Roy’s Trade Talk – Rd. 12

One week down and what that means is we have a whole new group of premiums that are fresh off their bye and ripe for the picking. Remember to try and avoid straight swapping premiums around for a one week hit and upgrade your rookies and stepping stones.

Trade out?

Andy Otten – Should bounce back this week but with the bye approaching, he is ripe for the selling.
Jarryd Roughead – Great score last week and should be solid again but if he is part of a significant long term upgrade, go for it.
Dan Butler – Up to 290K, was solid last week but with the bye this week, it’s ok to sell.
Will Hoskin Elliot – Another bloke who had a good game last week but once again, if he is part of a premium upgrade, go for it.
Stefan Martin – Surely Archie Smith won’t get named and we don’t have to consider the unthinkable.

Bargain Cows:

Dallas Willsmore (MID, $175,000) BE: 4
Callum Brown (FWD, $182,000) BE: 35
Hugh Greenwood (FWD/MID, $259,000) BE: -12


Pearce Hanley, DEF/MID, $444,000) Has had a horrible start to his career at the Suns, but he put his best foot forward last week with an impressive 120 running out of the back line. He has a BE of 90 and a nice matchup against the Hawks of the back of being newly crowned a defender as part of his DPP status.

Michael Hibberd (DEF, $492,000) Is in fine form for the Dees mopping up nicely across half back while lapping up uncontested +6’s. He has a three round average of 104 and is a great option with his bye out of the way.

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Big Dawg:

Tom Rockliff (MID, $723,000) is going to come back and dominate so is worth every cent… if you have it. He has a BE of 131 which shouldn’t be an issue given the fact he averages 132, he is back home, he traditionally returns well from injury, Pies had huge score vs Freo and above all he is king Pig and you know how he rolls.

Value Premium:

Josh Kennedy (MID, $540,000) is down 120K on his original price after a slow start to the season and is now bargain basement. Renown for his massive finishes to the season, he looks to have kicked it off with a three round average of 113, well above his season average of 97. He has a good game this week against the Dogs at the SCG and has the bonus of loophole captaincy.

Best New DPP:

Jack Newnes (DEF/MID, $504,000) My pick of the new DPP’s has me genuinely excited. Newnes is in sensational form averaging 111 over his last six games if you discard the 10 point game where he was knocked out… Which also happens to be the only reason he is so cheap. Tough game against the Crows on debut if you bring him in the week before he heads back to ES for a couple of big ones.

As always, use the comment to discuss your trade ideas in the comments, I’m currently:

Rough, WHE, Otten to
Newnes, JPK, Willsmore



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  • Need help with trades this week. Have 438k in the bank!

    Thinking of going Fyfe- Rocky and Otten- JPK via Barrett. What do yous guys think?

    Doch, Laird, Shaw, Adams, Newman Scharenberg,( EVW, Ryan)

    Danger,Merrett,Fyfe,Tmich,Sloane,Hanners,Scooter, Myers(Lloyd,Barrett)

    Martin, Jacobs( King, Cameron)

    Macrae, Buddy, Steele, Nank, Otten, Greenwood(Polson, Cunico)

  • Some assistance with trades this week would be much appreciated .
    Bank: 16k
    DEF: Adams, laird, Lloyd, harbrow, pittard, Newman (otten, hibberd)
    MID: Mitchell, Merrett, Zorko, Kelly, gaff, Selwood, SPP, Myers (cousins, bowes)
    RUCK: grundy, nank (soldo, king)
    FWD: yeo, macrae, Riewoldt , Heeney, Barrett, greenwood, (Cunico, Poulson)

    Im considering keeping otten one more week due to harbrow being out.
    Any trade suggestions? Just the general downgrade/upgrade? Or?

    • I’d trade Bowes to Willsmore/C.Brown
      and Harbrow to Newnes.
      You need a fwd bench player playing for cash generation

  • I’ll be downgrading Martin to Buzz (Cats) then upgrading to Rocky and Newnes from WHE and Ottens then my side for this week will look.
    T Adams, R Laird, J Lloyd
    J Newnes, C Bank, N Newman

    T Rocky, T Mitch, A Hall, M Murphy,
    J Macrae, N Fyfe, D Lloyd, J Coasins

    M Kruz, P Ryder

    M Barlow, L D’hause, M Walters
    T Toranto, C Brown(Coll), BYE

    EVW, T Stewart, P Danger, A Gaff, Buzz, D Cameron, J Parsons, C Polson

    Just hope C Brown gets a game for the Pies.

