Roy’s Trade Talk (Semi Finals)


Corey Maynard (FWD/MID 173,000) had an outstanding debut with 18 possessions and an impressive seven tackles to go with a goal for 78. If you are in the prelim, he could be a nice downgrade and score you a few token points to cover the likes of Merrett and Duncan.

Mixed Lollies (Selwood Replacements):

Robbie Gray (MID/FWD, $486,000) has been back to his best since returning to the midfield averaging over 30 possessions and scoring 101, 98 and 112 in that time. He has a friendly run of games and is worth considering for a bargain price.

Rory Sloane (MID, $493,000) has been an absolute rollercoaster this year, and its all based around whether or not he cops a tag. The good news is he comes up against the Bombers who haven’t tagged all year and the cherry on top is that he has some great form leading into this week after scoring 124 from 30 touches and a goal. .

Value Premium:

Lachie Neale (MID, $598,000) is a bargain for under 600K. He absolutely dominated on the weekend with a round high 152 which obviously contributes to his three round average of 118. After a patchy start to the season, he has hit his straps with a lowest score of 95 in his last nine games and he has the added bonus of being owned by just 5% of the competition.

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Say it aint so Witho (DEF, $439,000):

Luke Ryan (DEF, $425,000) is the perfect replacement for Witherden if his hammy doesn’t get up. Once again, he embrace Connor Blakely’s role across half back, bumping his 14 mark effort two weeks ago to grab 16 on his way to 126. Since taking on that role he has scores of 138 and 126 which makes it an easy replacement.

Rucking Nightmare:

Matthew Kreuzer (RUC, $566,000) is a bargain thanks to Danger. He is the standout ruck of the competition and will be the highest scoring big man over the next three weeks, kick started by a game against the Eagles who give up plenty of points to opposition rucks. Lets face it, he is going against Petrie! He will be huge.

Max Gawn (RUC, $513,000) is certainly the value option after overcoming injury and returning to his best the last couple of weeks. Last week he scored an eye catching 113 before backing it up with a whopping 140 against the Giants. Massively under priced despite coming up against a couple of good ruckman in the next few weeks.


As always, use the comment to discuss your trade ideas in the comments, I’m currently:

Grundy to Gawn
Selwood to Sloane
(Holding Merrett, covered by Greenwood)



  • Could Rowan Marshall get a game this week?

  • What do I do?
    * Got $8K
    * Lots of injured players,
    * 6/9 leagues, gone through to Prelims

    DEF: Doch, Adams, Laird, Lloyd, Witherden, Ryan (Rice, Hibberd)
    MID: Titch, Danger, Zerrett, Dusty, Rocky, Beamer, Fyfe (J.Thomas, Miles)
    RUC: Martin, Gawn (Soldo, Cameron)
    FWD: Macrae, Hill, Menegola, Heeney, Dahlhaus, Burton (Black, Pickett)

    • Daniel
      Downgrade Black* to Maynard (*if he doesn’t get a game) gets you around $120k
      Move Burton to backline then upgrade Witherden (if he doesn’t get up) to Treloar/Beams/JPK/Sloane
      Hold Merrett thus playing Thomas/Miles/Maynard as your D6
      There’s no bench coverage in the backline anyway!!!
      Good luck in the finals

      • Thanks for the reply, I thought about

        Joel Selwood to Jacob Allison
        Alex Witherden via Ryan Burton to Lachie Neale

        I am going to detour if Witherden is named.

    • Zerrett > R Gray
      Witherden > Michael Hibberd

  • I’m petrified of Sloane after getting him at 700k, and that round 23 game against old mate Hutchings just looks terrific.

  • Sloane, Beans, Fyfe, M.Crouch??

  • What combo is better for grundy/jelwood:

    – Gawn / Gibbs
    – Kreuz / Ebert Shuey Sloane

  • Thinking of getting Sicily in for Witherden. 107 3Rd/Avg. Great run home. Can’t see his role changing in last 3 weeks.
    Anyone else rate him?

  • Surely Ryder can match or better Kreuzer? Has Collingwood (no Grundy), Bulldogs (poor ruck) and Suns (easiest team to score against)

    • Thinking the same thing… I have Witts and if he’s not back this week I’ll be tossing up between Max and Paddy. Paddy looks to have the upper hand given his soft run (Reg-less Maggies) and his ability to switch with my F7 (Nank) if I lose another ruck (lost 2 rucks last week… Witts and Darcy).

