Cal’s Scale of Hardness – Rd 19

With round 18 dropping off…. here is the updated version of Cal’s Scale of Hardness with five rounds to go.

West Coast are set to have a nice two weeks here before having a horrible run home over rounds 21, 22 and 23. Although a few of those games are at home, you have any Eagles players, I’d enjoy the next few before you see their name on the top of the list below.

The Kangaroos, Richmond and Port look amazing for the next 5 weeks and should score more than normal. Targeting players here like Dusty Martin and even some of the Port boys who are on fire like Ebert (avg. 116 in his last 3) and even Ryder, Wines and Boak who are averaging 109 in their last three. Boak as a forward is a great option with the run they have. Port could win 4 of their last five here and really make a charge for a top 4 finish.

I also like Brisbane’s run, after this week when they play the Eagles with 3 of their last 4 games at home. Hutchings will tag someone this week (Beams) and then they’ll play two games at home against the Dogs and Suns (no taggers) in games that could produce huge Fantasy scores. Watch out for players like Beams and potentially Rocky to go off in the last 4 games here.

GWS are in a similar boat here with 2 home games in their next 4 (one not at SPO). They will destroy Freo this week after a shock loss on the weekend. Watch out for guys like Kelly who loves playing at home and even the likes of Heath Shaw to regain some much needed form.

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  • How is Hawthorn listed as Green? Could be in the top 4 of form sides in the comp

    • Why does that have to correlate with how many fantasy points they give up though?

    • This year, Hawthorn have easily given up the most Fantasy points. In the last 3 weeks they have given up the 7th most. Yes it’s dropped off but they bleed points more than anyone

  • GWS shock loss? Really? I think Richmond on the MCG would have been favourites.

  • Is Young or Glass a better option this week? If Glass plays out the year, then I reckon he’s worth it but it’s probably the last week to get Young…

    Also, if I bring in Young I will play him over JKH in the FWD but it leaves me with no Emergency in the MID, whereas going Mount > Glass does.

  • Beams or Gray a better long-term option? (Through finals)

  • Hi Cal

    Do you think that this time of year it really matters that much as players tire more now than say in Rnd10. My point is that everyone is playing on a fitness more than anything.

    • Might see more players rest etc… I also think teams like Port who are fighting for top 4, will not rest and try harder than others like Nth who are basically tanking.
      North will be easy beats from here on and th scale will be adjusted next week to suit this

  • Steele Sidebum vs Macrae?

  • Thanks for your replie Calvin, appreciate all your hard work.

  • Nick

    Calvin, thanks for hard work, you legend!

  • I do not understand this table. So each team is rated individually? How does this work?

    Makes absolutely no sense…

    • It basically ranks a side’s run home in terms of their upcoming opponents. Teams that give up less points are ranked as harder opponents in terms of getting high fantasy scores against (GWS, Adelaide, etc.) and teams that give up a lot of points to their opponents are ranked as easier to score well against (Hawthorn, Freo, etc.) the greener a team is the more you want players in your team playing against them

  • Thanks for all the effort you put in Calvin. With that info, I’ll change my trades from Selwood and Sidebottom to Martin and Gray. Cheers :-)