    Then next week try and fix Frwds

  • how do double trades work? Is there a way to downgrade Jarrod Pickett
    $195,00 (FWD,MID) to Wylie Buzza $150,000 (RCK,FWD) and trade Braydon Preuss
    $316,000 (RUCK) to Darcy Cameron (RUCK,FWD) $156,000 to gain a top 6 FWD? basically want to downgrade pickett and pruess and bring in k.stevens or barlow :s

    • Advanced Trades is your friend.

      Where is Pickett currently?

      If in the MID then you need to go:
      Advanced Trades
      Trade out Pickett
      Hit the S on someone in your forward line who is mid/fwd DPP which will put them into the mid spot.
      Trade out Preuss
      Bring in Buzza and Cameron (one will go into vacant ruck spot, one into forward spot – it doesn’t really matter).

      Who are you taking out for K.Stevens or Barlow?

      • If Pickett if FWD then all you need to do is
        Trade out Pickett
        Trade out Preuss
        And put the new players in.

        • Cool I’ll try this thank you! It’s hard to find an explanation on trading for newbes

      • Pickett and balic for Barlow and Stevens :o

  • I’m missing the weekly Jeppa fix. Getting all fidgety and irritable.

    Hopefully he has found another gem for us. Will Puke Ryan will repay Jeppa’s faith in him this week?

  • Hola,

    Need some help on the trades this week. Deciding on whether to trade out Otten, WHE and Either Fyfe or Taranto to Rocky and either Newnes or K.Stevens. Two questions. Who is better out of Newnes or Stevens? Second. If I trade out fyfe I can get a half decent DEF option in D.Mackenzie who seems to be going alright. If I trade out Taranto I have to go to a DEF option under 250k (and there aint much in that pool).

    Cheers for the suggestions!

  • Jones to Dusty or Kelly?

  • Best option out of Ablett, Zorko, JPK or Dusty? (I know he has the bye)
    Looking for a keeper to complete my midfield

  • Mcgrath + jobe + tom williamson > lloyd + dusty + bench upgrade
    Mcgrath + jobe + jake Barrett > newnes + rocky + Callum brown
    Which one?

    • Option 2 for sure. Wait a week or two to bring in Lloyd. He’ll drop another 50k ish.

  • Ok, so I’m bringing in JPK and young Brown but not sure who to trade out..

    Not so much looking to bank money, but need to find who will score the least this round to chop out (the other 2 will be gone next week anyway).

    1. Who will score LEAST from WHE & Walters
    2. Who will score LEAST from Lloyd & Myers

    • Or I COULD dump WHE & Walters and get in Rocky, but I can’t see Rocky going UP much more in price but I think JPK is at his basement price and can average 110+ for the rest of the year..

    • I’d say Walters & Lloyd likely to score less.

  • With Rocky now out who would be the most relevant midfielder to go with the options I’m looking at are,
    Gaz, Kelly Martin (has bye I know), Sloane, trelour or Murphy

  • Hampton, Sandilands & Elliott
    To Newnes, Grundie and Willsmore. Leaves me with about 130k.

    Next week will look to trade Otten, Fyfe/Heppell and Hill.

    • Very good trades for this week, though you might want to revisit Willsmore as it looks like he may be out this week (Cousins holding his place, if you don’t already have him, or you could go Brown who has been confirmed to play by Buckley).

  • Need Help:
    Adams, Docherty, Laird, Lloyd, Newman, Ryan (Hibberd, Smith)
    Titch, Merrett, Danger, Hall, Bont, WHE, Greenwood, SPP (Cousins, Myers)
    Stef, Grundy (Pruess, Cameron)
    Yeo, Macrae, Dalhaus, Heeney, Nank, Otten (Eddy, Polson)
    25k itb, badly need to ditch r13 players.

  • Who’s the better option to bring in Callum Brown or Dallas Willsmore.

  • brown or beech?

  • brown or beech??

  • Need help with trades this week. Have 438k in the bank!

    Thinking of going Fyfe- Rocky and Otten- JPK via Barrett. What do yous guys think?

    Doch, Laird, Shaw, Adams, Newman Scharenberg,( EVW, Ryan)

    Danger,Merrett,Fyfe,Tmich,Sloane,Hanners,Scooter, Myers(Lloyd,Barrett)

    Martin, Jacobs( King, Cameron)

    Macrae, Buddy, Steele, Nank, Otten, Greenwood(Polson, Cunico).