Roy’s Trade Talk – Rd 17

Cows on Ground: 

As we hustle to get all the rookies off our ground, a shift in that mindset might be best in a number of teams as there are some cows capable of holding the fort for a few weeks which gives you the chance to rid yourself of sliding mid pricers or “keepers” like Zak Jones, Dylan Roberton or JJ for example.

Alex Witherden (DEF/MID, $305,000) is more than capeable  of holding down D6 for now without costing you any sleep. He is scoring at the same rate as many defenders who are considered in the mix for a top six spot with an average of 85 as he continues to get amongst the high possession Lion back line. There is still plenty of cash to be made with a BE of two and barring injury he will not miss a game for the remainder of the season.

Luke Ryan (DEF, $272,000) is in the same boat after an impressive score of 88. Although he is slightly behind Withers, you could do worse than these two in D5 and 6 if it means completing the rest of your ground. He has a BE of 1.

Sean Darcy (RUC, $303,000) is rightfully in a discussion of dumping an under performing premium to make a quick hit 200K. Although I would usually be against this, I am also against having a ruck that shares duties. The big fella loves a tackle and is coming off a score of 82 heading into a nice match up the Eagles who Ryder annihilated last week. A 90 is surely on the cards.

Role Change:

Toby McLean (FWD, $459,000) has moved into the midfield (ruining Dahlhaus) and embraced the opportunity with his scores reflecting that. Since the move he has averaged 105 over three games and is coming off an impressive 127 in a tough matchup. He is unique, risky and cheap based on role and new found ceiling.

Kane Lambert (FWD, $538,000) continued his good form as a mid despite the Tigers copping a flogging. He has a massive five round average of 112 and is owned by less than 1% of coaches.

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Value Premium:


Luke Parker (MID, $565,000) is back to 2016 Parks, which means we can get a  110 guy for a heavily discounted price. He is ripe for the picking with a five round average of 111 coming off 117 and with a BE of just 72. On paper he has a tough match up against the Giants, but gun mids have been scoring fine on them in recent games.

Callan Ward (MID, $559,000) Is in career best form and has embrace the increase in responsibility in the under manned Giant midfield. He has a five round average of 111 and 126 in his last three after going 138 on the Hawks. Has a BE of 58 and faces the Swans who don’t mind giving up a few points to opposition mids.

Kade Simpson (DEF, $556,000) It’s easy to forget Kade with the dominance of his partner in crime Doc, but the old boy is getting it done. He has an average of 103 in his last five and with Doc moving into the mids last week, Simmo will maintain or improve on that as the primary sweeper across half back.

Value Premium:

Joel Selwood (MID, $482,000) is a bargain due to injury. It’s amazing to see a player this good, this cheap and he could be even cheaper next week. He has a BE of 131 leading up to his game against the Hawks who give up the most points to opposition mids. He scored 113 last week in his return from injury. This week or next is fine to bring him in.

Dayne Beames  (MID, $510,000) was having a massive patch before being derailed by injury. He came back last week with a sub par performance but will be better for the run against the Tigers who he has great recent history. He has a BE of 168, so will be even cheaper in the coming weeks.

As always, use the comment to discuss your trade ideas in the comments, I’m currently:

Tuohy to Beams

Jones  to Selwood



  • Would Dahlhaus to Mclean be a reasonable trade?

    • sounds risky AF :| but young bulldogs mids have done well in the back half of the season in recent years (wallis, clay smith, dunkley) so theres a chance he could be switched to mids permanently and push out a 100 avg

  • JOSH BEGLEY – He will come in for Bombers this week! Jeppa…. Handy bench option! 190K downgrade if you need quick cash. Tackles and kick goals. Good tank.

