Roy’s Trade Talk – Rd 9

Panic stations! The Pig might be down, I repeat, the Pig ‘might’ be down! If so, what coaches choose to do with Tom Rockliff will be season defining and while nothing positive can possibly come out of trading the great one, crisis creates opportunity, so that opportunity is to use his massive price tag to assist you balancing out your byes as many teams are loaded in round 11.

Keep in mind though, he is tough as nails and will play though the pain if he is cleared of structural damage.

Round 12 Bye?

It would be nice to have a few guys in this bye to ease the burden in rounds 11 and 13 as we will have a team easily in round 12. Some guys to consider.

Luke Shuey (MID, $639,000)- His form alone is enough reason to consider him, let alone the bye convenience. Shuey is having some sort of a season, averaging 115, while only dropping under 100 on one occasion. He is owned by just three percent of the competition and certainly beats chasing a ‘random’ unique for the sake of it.

Dustin Martin (MID, $602,000) – Not in season best form over the last three weeks, averaging  99 in that time (BE: 129), Dusty is still an option long term, especially with his bye factored in. He is averaging 108 for the season and has an outstanding ceiling with three scores over 125 for the season.

Joel Selwood (MID, $606,000)– What the hell are you doing talking about a guy who is averaging 74 in the last three round Roy? Well, hear me out. I was only thinking about the Cats run of home games this morning, three straight leading up to the bye and 5 out of 6 games and how much Selwood dominates there. Then Freako tweeted out that he has averaged 126, 125 and 124 there over the last three years. On the back of a pathetic team performance last week, who do you think will lead from the front as they try to get back on track… Plus 7 Eagles reached triple figures vs the Dogs last week.

Other Names to consider: Gaff, Dangerfield, Yeo


Daniel Lloyd (MID, $165,000) played well on debut for the Giants and seemingly fit in well. The mature ager had 17 touches and kicked a goal on his way to 61. His job security looks to have been enhanced, despite the return of Greene due to the 8-10 week injury to Coniglio and his BE of 6 and bye in round 13 make him relevant.

Mid-priced cow:

Michael Walters (FWD, $382,000) jumped into relevancy two weeks ago when he moved into the midfield after half time and scored over 60 in that time. That earned him a game as a genuine mid of the weekend where he played 85% of the game there and had 38 touches and 137 as a result. When many cows have fattened at around the same price and are starting to leak cash, Walter BE is just 24 and his price is on the rise. He has a handy bye in round 13, so if this experiment is a flop, it would be easy to say goodbye in that round. There is obvious risk associated here, he is inconsistent (usually based on role) and he has a coach named Ross Lyon who hates Fantasy coaches and much as John Longmire.

Worth considering:

If the round 11 bye is not a concern for you, there is a flock (is that what it’s called?) of Swans that tick a heap of boxes. I can not believe the price of the big three mids!

Josh Kennedy (MID, $528,000) Down $125K and coming off a season high 122 points where it looked like he and the Swans turned the corner. Games against the Saints and the Hawks over the next two weeks should see plenty of points and price increases.

Daniel Hannebery (MID, $554,000) Down $101K but now has a BE of just 85 after averaging 112 in his last three games including scores of 115 and 117. He appears to be back to his best after a slow start and the good draw continues after the bye with games against the Dogs and Tigers.

Luke Parker (MID, $583,000) Down $125,000 and finally pumped out his first 100 of the year (121) after back to back 90s. Although he has been disappointing, he has a low score of 84 which isn’t the worst… unless you paid top dollar.

Isaac Heeney (FWD, $492,000) Is still the best buy in the competition despite going up another 29K this week. He has three hundreds in a row and now averages 113 in that time. A must have at this price.

I have no idea of trades yet as there has been no official announcement on the Pig.



  • Myers (+150k) or Walters? Cheers

  • No mention of Duncan with that round 12 bye????? Am I missing something? Surely a good option!

    • Well put him in a category with Selwood and Dangerfield, and he wouldn’t be the most selected of the 3, I can tell you that.

  • Which one to trade out of Taranto or Barrett and why? Byes aren’t an issue

    • Barrett likely to get more opportunities now with Rockliff out.

      • Thanks for the reply Nat, Barrett’s BE is 30 and Taranto’s is 38. Do you think Barrett will outscore Taranto? Taranto might get increased mid time with Coniglio now out for 10 weeks?

    • I probably wouldn’t trade either to be honest.

  • Hanners v Heeney and 50k? Can only get one in

  • Better trades out of
    Rocky OUT – heeney IN
    Fyfe OUT – Zerrett IN 79K in bank?

    Rocky OUT – heeney IN
    Hampton OUT – Josh Kelly IN 14K in bank?

    Rocky OUT – Josh kelly IN
    Hampton OUT – D.lloyd IN 256K in BANK?

    • Definitely option 1. Heeney and Zerrett are must have players right now.

    • Number 2, Fyfe will come good. He didnt win a brownlow for nothing.

      • so prioritize getting in josh kelly over merrett? sounds tupid but means i can hold fyfe, and keep my structure? also jumping on kelly is a must do? cheers fyfey

        • Merrett wont change much in price, and with the way Kelly is going you are saving 100k plus only losing 10 points max.

          • But Fyfe will score 20-50 more points in average then a Hampton.

          • Cheers mate, one more choice, trade out hampton or otten for heeney?

          • If lever named trade out Hampton as otten should move forward – also watch if Thompson gets named Hampton position may change or even be dropped imo

    • I’d go number 2.

      Rocky is cooked whilst Heeney is a gun and a great stepping stone (assuming he doesn’t finish a top FWD), Kelly has been doing God’s work as of late however Hampton may go big as he’s playing Brisbane but going off the last few weeks he’s been trash.

