Shea over Coffield as bench cash cow if it means I can get to McLean??
    Or stick with Coffield and settle for Seedsman/Robbo?

    • Nooooooope

    • interesting Blues got defence injuries so Shea JS is great and will he be the robin to Simmo? McLean looks good – but as you said i am ranked like 1 millionth so what would i know.

      Im thinking Coffs over Shea but im not chasing $ for Mclean

    • I don’t think McLean will be to different from Seedsman or Robbo, so I’d get the better rook in Coffield at this stage

  • Hunter, Steven or Lyons?

    • Tough call have nto looked at stevens but did for Hunter and Lyons.

      My main take from them was this, Lyons stats indicate he is getting his own ball, getting points from tackles and his contested possessions way up. Hunter on other hand was lots of marks and uncontested possessions indicating he is getting ball kicked to him, have not watched games but cant see that as sustainable.

      Lyons season last year was hampered by injury and they had ablett run around now and again as well as Barlow, this year he looks fitter and no ablett or barlow at this stage.

      Hall is damaging and Lyons only going at 57% (derivative of ball getter generally as kicks are rushed) so chance of tag is low

      Lyons wins v Hunter so now you need to analyse Lyons v Stevens hope this helps

      • I still think Hunter is a gun and I would probably take Hunter over Lyons. Doesnt matter if he’s getting his own ball or not. Macrae, Merrett (not so much this year), Duncan etc. play very similar to Hunter and are genuine guns. With the amount of marks that Hunter takes as well as how many times he kicks the ball is huge and makes him an extremely valuable POD. Im seriously thinking about bringing him in

    • Funnily enough, Jack Steven was the other player I was going to talk about this week!
      I’d say Lyons, then Hunter, then Stevens though


    Option 1) Trade Brayshaw to Ratagulea (DPP)
    and Merrett to Danger

    Option 2) Trade Ryan to Ratagulea
    and Merrett to Hunter (or anyone but Danger)

    Option 3) Trade Ryan to Ratagulea
    and hold onto another trade (RDT)

    So far mids are: Titch, Duncan, Kelly, Gibbs, Merrett?, Conigs, Holmen, T Kelly

  • thoughts on seb ross and clayton oliver or lyons in this week for merrett ??

  • Hey Fry,

    of the 3 to replace Treloar who would you go out of Gibbs, Fyfe and Coniglio

  • Which premium midfielders should I trade in for Merret. Im thinking Jarryd Lyons or Jack Macrae. Can afford any.

  • i am getting rid of zach merret

    i am thinking of bringing in ben jacobs for a lot of money to spend next wekk

    or i can get mitch robinson or toby mclean thoughs??

  • Who’s the best forward other than Buddy, Heeney and Billings?

    • Tough to say, Walters and Menegola are in the mix, but Barlow could be the guy if he gets on the field. At the moment I’d have to say Menegola, just based on his previous track record

  • Every week my plans for luxury trades are spoiled by an out.
    So now Kelly is going for Coniglio.
    Still bringing in Ben Jacobs for Brayshaw, for better or for worse.

  • do I go:

    Gibbs + Guelfi (having to start elfi @ f6)


    Macrae + English

    • I’m a bit worried about Guelfi’s job security and even though Gibbs is the best player in that bunch option No. 2 sounds like the smart play

  • Great article again fry. Should i trade j.Kelly to macrae or hunter??

    • Thanks mate! I think you have to go Macrae based on his consistency and high ceiling. Hunter saves a few more $$$ but I think it’s smart to get the points

  • Fry, what are your thoughts on daniel Lloyd as a stepping stone from Liam Ryan? Averaging 71 and has a BE of 27

  • Ratugolea v Waterman

  • Which one?

    1) Brayshaw to Crowden and Billings to Lyons/Fyfe/Coniglio via DPP

    2) J. Kelly to Coniglio/Fyfe/Lyons and Billings to McLean

  • Ryan > Guelfi or Bailey ???

  • Should I go 1. Kelly to Gibbs and Neale to Fyfe/Hunter
    or 2. Kelly to Fyfe/Hunter/Lyons and Billings to Franklin.

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