  • Rank: 7

    Def- doc, Adams, laird, Lloyd, newnes (Ryan, willis)
    Mid- titch, danger, Merrett, Treloar, gaff, JPK, Oliver, witherden (mountford, berry)
    Ruck- Kreuzer, Witts (darcy, Cameron)
    Fwd- Heeney, yeo, menegola, buddy, voldt, Dahlhaus (Lloyd, polson)
    40k in the bank

    Trades: Oliver>Zorko, Berry>Hibberd 33k in the bank

    Thoughts and suggestions appreciated

  • Zorko, Dusty, or Zerret? Zorkos uses up all my bank account…

    already have titch, danger, sidey, bont, murph, tay tay adams, m.crouch

  • Future trade thought: Witherden from Mid to replace either Roberton or Hibberd as Def, then use the cash to help bring in another Prem in Mid.??

  • ARGH, there’s just TOO many variants to consider this week…

    FWD – Trade out Sheed or Dahl?? Trade in Roo, Boak, Ryder, Hill or Stevens??
    MID – Trade out Roberton via Newnes DPP.. Trade in Selwood, Fyfe, Sloane or Shuey??

    I’m liking Selwoods value, and he loves playing the Hawks, and I like the idea of big Roo taking lots of marks, but the real Fyfe could’ve returned last week, and getting Ryder allows me to move him to R2 at some point and cash in on Darcy………..

    • Or is it better to do a rookie downgrade (Ryan, Mountford, Greenwood, Preuss & Loyd are on my bench) and upgrade Roberton to an uber premo?????

      Dropped from the top 1000 to 3000 in the last few weeks thanks to bringing in, and captaining Treloar, so need all the help I can get..

      • Dahl looks to have lost his midfield time, but Riewoldt is likely to be managed through to finals. My choice would be Ryder or Walters if you can afford him. In the mids, I agree that Selwood is too cheap to ignore, but Fyfe may be back to form, and if so, he is also too good to ignore at under $500k. I’m breaking the bank to get Docherty – sick of waiting for that bad week that will bring his price down!

    • Trade out Dahl IMO. He’s been off the boil for ages now – I think he’s getting less midfield time?
      Sheed’s form has been ok generally – don’t offload him just because of one shitty score!

  • Def- Doc, Adams, Laird, J.Lloyd, Newnes, Newman (Ryan, Hibberd)
    Mid- Titch, Danger, Merrett, Murphy, Gaff, JPK, Parker, Sloane (mountford, SPP)
    Ruck- Grundy, Witts (Filipovic, Darcy)
    Fwd- Macrae, Yeo, Greene, Boak, Greenwood, Cox (D.Lloyd, J.Thomas)
    103k in the bank

    Likely trades:

    Gaff -> Zorko
    SPP -> K.Jack

    Besides K. Jack, any suggestions for FWD 437k or under?

    Suggestions appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance

    • If you can’t get a forward you really want, grab a rookie and wait until you can afford the best. With two trades a week, we don’t have to compromise our teams and miss out long-term. You’ll be continually settling for “good enough” instead of who will really take your team places.

      • Ditto! The ‘get the best I can afford’ approach is no good imo – better to go after the players you want on your team, when they’re available at a good price and downgrade to cash cows when you can’t get the premos you want. Settling for what you can afford usually just means you end up with a mediocre team and no cash to improve it!

  • Nank to Buddy leaving me 100k to upgrade Greenwood to jelwood next week..

    Or Nank to Duncan/Any other Premo around 600k.

    • Depending on where your priorities lie. Nank to Parker? Parker probably scores more than Duncan. Duncan seems tp have dropped off a touch in the last few rounds

    • I like the sound of Duncan, unique, consistent

  • I’m not sure what to do with my team
    DEF ZJones Shaw Witherden Adams Newnes JLloyd (Ryan Scharenberg)
    MID Ebert Stevens Gaff Zorko Murphy Merret Danger Hanners (Cousins Douglas)
    RUCK Darcy Kruzer (Preuss Soldo)
    FWD Heeney Burton Ryder Yeo Greenwood Walters (Hannan Jones)
    $440k in bank

    was thinking about bringing in either Ward Menangola Simpson Macrae and getting rid of either Hanners Douglas ZJones Burton Greenwood Cousins

    Any thoughts on who to trade would be appreciated

    • Zones/Hanners > Simpson/Titch
      Need to spend that bank, not getting you any points.