  • Trade fyfe or rocky this week seeing as fyfe will probably lose 30k

  • Thoughts on de goey? Drop in a draft league?

  • Neale v Gaff v Kelly v Selwood?

    Pick 2

  • hanners, jpk or josh kelly for rocky ??

  • Worth trading Sloane to Zach Merrett?

  • So this article gets published claiming not to know Rocky is out, yet 30 minutes before it the AFL publish an article confirming he’s out this week and unlikely to be back until after his bye….

  • Titch and Kelly/Cripps/bont
    Zerret and hanners/hill/jpk

  • Who should I turn into dusty? Clayton Oliver (102 BE) or Murph (120 BE) ??

    I picked both with the intention to luxury trade at some point and leading up to the byes seems like a good time to flog one of them since they are both in that heavy round 11 bye

  • josh kelly a must get or wait a week??

  • Suicide if you decide to hold Rockliff? I just cant see myself trying to get him back in. (Cash generation, Cheap rookies)
    Sure it’s hard to carry over the byes, but worth it in the long run?

    • Sure it would be nice to have him in your team when he returns but there’s no recovering from the points lost by having 700k on the pine for a month. There just isn’t enough of a score differential between him and guys like titch or zerrett to justify it. It’s a must trade IMO

    • In fantasy I will trade but in RDT I am going to hold.

  • Rocky out… I am tearing up…

    Now wondering if I sideways for Merrett and take Lloyd or try a Parker/JPK and Walters

    Overall not a huge concern even though sitting around 590 odd… though winning my league is!

    Still thinking I need to keep generating money and not sure I trust Walters to do so.. He is putrid most the time when forward… Ross… Are you out there? Heads up please mate?

  • Yeo or Kelly?

  • Thoughts on durdin as a FWD downgrade?

  • Suprised nobody has taken note of Hurley…

  • Fyfe to Gaff or JPK?

  • Need help with trades this week. Have 5k the bank! Suggestions welcome

    Not really looking for overall rank and my league is playing the byes so should I hold rocky or still trade him??

    Doch, laird, shaw, marchbank, Newman,Otten( EVW, Williamson)

    Danger, rocky, Fyfe,tmitch,Sloane,Adams, hanners,myers(balic, miles)

    Martin, Jacobs( king, Cameron)

    Macrae, buddy, Steele, nank black, McCarthy, (Barrett , polson)

  • Some advice please!

    1) OUT- Rocky/Hampton, IN – Adams/Burton (3k left)
    2) OUT – Rocky/Hampton, IN – Kelly/Burton (62k left)

    Can’t consider anyone in Rd11 as I’m already heavy in that round

    Current Team:

    D: Laird, Lloyd, Hampton, Newman, Otten, Marchbank (EVW, Stewart)
    M: Zerret, Danger, Cripps, Rocky, Neale, Hanners, JPK, Lloyd (Balic, Bowes)
    R: Goldy, Jacobs (Preuss, Cameron)
    F: Macrae, Dahl, Steele, WHE, Black, Barrett (Houston, Butler)

  • Getting in 2 premo’s this week. Can’t decide out of gaff, shuey, danger, selwood and dusty. (don’t have any geelong or west coast players yet). Pick the best 2 out of the 5

  • Rockliff to JPK and Butler to Heeney or Rockliff to Merrett and Butler to Myers +100k?

  • Im thinking a bit outside the box compared to a lot of people.

    Last week I traded in Scully because I heard on the radio he is playing a lot more time on the field than a lot of others. I think he will only get better.

    This week I am thinking of bring in GWS Lloyd for Rocky + bringing in Walters for Polson and that leaves me 368k in the bank so next week I can bring in a decent GCS or Power player.

    Walters will make cash over the bye Rounds, then after Rnd 12 I am hopefully bringing a decent player in my team with the $ I make.

    Then hopefully my ranking improves. Because these Byes are like having another hole in you backside. A PAIN IN THE PROVERBIAL.

    My Ranking is ok but not the best at the moment.
    Overall Ranking 4579

  • Def: T. Adams, S. Docherty, R. Laird, C. Merchbank, N. Newman, C.Hampton, A.Otten, and M. Hibberd
    Mid: P. Dangerfield, T. Mitchell, N. Fyfe, T. Rockliff, D. Heppell, M. Murphy, B. Crouch, D. Lloyd, T. Miles and K. Mutimer
    Ruck: T. Goldstein, T. Nankervis, M. King and D. Cameron
    Fwd: J. Macrae, L. Dahlhaus, J. Steele, J. Barrett, T. Boyd, I. Heeney, A. Black and H.Balic


    What should I do? JPK is under-priced so I don’t want to miss him but I’m thinking that Perryman is a good downgrade option and I need to get rid of Otten or Hampton. Banking the cash in the second option for an Ablett upgrade next week is a better move.

    Option 1

    T. Rockliff -> Z. Merrett
    B. Crouch -> JPK

    Option 2

    T.Rockliff -> Z.Merrett
    A.Otten -> Perryman (confirmed that he will be named)

    Bank: 232k (trade B.Crouch next week to G. Ablett)

    Option 3

    T.Rockliff -> Z.Merrett
    B.Crouch -> L.Shuey \

    Option 4

    T. Rockliff -> Z. Merrett
    B.Crouch -> D. Hannebery

  • Is this worth considering???

    Grundy > Heeny
    Via swinging Nank into ruck from forwardline…?

  • Down Rocky Balic & SPP from the mids. Sweating on Hampton Otten and Milera. Down Touk in fwd. With Black and Parsons no certainty I think tonight might not be pretty for me.

  • Duncan or laird?