Roy’s Trade Talk – Rd. 6

On field scores are big and benches are thin as the list of unreliable rookies continues to grow. But, in good news, there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel on that front.

Trade out?

Lachie Neale- Although I was wary his good score last week took four goals, I thought he might be back… But after not hitting the scoreboard this week, he fell well short of expectation again this week.

Will Hoskin -Elliot– It was his first off week, but remember he is just a glorified cash cow, so upgra
ding to an uber premium is not out of the question.

Marc Murphy– Hopefully he knee is ok this week, but it’s still a worry regardless. Obvious trade if he misses.

Heath Shaw – I’ve said yes the last couple of weeks, but he has nearly dropped so much it’s worth riding out. Just try to forget he is there and trade through the byes.

Bargain Cows:

Aaron Black (FWD, $178,000) BE: -23
Jay Kennedy-Harris  (FWD, $150,000) BE: -3
David Myers (MID, $197,000) BE: 34

Mid-priced cow:

Alex Neal Bullen (FWD/MID, $460,000) Same guy as last week because he remains the standout in the sub-premium price category. He is averaging 99 on the back of his 91 point performance and still has a low BE of just 40.

Which DPP?

Michael Barlow (FWD/MID, $527,000) Although the early bye is a turn off for some, if you have a decent bench it would be nice having a player of Barlow’s calibre available through the dreaded three week patch. Ideally we would just get him straight off the bye, but there is still three weeks where we can play him up forward where he is averaging 90 after 127 on the weekend.

Robbie Gray (FWD/MID, $530,000) In the same boat as Barlow with the Bye following the game in China, but there is a greater argument to bring Gray in early given his low BE of just 67 following 125 against the Blues. If you want him at his cheapest, it’s probably now.

Unique Premo:

Joel Selwood (MID, $671,000) is owned by just 3% despite his thumping average of 127 this year. Traditionally Selwood goes through a rough patch during the season and we get him in for a big finish, but these are trend breaking number on the back of 175 last week. He has a BE of 65 and is playing like the big boys in the $700K bracket.

Dayne Zorko (MID, $682,000) Also owned by just 3% of coaches, Zork has gone to the next level under a new coach and he doesn’t look like slowing down. He is averaging 127 on the season after pumping out 157 this week and has a BE of 76. A lowest score of 108 on the season shows how he is rolling and he should be good again this week at the GABBA.

As always, use the comment to discuss your trade ideas in the comments, I’m currently patching up my shit bench:

Eddy to Kennedy-Harris
Miles to Myers

@RoyDT  (#41 for the week)

Kade SimpsonCARLDEFMID$552000102893.6
Michael BarlowGCSMIDFWD$5270001.59790.4
Robbie GrayPAMIDFWD$5300002.18389.6
Mitch RobinsonBLMIDFWD$5040000.319788.8
Shaun HigginsNMFWDMID$499000214888.5
Will Hoskin-ElliottCOLLFWDMID$41800041.421287.4
Darcy ParishESSMIDFWD$4680002.424484.4
Zak JonesSYDDEFMID$40900012.917780.4
Dan HoustonPAFWDDEF$34300024.6N/A78
Jason CastagnaRICHDEFFWD$3760008.2N/A76.5
Reece ConcaRICHMIDDEF$3990006.5N/A76.5
Curtly HamptonADEDEFMID$3430004620976.4
Lachie WellerFREFWDDEF$3990000.6N/A73.8
George HewettSYDFWDMID$3950000.7N/A73.4
Jake BarrettBLMIDFWD$24100035.3N/A70.7
Andy OttenADEDEFFWD$30200040.8N/A69.2
Jake MelkshamMELMIDDEF$3730001.431669
Anthony McDonald-TipungwutiESSDEFFWD$3870006.725468.6
Brandon EllisRICHMIDDEF$4340004.212967.8
Shaun AtleyNMDEFMID$3620000.7N/A65.6
Kieren JackSYDMIDFWD$4250000.814362.4
Cameron GuthrieGEEMIDDEF$4220000.622360.7
Harry TaylorGEEDEFFWD$3210001.431852.8
Jacob WeiteringCARLDEFFWD$3150008.528851


  • Do you think grundy will do better than preuss ??

  • Bring in Zerrett or Rocky? Already own Trelor, Danger and Titchell

    • Can’t lose with either. Decision could be as simple as the number of Bris & Ess players you have currently for team balance.