    • Maybe time to think about getting some emergency cover, especially in the mids (where the big scores tend to be)? Especially this late in the season, with the general visiting without notice and lots of ‘resting’ etc going on.
      With such a healthy kitty maybe do a classic one up/one down (or sideways) each round – get rid of all the dead wood on your bench and field and replace it with playing rookies who’ll provide emergency cover while making cash.

  • DEF: Doch, Adams, Simpson, Laird, Newman, Hibberd(Melb) [Scharenberg, Ryan]
    MID: Titch, Danger, Zerrett, Zorko, Rocky, Kennedy, Lloyd, Witherden [Mountford, Cunico]
    RUC: Kreuzer, Martin [Darcy, Cameron]
    FWD: Macrae, Heeney, Franklin, Sheed, Dahlhaus, WHE [Greenwood, Beech]
    Bank: $73k

    Wanting to move on Hibberd/Sheed/Martin maybe.
    Looking at getting in Duncan/Gibbs if i can


    • You could almost reach Duncan/Gibbs or if not a high 600k mid by downgrading greenwood and upgrading WHE. You may want to keep him as has gone two 90s but I would rather trade out WHE rather than the others you mentioned purely because he is still classed as a cash cow/rookie. Personal opinion but if that works through DPP I’d do that. Hope it helps

      • I’ve considered it, held WHE for the last few based on Collingwoods matchups.
        He is near peak price.

        Hibberd has been very frustrating for the time I have owned him, would like to move Lloyd back to DEF and pull in Duncan. Cash grab from Shaz/Beech

        Love the way Greenwood plays, thinking there could be more to see from him.

        • Yeh that does sound good actually like that definitely. Means your backline is basically finished with Newman hardly having to be traded (or can be last trade done). Hopefully greenwood has just been rested like they said and will come straight back in, should do based on how he has been playing right in the guts for them, should be able to hit 400k hopefully in price.

  • Wondering if Fyfe’s score had anything to do with Mundy’s absence?

  • Who do you think will average more for the rest of the season J. Selwood or Parker?

    Trades at the moment:

    Greenwood > Zorko
    Scooter > Jelwood or Parker ?!

    Is it worth downgrading Scooter to his brother Joel ??

    • I like the form of Parker. Bringing in Parker and Zorko would feel like two pretty damn good trades if I was doing them!

    • Jelwood is a late season gun! When his team is fighting for finals placing he seems to take his captain’s duties really seriously … and he goes like the clappers. He’s not likely to be rested either. Great price atm and may go even lower next week, but i wouldn’t bank on it – he’s just as likely to go huge this week!
      Dunno about Parker – just can’t bring myself to do it. Not convinced about him or Swans mids in general this season.

  • In your opinion who is the better combo..

    Zorko and Nankervis.


    Treloar and Buddy.

    Good Luck

    • Treloar and Buddy just because they’re both more likely to hit tonnes (even though Zorko is much better than Treloar atm), as Nank is more likely to produce a 70-80. Could seriously go either way though with Zorko’s form

    • Zorko and Nank.
      Zorko is an absolute fun with a huge ceiling and incredible consistency (apart from his brain-fade a couple of weeks ago).
      Nank has enormous value imo because of his dpp status – being able to move him into the rucks if one of the others is out for a brief stint and I don’t want to offload him.
      Buddy, like all key forwards, can go big but won’t produce consistently high scores (any more than Nank will).

  • Hi guys, my team atm is:

    Def: Adams, Lloyd, Laird, Newnes, Newman, Ryan (Hibberd, O’Connor)
    Mid: Titch, Danger, Zerrett, Zorko, Shuey, Murphy, Dahlhaus, Witherden (brown, cousins)
    Ruck: Grundy, Stef (Darcy, Pierce)
    Fwd: Yeo, Heeney, Stevens, Macrae, Steele, Greenwood (Buzza, Pokemon)

    For trades I’m thinking either:

    Stef Martin > Beams (Darcy at R2)
    Greenwood > Selwood (Dahlhaus DPP)


    Cousins > 150ker
    Greenwood > Selwood, and keep darcy on bench (Dahlhaus DPP)

    Any thoughts would be awesome on those or any other scenario!! Cheers

    • My thoughts are I am still yet to work out how you can trade Stefan Martin out and get Beams in with one trade.