      RDT by the way…

  • Looking for POD to try and get up in my league. Thinking two out of M. Crouch, Gibbs, Zorko. Any tips?

    • I’d say definitely Crouch, then it’s a toss-up between the other two mate, very similar scoring patterns this year

      • Agree, Zorko and Gibbs have higher ceilings, but Crouch will score you a reliable 110 every week. Starting with him was the best move I’ve made this year.

  • What moves would you guys make this week?:

    BACKS: Doch, Adams, Laird, Newnes, Witherden*, Ryan, (Nyhuis*, Hibberd*)
    MIDS: Danger, Titch, Dusty, Crouch, Treloar, Beams, Gaff, Hanners, (Jelwood*, Hibberd*)
    RUCKS: Grundy*, Stef, (Simpson, Darcy*)
    FWDS: Macrae, Menegola, Boak, Yeo, Heeney, Dahl, (Young, Pierce*)
    $64k remaining

    Note: * = Players that will likely miss this week.

    • Darcy should be back this week to cover for Grundy. You have Hibberd on two benches? Jelwood down and Withers up.

      • Sorry, the one in the mid is supposed to be Mountford. Jelwood to Maynard and Withers to Hibberd then?

        • That sounds ok but wait until Withers is a confirmed out. Although you don’t have D benchcover so the last thing you need is Withers a late out. Tempted to do the trade even if he is named.

  • Selwood and Grundy to Dustin Martin & Gawn leaving $28k in the bank. No matter what happens at this week’s selection tables, that’s set in concrete. Zerrett and Witherden to the bench, Greenwood & Ryan on the field. I’m just holding donut free. Please, selection gods, treat me gently and I just may be able to trade Danger back in next week.

  • Who scores better this week, knock out final – Danger or Zorko?

    • Zorko mate, history says Danger doesn’t usually score well after a break

      • Rubbish.

        Over the last 4 seasons he’s had 5 weeks off during the season (4 byes, 1 cancelled game) and averages 127 in the week back.

    • I’m leaning towards Zorko, due to opposition (GC compared to Tigers), and weakened Cats team this week.

      I’m considering Beams over Sloane, Crouch & Gibbs too… Is that mental?

      I need to win with a margin this week (different finals set-up in my league)

  • Merret and Joel Selwood out for which 2 out of beams/Sloane/menegola?

  • Trade duncan or merret? Want to keep one on bench this week

  • Big Dilemma!! Help needed:


    I have one trade left. I have the week off so playing next week in a prelim BUT!

    I have both Selwood and Grundy.

    Option A
    Trade Grundy to Kreuzer and keep selwood on my bench for the rest of finals and play Greenwood

    Option B
    Trade Selwood to Gibbs (or any other Mid) and play Buzza instead of Grundy for rest of finals

    Option C
    Trade Grundy to Gawn

    Surely Option A but Im not 100% … Shattered that grundy got 2 : /

    • A is the only genuine option.
      Buzza likely to get dropped

    • I would wait until next week before trading. You have the week off and the last thing you want to do is use that last trade then the player you bring in gets injured.

      Reassess next week.

      • Yep hold this week. Then if Buzza is still named next week you can do B and get Grundy back for the last week.

        • Yeah I’ll definitely wait til next week but do you think Option B is the best option?
          It really comes down to: Option A – Kreuzer and Greenwood play or Option B – Gibbs and Buzza play.

          Greenwood hasnt been too bad and I won my first final with Selwood getting 64. So I feel like Option A is the obvious choice. Keen to hear other opinions though!

    • As you have the week off. Don’t trade and reassess your options next week

  • Who to play out of Newman and Ryan (next week – prelims):

    Freo play Richmond at Perth

    Syd play Adel at Adelaide

  • What about Sauce Jacobs!!

    • Hasnt been in as good as form as Kreuzer. And I think I would still go Gawn over him from what he is capable of. Still a gun though!!

    • Bellchambers, Tippett, Petrie are his 3 opponents to end the year. Could be 3 tons. I’m looking at him for Grundy

  • Zorko, Gibbs or Dusty?

