Team Reveals – Defenders

Welcome to the 2015 Dream Team Talk Writers Team Reveals. This year, the teams of each writer will be released one line at a time, over four consecutive nights. This give you a chance to look at each strategy used in the teams, in various lines and compare them to your own.

It’s worth remembering; these are the writers current teams. As with all coaches, there will likely be plenty of changes until lockout. In fact, I’d be surprised if they were still the same from the time they were recorded for these articles, to the time you are reading this right now.

So let’s get into in it. Presenting to you, the writers 2015 AFL Fantasy selections in the Backline.

The Teams


Anthony Backs


Calvin Backs


Chad Backs

DOVE LOVE – Crutton

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Griff Backs


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What can we learn?

Much like in yesterdays Ruckmen reveal, value for money is what our writers are seeking. Of the Top Ten averaging defenders of 2014, only four were selected. James Kelly ($494,000)Kade Simpson ($521,000) and Brodie Smith ($465,000) were each selected twice and Luke Hodge ($550,000) was selected once.

That means that Nick Malceski ($521,000), Michael Hibberd ($506,000)Shaun Burgoyne ($491,000), Matthew Jaensch ($477,000), Andrew Mackie ($475,000) & Andrew Walker ($471,000) have all been ignored.

So who are our writers locking in to take the next step this year? Jack Newnes ($464,000). The 13th best averaging defender from 2014 has been locked into every single writers defensive line. Midpricers Kade Kolodjashnij ($387,000) and Garrick Ibbotson ($336,000) have also been shown some faith, featuring in eight and six teams respectively.

There are risks too. Heritier Lumumba ($402,000) is being backed from five writers to take his scoring to a new level at Melbourne, and Never-Again stalwarts Shaun Higgins ($430,000) & Heath Shaw ($456,000) are both in four teams.

For the rookies, it’s recently elevated DPP option Adam Saad ($120,000) and yet to be elevated today Brett Goodes ($192,000) who are most selected, in ten teams each. Being a dual position player, it is possible Saad is also on the midfield line for the two coaches without him in their backline.

No writer has more than four defenders priced above $400,000 and the most expensive backline belongs to me (Griff). My backline has set me back $2,795,000 (27.9% of the total salary cap) at an average of just under $350,000 per player.

On the other hand, the cheapest backline belongs to rookie lover Jeppa. He has spent $537,000 less on his backline at $2,258,000 in total (22.6% of the total salary cap) at an average of just over $282,000 per player.

So what does it all mean? It means that apart from Jack Newnes, Adam Saad & Brett Goodes, our writers are all split on who is worthwhile selecting in the backline. It means in head-to-head match ups, it’s could be our backlines that may split the difference late on Sunday afternoons. Choose wisely.

So what do you think? Comment below and let us know who you think has has the best defender set up and why.

TOMORROW: The writers reveal their forwards.


  • It’s a little weird how Chad’s backline is the same as mine

    • It’s a pretty standard backline, But I’m not fond of 2 rookies on field.

      • Depends if you call a 31 year old with senior experience a rookie :)

        • personally goodes feels safer at his price than geary, pearce etc for more. in his first year he averaged 7 points more than geary’s best over 7 years.

        • depending where saad is starting on the field next week he is my d7 but if he is starting on the field ill play him at d6 and trade out pearce

      • I disagree. backline will be hardest to judge who are the top 10 defenders IMO, good area to upgrade. So many good fwd options and mid options better to slot in an extra there.

        • The higher scoring backs are likely to be mids who get dual position later in the year IMO

        • Exactly. You will want room to slot for instance a Mcveigh etc who might get their DPP back after 6 weeks.

    • same as me

  • What’s the the go with ow it’s no Nick Malceski, He was a gun last season and even though he’s in a new squad, he can still go above 100 and score consistant 80-90’s

    Anyway, Nick Malceski or Heath shaw? I’m a little torn on the decision

  • Got major balls to start with Higgins…..

  • I think Sutcliffe is being sorely overlooked.

    3rd most possessions for Freo in the pre season and is a better option than Ibbo who could play lockdown defender.

  • Looks to me like a few of these teams haven’t been updated for a while.

  • I have the same as @DestROY except i got pearce instead of ibbo. Imo the others are spending too much money in the back line where the money can get you a lot more points in the midfield that why i have 5 mids over 585,000 and d6 @396,000

    • Unless you’ve picked an extremely out of the box pick at 396k, You and I have a very similar thinking rocky. Parker is my m5 and I have a high 300k roughy at d6 who I think can increase by 25ppg.

      Cheaper 2 rookie on field backline seems to be the way, with so many vest risk mids.