      • Stef out, then darcy to R2, Buzza from fwd line into ruck, then move brown from mid bench onto forward bench and then beams trade in

        • can you definitely do 2 substitutions within 1 trade?

          I understand the theory but don’t think you can do it.

          • I just tried it myself and it seems to work.

            You learn something new every day!

            Nothing specific about it in the rules on the site, but that’s no surprise

          • Ahaha yeh luckily it does work! Some nice added flexibility. Hopefully Archie Smith gets dropped so I don’t even need to use it…

    • I would suggest moving Dahlhaus out of your MID playing field asap.

      As much as i love Stef, Archie is killing his scoring potential.
      Greenwood has more cash to make and Cousins looks set for another game in a week or two with his current form

  • Def – Docherty, Adams, Lloyd, Newman, Tuohy, Michael Hibberd (Ryan, Joel smith)

    Mid – Mitchell, Dangerfield, Zorko, Merrett, Murphy, Gaff, Rockliff, Mountford (Mitch Hibberd, Willis)

    Ruc – Martin, Darcy (Buzza, Cameron)

    Fwd – Macrae, Heeney, Yeo, Sheed, Dahlhaus, Ryder (Greenwood, Eddy)

    101k left. Thoughts on trades? Cheers

    • Could make 200k out of downgrading greenwood and then go mountford up to a cheap premo like Parker/Joel Selwood

    • I’m trading Tuohy out this week.

      You could trade him out for Witherden and use that money elsewhere.

  • Sheed -> Murphy (or anyone around $600k, already got in Zorko this week) with 10k left over


    Sheed -> J.Selwood with $130k left over?

    • Could go Parker at 560odd, looks to be back to his best and still get Selwood in next week if you’ve got space as won’t go up in price with a BE of 130 odd

      • Very true, it’s just the Sydney mids make me nervous – Hannebery turned into a disaster and I’m having to ‘upgrade’ him to Zorko this week as I’ve had enough! JPK, Parker, Jack have been so up and down throughout the season.

        • Yeh right that’s also very true and fair enough! Murphy would be also very good then. I’ve had him since round 3 and have been happy with him, slowed down a bit mid season but two 130s in a row so should be good for the rest of the season hopefully!

        • Harsh on JPK. 7 tons in a row before last week’s late withdrawal.
          Also a proven back half of the season star !

    • I have been researching a few players around $600k this week.

      My pecking order is Murphy, Ross/Duncan, Ebert based on this seasons scores.

      I am moving 2 mid/def DPP to the backline and bringing in 2 mids.

      Trading Tuohy and Roberton.

    • I should add I have a feeling the Jelwood will be tagged by Howe this week.

      • dunno bout that, he will get a tag by greenwood against the pies in round 22

      • What do you think would affect Jelwood’s scores more? A tag by Howe or a knee to the head by Otten?

        Jelwood’s a proven 100+ averager and for the price he’s a bargain. No need to worry about tags. He’s not Rory Sloane or Jack Steven

    • I’d get Jelwood, the cash left will be very handy and he should average 100 from here at least.
      3 of 4 finals games at Simonds I think too.

  • zjones and watson to parker and jselwood with 167k left


    zjones and watson to zorko and jselwood with 65k left

    1 or 2 guys

    • 1 if you’ve still got major rookies still needing to be upgraded that aren’t around the 400k price. 2 if you’re mainly happy and can wait a week to cash grab to upgrade those rookies if needed.

      • only rookie i have on ground is darcy now. thinking of the extra 100k to go shaw to doc next week

        • Yep do that then. I also don’t have doch and it hurts badly. Not looking like he is going to go down in price at all so we’re just going to have to go up to him I think!