  • Thinking of trading MM to Merrett or Zorko.
    Zorko is it ha lower BE

  • Eddy to Black & Hannan to Myers (assuming named) via DPP.

  • Need help with trades this week. Have 22k in the bank! Suggestions please.

    Adams, doch, laird, curly, marchbank, Newman( Otten,Williamson)
    Danger, rocky, Fyfe,tmitch, beams, Sloane, D swallow, barrett( Balic,Pickett)
    Martin, Nank( king, Cameron)
    Macrae, buddy, Steele, Roughead,polsan, McCarthy( weideman, miles)

    • I would be looking to structurally reposition this side, weakness are D7-D9 and F5-F8.
      Look to trade, sideways if necessary, your rookies to guys who will make money. You need cash. Pickett and Weideman out, Black and Myers in, but if you can’t afford Myers then look at Miles to Kennedy-Harris.

      Its not going to make you feel good short term but they will make money and provide bench cover. Hope Balic and Barrett play to make another $150k each, then upgrade Swallow and Barrett and Polsan.

  • I can go swallow to Sloane but I already have a lot of Adelaide players. Have laird, Hampton and otten already thoughts?

  • Who should i upgrade to Z merret,Rocky,Titch or Sloane

  • OK I have a question for the 3 Legends (Cal, Roy and the biggest Legend of them all Warnie).

    Laird, Lloyd. M’bank
    Hampton, Otten. Newman (Stewart, EVW)
    Rocky, Danger, Titch, Murphy
    Gaff, Fyfe, Beams, WHE (SPP, Fox)
    Martin, Kruz (Preuss, Cameron)
    Macrae, D’hause,Nankervis
    Rough, Parfitt Polson (Balic,Barrett)

    Should I look at Trading out both Murphy and Gaff even if they both are playing?

  • If I keep both Murphy and Gaff I am thinking of downgrading Parfitt to JKH and uprading Roughy. Thanks guys much appreciated.

  • Thoughts on which trade is best?

    1. Roughy to Voldt
    2. Roughy to R Gray with $$ for upgrade next week

    • Roughy to R Gray is good but remember Grey has a bye in 3 weeks time

      • GO VOLDT, R grey role is shit right now, has only scored well he’s kicking bags, and he won’t do that against better opposition

  • What are people’s thoughts on taking a punt and grabbing hannerz/parker/JPK?

    All heavily under-priced for the output we know that they can achieve and with a fairly easy run (at least DT wise) over the coming rounds, this week could well prove to be their trough in terms of form and $$$.

    They play Carlton, Brisbane, North and St Kilda over the next four weeks

  • how bout hanners to WHE (if he is drooped)?

    Miles to Black and WHE to Hanners seems like a winner anyone else

  • Is it worth getting rid of Touk Miller to a downgrade

  • Trade options for RDT
    1. Powell-pepper -> Myers + Murphy -> Z Merrett
    2. Pickett -> Myers + Murphy -> Titch???

  • Which way to lean?
    1. Swallow / SPP to Zerrett / Myers if named
    2. But will miss Black and K. Harris

    Still left with $204k after option 1.
    Do I chase double downgrade and run into next week with near $500k+

    • swallow to zerret is sound enough, pretty much using a stepping stone to a premo.

      I would go black for spp over myers, maybe myers next week?

  • Clayton Oliver,
    Oliver wines or josh Kelly or JPK or Hanners?
    Cheers guys!

  • Press not named, do we cash in? With no Myers named i don’t know what to do for my second trade

  • Should I play Newman or otten on field?

    • newman would be a better option against carlton

      Otten won’t score as well maybe a 50 due to Richmond and Jenkins back in

  • need help with trades this week please, have only 25k

    Adams, Lair, Burton, Marchbank, Hampton, Otten, (Stewart, Newman)
    Danger, Mitchell, Treloar, Fyfe, beams, ANB, Swallow, SPP,(Z.fisher, Parfitt)
    Martin, Nank, (Preuss, Cameron)
    Dahlhaus, Macrae, Roughy, T.Miller, WHE, Houston, (Butler, Barrett).

    Any suggestions would be helpful, as this is my first year.

    • roughy to Jay Kennedy Harris and Swallow to upgrade target is what i would do.

      or if you feel roughy will go well this week

      trade T miller to JKH and upgrade swallow thats what i would do.

  • play newman or black?