      • I agree im not convinced on any of the premo defenders except Hodge who is injury prone, due to that im going cheaper in the backs so once we have a better idea of who the top 6 are we can bring them in then. id prefer to not have to sideways my premos. Plus position changes will most likely give us new premos knocking out some of the guys we think will be top 6 now.

  • I agree, with some of the above. Some of these teams seem to be outdated – have the experts got their teams up-to-date?

    Hodge, Newnes, Lumumba, Ibbotson, Goodes Saad, McIntosh, Oxley seems a better proposition that some of the experts opinions.

    Anyone agree?

  • Interested as to how Lefty justifies having $236,000 on the bench!

  • Who’s this Oxely kid and why is he suddenly in my team?

  • Am also surprised that Malceski doesn’t feature at all. I’m considering the 2 rookie defenders as don’t want to choose all 3 of Lumumba, Ibbo and Geary

  • I prefer Chad’s backline as it is the same structure I have chosen, except that three of his first four players are different to mine. I have tried to keep the spending down on defenders and use the cash where you can potentially score the most points.

  • no one has gone with harry taylor yes! my pod. has collected 32 marks over 3 games and all uncontested. them +6’s

  • is naismith the #2 ruckman @sydney? if he is massive $ to be made there

  • Milansta signing in drunk (as usual) with his 2c worth:

    Defenders is EASILY the hardest section of your dream team to select this year. Even the Milansta is having headaches….

    When no obvious options are clear, I like to metagame (google it if you have no clue, essentially it is designing your team based on the way you expect other people’s teams to look).

    So this means, you get Newnes, just because everyone else is getting Newnes and you can’t go wrong, no matter what he scores.(plus he’s expected to score well playing a lot of midfield time) – The newnes rule

    You get guys like Goodes, Smedts, Hamling, Dick etc if they are named round 1. Just because everyone else will have them and you don’t suffer any relative disaster no matter what they score. (and they increase in value)

    Before I move on to a couple specific players, I want to mention all the mid-priced Defenders in the 330-380kish bracket in one statement (this means you Ibbotson + co)…. I do not think they offer enough ‘value’ when you consider their relative score output. I think you are better off playing another rookie that you can expect a 60ish score from, and upgrade Ibbotson into something like a Burgoyne or Hodge. Disregard this advice if a player appears in everyone’s team as this falls underneath the Newnes rule. (see above)

    A couple of specific players I want to mention:

    Heath Shaw: Affectionately known in our league as Heath Shit or Never Again Heath. He was the bane of our existence when you wasted a trade to get him in, then wasted another trade to get him out when he pulled some stunt that got him suspended for 2 months. But this was back when we had limited trades. 2 trades a week? You get this guy and hang on until he suffers another brain fade. Its the same theory as Higgins except, Higgins sucks worse imo.

    Suckling: We all know how much Hawthorn love to chip the ball around, they are DT friendly. You can expect a much higher output from a Hawthorn defender priced similarly to any other player because their possession % is always higher. I know Birchall is injured at the moment, but he is on my radar for the same reasons.

    In summary I guess I’d say: Dont gamble on mid pricers too much in the defense, I believe its the weakest area to do it. Hawthorn defenders love to chip the ball around and dont be afraid to take some risks on rookies in this section and spend bigger in the midfield/forward line to bring your points up.


    • Some good points you make there, mate … picked Newnes, Goodes and Saad for the same reason as your rules above and Gibson is my pick for Hawthorn. Can’t go wrong :)

    • Agreed… I can’t see why people are choosing Ibbo? Maybe I’m missing something but where is the upside to spending 336k on getting a 60 average? He’s not gonna go up that much and if he does you’re already banking on using a trade to upgrade him to a premo back….

    • the reason why defense is difficult this year is because there aren’t that many rookies that you can rely on 22 games of 60. saad and goodes seem to be good things but they’re hardly sure things.

  • Been a bit out of the loop recently but what happened to the hype about Brad Sheppard? has something changed with his likely role or did everyone just forget about him?

  • Sheppard got a lock down role against freo and gashed. Taylor, Sheppard, ibbo they’ll all dissapoint you when they get that job.


  • Surprised a lot of people jumped off Sheppard. I wouldnt take much notice of the Eagles last game. There was some really unusual structuring down back. Introduce Brown and Schofield back to the line up and that will free him back to his usual role.
    Im surprised no one has mentioned Marley Williams, like at all. Hes in for a big year;)
    With Crowley off the scene indefnitely not sure why you would have Pearce. Some would questions his spot if Crowley returns.

    Ben Jacobs? Im backing him, i see no one else has? Sam Mayes? Sutcliffe? Theres alot of quality mid pricers

  • Yarran going to have a huge year.
    A steal at 407k.