  • DEF: Adams, Doch, Roberton, Laird, Lloyd, Newman (Ryan, Mcinnes)
    MID: TItch, Danger, JPK, Rockliff, Fyfe, Merrett, Scooter, Greenwood (Witherden, Mountford, Cousins)
    RCK: Grundy, Martin (Darcy)
    FWD: Yeo, Macrae, Dahl, Heeney, Greene, Steele (Buzza, Brown)

    Cash: $392,000
    Trades this week:

    Greenwood > Zorko
    Scooter > J. Selwood or Parker

    If I go J.Selwood I will have another 100k in the bank with probably a complete team. 7 trades to go.
    Could then go Roberton to Simpson if so, or just get Parker ????

    • uve answered ur own question, get on selwood and can always move him on later on or not, parker had 5 100+ games selwood 8 100+ and a 99

  • I’ve gone JJ to R Nyhuis and play L ryan in JJ’s spot, Ryan is better. Also then trade Karpeny to T Green.

    My 2 rookies playing still on the ground are Witherden and Ryan.

  • So that’s whats happened to Dahlhaus… Stuff you McLean

  • Blakely and Crisp possible DPP backs after playing last few games at half back??

  • scharenberg and Grundy to gawm and selwood? leaves me with only 1 playing rook in Darcy. thoughts?
    can’t think of any other good trades

    • Why are you wanting to trade Grundy? And why to Gawn?

      • +1 grundy will have his bad games, did u see how bad the rest of the collingwood team went on the weekend, he will bounce back

      • high breakeven, scoring poorly with cox in the team, and allows me to get selwood. i fully expect gawn to average more than grundy for the rest of the season as well.
        either way, what else am i going to do with my trades? no rookies to fix either. trying to be creative

  • Newman to simpson or sheed to duncan?

    • sheed to duncan by mile id be happy to hold newman he is going as good as most down back sheed had a be of 122 so not alot of money to be made outa him anymore

  • Do I trade Dahl or Nank this week?

  • Def- Doc, Salem, laird, Lloyd, newnes, Witherden (Ryan, J.Smith)
    Mid- Titch, Danger, Merrett, Shuey, Zorko, JPK, Murphy, S Selwood (Miles, Cousins)
    Ruck- Kreuzer, Darcy (Pierce, Simpson)
    Fwd- Heeney, Billings Macrae, Higgins, Greenwood, Beech (Jkh, B.Cox)
    392k in bank

    Need help on who to upgrade as this is a must win round as there will be a bet riding on the win vsing a mate.

    Im thinking upgrading Salem to Adams or Simpson and Beech to P.Ryder
    Assuming JPK is back in and Scott Selwood so wont have to touch mids.

    Open to any ideas cheers

  • trade out roughead or nank first

    • I’d trade Roughy first but upgrading Nank should be a priority in the next few weeks after that.

  • Early days but pending injuries which option

    T Stewart and z jones to rook and Simpson

    Rocky and z jones to ward and Lloyd

  • Really torn between these trades:

    1. SPP to Jelwood
    C Brown to Mitch Hibberd

    2. Rocky to Zorko
    Dahlhaus to McLean

    Option 2 is very sideways but sick of Rocky and Dahlhaus underperforming, and can still go SPP to Jelwood next week maybe for a similar cost.

    Any thoughts appreciated.

    At least I might help out some others by getting Rocky and Dahl back in form if I trade them :-)

  • In a dilemma this week, am finally upgrading to get one of either Titch or Doch.
    Question is who to grab this week if I can only grab one of them??

  • Solid call this week with Cal’s captains

    Danger averages 85.6 at the MCG this year.

    Doc averages 119.6 at the MCG this year.

    Makes Danger #1 no wonder there is no Trader inside the top 1000!

    Good Luck

  • Who to trade out to get Doch:

    Adams, Laird, Montagna, Newnes, Lloyd or Newman?

    Thanks fellas.

  • 1. Stef Martin > Koby Stevens via dpp Buzza and field Darcy

    2. Hannebery > Dusty/Sidebottom or Parker


  • Bring in Sicily or greenwood to carry me through next 3 rounds? I’m treating every trade as the last one coming in to league finals, looking for value but someone I can also be happy with if I don’t get around to an upgrade. Sicily seems to fit the bill, any thoughts?

  • What’s the chances of Ablett and JPK playing this week??

  • Which two to have..

    Newman and Zorko
    Simmo and Rocky