Team Reveals – Ruckmen

Welcome to the 2015 Dream Team Talk Writers Team Reveals. This year, the teams of each writer will be released one line at a time, over four consecutive nights. This give you a chance to look at each strategy used in the teams, in various lines and compare them to your own.

It’s worth remembering; these are the writers current teams. As with all coaches, there will likely be plenty of changes until lockout. In fact, I’d be surprised if they were still the same from the time they were recorded for these articles, to the time you are reading this right now.

So let’s get into in it. Presenting to you, the writers 2015 AFL Fantasy selections in the Ruck Department.

The Teams


Anthony Rucks


Calvin Rucks


Chad Rucks

DOVE LOVE – Crutton

Crutts Rucks


Dunny Rucks


Griff Rucks


Lefty Rucks


Lefty Rucks



McRath Rucks


Roy Rucks


Warnie Rucks

What can we learn?

It’s clear that going cheap in the ruck department is the order of business for most of our writers this year. Matthew Leuenberger ($277,000) is the most selected ruck amongst our writers with eight selections, closely followed by Jason Holmes ($120,000) with seven selections. Tom Bellchambers ($281,000) is next with six selections. Sydney ruck in waiting Sam Naismith ($165,000) has four selections. Amazingly, only one writer has starting ruckmen who are both priced more than $300,000.

Of the premium selections, only Shane Mumford ($524,000) (selected twice) and Stefan Martin ($635,000)Sam Jacobs ($550,000) and Will Minson ($474,000) (each selected once) featured in the top ten ruckmen of 2014. Crutton is the writer to have spent the most on the ruck line, with $1,149,000 dispersed in the ruck department – 11.5% of his total salary cap. Jeppa & Roy on the other hand have spent just $798,000 for their entire line, an average of just $199,500 per ruckman, or 7.98% of their salary cap.

What can we learn from this? Well, most of the writers are cutting corners and steering away from the traditional Set & Forget ruck strategy to spend money in other areas. But what if, Matthew Leuenberger (for example), gets injured early in the season? Is there enough money in the bank to trade out of trouble?

It also shows there is no unanimous stand out rookie ruckman who will deliver. Jason Holmes is leading the way with one and a half games in the NAB Challenge for scores of 31 (v. Essendon) and 12 (v. Brisbane), but he needs to average 21 just to avoid going backwards in price – he’s averaged 21.5.

So what do you think? Comment below and let us know who you think has has the best ruck set up and why.

TOMORROW: The writers reveal their defenders.


  • When is asada going to do there bans?

    • We find out the tribunal decision on Tuesday. If they are free to play, Bellchambers will make my team… if not, he will just become Leuenberger. Probably a likely scenario.

      • Hope they get off, although it will make it interesting for dt if they get banned.

  • I’m surprised not a single person selected Maric or Goldstein

    • Lobbe, Ryder, Goldstein, Sandilands, Maric & McIntosh – all top ten ruckmen from last year – not one picked from 24 possible starting ruckmen spots. I think an underpriced Leuenberger has heavily affected strategies this year.

      • Is he really underpriced though given his recent NAB form?
        He was decent in the last game i guess. But with Stephan Martin now in the picture i think he is priced right where he should be.

    • as of right now i have both Goldy and Maric… but if the Bombers gets no suspensions ill probably be going Burger & Belly

      ive tried Goldy & Belly/Burg but even with that extra 200k its not quite enough to do make any changes that im really happy with. not really sold on Burg atm tho looked pretty poor all NAB apart from 1 qtr

  • I have got Jacobs and Berger at the moment.

    If ASADA don’t give bans to any Essendon players, I will happily lock in TBell and Berger and use the cash elsewhere

  • i’m surprised not a single coach as gone a set & forget.

    • This was the biggest surprise for me as well when I was putting the results together. But with plenty of trades, making money whilst maintaining some form of scoring is clearly the idea here.

    • What do people think of this strategy? Really tempted to do it but I’ve never really seen it done so I dont know how sucessful it can be.

    • I wanted to, but are you confident in who will be the top 2 rucks for the season? Martin was the only premium I could confidently pick

      • Why Martin?

        • I reckon he will average 100. Basically plays as a midfielder who gets a bonus 20-30 points in hitouts every week

          • Do you think he could reach that 110 average again? If so I could also be tempted to pick him up.

          • RE fat knife: There’s no reason why he can’t, played over half a season last year. 105 is more realistic but will easily be the top scoring ruckan imo. Had cash left over and Jacobs doesn’t convince me, he is expensive though

          • When you think about it, he’s the Leighton Baines of DT. A midfielder who gets cheeky bonus points and isn’t even classed as a midfielder!