  • Ok ive made it through to the 2nd semi…Really need help

    DEF Doch,Adams,Laird,Llyod,Shaw,*Witherden(Nyhuis,Glass)

    MID Mitchell,Zorko,Gibbs,Martin,*Merrett,Treloar,Rocky,*JSelwood(Partington,Hibberd)

    RUCK Martin,Darcy(Buzza,Cameron)

    FWDS Sidebottom,Franklin,Menegola,Heeney,Dahl,I.Smith(Cox,Polson)

    CASH $121k was going to trade out Darcy this week until the carnage…now thinking bringing Danger back for Merrett not sure on the other.

  • Jelwood to Dusty, Kelly or Adams??

  • Need some help
    Elimination final
    Big Maxy or kruezer ?

  • trading zert to gola grundy to kreuzer with 213,000 in the bank is this a good move?

  • Any word on witherden if only out for 1 I’ll look to hold and downgrade in the fwd so I have cover or is it better to just got withers to Ryan

  • team is doc adams newman newnes doc lloyd luke (wither hibb) danger martin zorko kelly beams ollie hannebrey heeney (greenwood frod) kreuzer max (holdo cam) gray sidey boak smith macrae gola (beech young) should i trade hannebrey keep zert and play green? thanx for ur help everyone needs it

  • Witherden and Zerrett to pine.
    Blakely to Docherty
    Grundy to Gawn.

  • Who scores more for the rest of the year R.gray or kreuzer

  • Bont, Parker, Neale, Sloane or Rocky in for wither?

  • Who to R2 out of Darcy or Simpson? Both on bench right now

  • Looking to upgrade jelwood anybody that is 562k or lower, ideas?

    • get beams if you don’t have him, otherwise id probably take a punt on rocky/sloane to save cash.

  • I still anyone who can’t get kruz in for Grundy thinking ryder may go big against the pies without Grundy or mabye Sinclair against dockers. I traded Selwood for Sloane already but need a new ruck. Have Gawn R1

  • 2 questions

    Who to get rid off out of- Dahl, yeo, Heeney, buddy
    And who to get in for that player- Kelly or Zorko
    Feedback appreciated

    • Buddy for Zorko

    • Buddy last fortnight has been awful
      Surely There is a big score around the corner for the big man
      But if you can get zorks or Kelly yeah it probably has to be buddy out

  • Kreuzer or Gawn

    Sloane or Neale




  • What does everyone see Sloane going in his last 3 games v Essendon, Sydney, West Coast? Probably only get a tag v West Coast (Hutchings)

  • Jelwood for Zorko or Fyfe?

  • 1) Witherden to Simpson..J Selwood to Sloane

    Or 2) Witherden to Ryan ..J Selwood to Neale

  • So Ryder or Gawn a better option to go from Grundy?

  • Hey guys, thoughts on my second trade?

    1.Grundy to Gawn (locked)
    2.Jelwood to either Beams, Zorko, Kelly or Ablett?

    If I go with Beamer I’ll have 200 k in the chest to bring in Sidebottom to my forwards next week.

  • Ok here’s my dilemma
    Do I go
    Grundy and Selwood to
    1). Kreuzer and Sicily
    2). Gawn and K Simpson
    Kreuzer has an easier run and Sicily is in great form but the second option feels safer although option 1 may get me more points in a do or die final

  • Ok do or die time!!!!
    Need help on last trade choice:
    Dusty, Kelly or Zorko???

  • Does anyone reckon Dusty gets a rest before finals given he’s basically assured the Brownlow and Richmond is assured a top 4 spot?

    • Yep between Round 23 & Finals Week 1

    • cant see it happening, they arent assured top 4 just yet and would wana finish off strongly. Dont they give everyone a week off before the finals like last year anyway?

    • Considering all the other teams are interstate I reckon Dusty will play as Tigers will be fighting for top 2

  • Ins:

    1) Kelly and Rockcliff
    2) Zorko and Rockcliff
    3) Neale and Ebert
    4) Kelly and Sloane
    5) Zorko and Sloane

    Cannot decide! Keep in mind two games left in our league so last round not a factor..

    Currently – With 5)