            I’m thinking he’s not much more than Lewis and Barlow so if he can get to 108 then he’s not too bad a spend, especially when you factor in his uniqueness.

    • Crutton’s closest imo, but not too convinced about the pair being top5 ruckmen

      Matt’s strat is certainly interesting, but can see some merits

  • At the moment it’s Goldstein and Leunberger. If ASADA allows bell chambers to play then I’ll consider him.

  • If Berger goes down early HOPEFULLY kreuzer will be back by then anyway

  • Interesting but confusing.
    Where is Tbetta’s line up?

    Are you going to release a combined team this year Warnie for a few bucks or is this it?

    Also where are the RDT line ups?

    • Tbetta sat this series out as he hasn’t had time to set his team.
      RDT line-ups haven’t been included. This is simply a matter time constraints rather than preference as it takes a few hours to put these articles together with getting team lists, recreating them for images and then analysis. More coaches had Fantasy teams ready to roll than RDT.

  • +1. I am the same. I can’t find anything decent to do with the extra 200k. Sometimes I wanna bank it for upgrades / injuries

  • With talk of Naismith being ahead of Pike at Sydney, what scores might we expect from him?

    • Pyke’s probably a good benchmark here
      probably around the early 70s, which makes him an ideal R3, but wouldn’t consider as R2

      I must say that Naismith is my RDT R3, which could work pretty well for a Leuey/Belly combo

  • Good to see I’m not the only crazy one going Zac Smith

  • No one has considered Jack Hannath @ 176K and dpp as a bonus!

  • Thinking Big Boy is underpriced considering his grand final performance ||

  • Got Maric and Zac Smith at the moment (O’Brien for DPP and Phillips bench).

    I do like Matt’s strategy though. Why is Holmes so popular?

  • Well just to be different. At the moment I’m ‘set & forget’…… Lobbe + Goldy. I think a lot of trades can be wasted messing around with ruckmen, esp injury prone ones. My only temptation will be Belly if playing as I think he can go top 10 this year.

  • How about Maric, currently my D1

  • Im an eagles fan but only a fool who knows nothing about natas would pick him in their team this year. Just coz cox is retired doesnt mean his possessions will increase double from last year.. which is what he will need to be a worthy ruck. Lycett will be number 1 ruck by mid season anyway.

    • +1… and I’m a Freo supporter.
      My ruck line is (at the moment for Fantasy), depending on what happens next week with the ongoing (boring) ASADA Saga

      Lycett and Ceglar [Naismith and Griffin]

    • Im an eagles fan too, and like to think I’m quite on the ball about the Eagles, fantasy and footy in general. I however, will be picking NicNat for an average of 85 at least and is almost a lock for me. The more people that think he’s a waste of time, the better for me ;)

      • But what about the 2 or 3 times you have to replace him whilst he’s being nursed. I hope at the end of the year you can say ‘I told you so’!

        • That’s not a worry. He wasn’t half as fit last year as he is now and still managed virtually every game. The most dynamic ruckman in the game doesn’t belong on the sidelines.

  • U guys must be pretty confident that bellchambers wont be getting suspended… I think they will all get suspended

  • I like this collective slow reveal concept.
    Take note people out there that think we’ll all be starting and finishing with the same teams, only 2/12 from this subset are identical. Liking the different strategies, all have merit.
    At this point in time I think that Calvin has the best ruck set because he balanced the risks vs spend for all 4 positions. I like Chad’s onfield duo but I think Kreuzer at R3 is too much COB (cash on bench).

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  • 4DK79KFXADD – Join if you are a top 5k regular

  • I don’t know about you, but with my footy record in front of me, I believe Sam Naismith is on the rookie list and ineligible to play while nearly every team has him on the ruck bench… So yeah.

  • I like what Chad has done with Kruezer on the bench.
    Saves you a valuable trade for when he comes back in.
    Considered doing the same myself but i just cant afford it.
    Ive tinkered around with it and my midfield suffers severely if i have him sitting on the bench

  • If you put a DPP on the bench, you can start a Ryder/Lycett type in the forward line for emergencies if you need them, presuming you have a bench forward rookie that will play. That’s what I’m planning.

  • Going Goldy/Maric combo. Should be top 8 rucks and would be happy to keep them the whole season.

  • Why has no one thought bout goldstein?

  • Z.Smith & T.Hickey for me!