Tbetta’s Bullets: Round 7 – Twitter Style


Disaster struck today, no not the baby bonus being abolished in the recent budget so we can look at getting a new TV when we pop out a nugget, Tbetta’s computer died halfway through the Bullets. He took to Twitter tonight to give us a 140 character style. Here are the tweets.

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Massively awesome work to @Tbetta9 for giving us our fix of the weekly bullets.


  • Superb write up as usual, sold me on Wines to Priddis.
    This may become the new format. Where theres a will theres a way.

  • definitely bringing in priddis next week

  • thanks tbetta. I think rivers will be out for a while so thurlow could be good for atleast the next 4 to 6 games ready to cull for a premo.

  • Love the new format Tbetta, hahaha.

    This week i’m doing:

    Wines > Priddis

    Stevenson > Hanley

    • I was going to dump the same 2. Now that Pittard has already been ruled out, I’ll drop Pittard and keep Stevenson on the bench. Wines for Priddas however.

  • Originally had Scooter in but thinking why not get Priddis and pocket 200k?

    • Every single time I am rude. Well done to still do this Tbetta considering the circumstances!

  • Trades this week I’m thinking
    Hartlett -> Priddis via Gibbs DDP
    Wines-> Ellis via Vlaustin DDP
    Or any better options

    • Seems like overkill saying it that way (involving DPP) when really its just Wines to Priddis and Hartlett to Ellis. Solid choices, I just wish not everyone saw the value of Priddis but I guess when you will end up with a Swallow, Selwood, Cotchin etc from a start of Wines for 2 trades and very little money needed its a no brainer.

  • Great info mate! Love the effort made via twitter given the crisis.
    I’m still not sure about my moves, probably Wines and Monfries out,

  • Nice work TBetta! Helping us W.A DT’ers look pro! ;)
    Chopping block for me this week is Knights, Hartlett and Wines.
    Am thinking Hartlett > Duffield and Wines > Jelwood
    Would like to keep Hartlett but he is gonna leak to much cash so will bring Mayes or Maccaffer off the bench this week. (Prolly Caffer)
    Leaving me next week to go Knights > Franklin… Thoughts?

  • Love the dedication Tbetta!! Cheers for the info, very handy as usual. This week looking at going Stevenson to Hanley :)

  • Wines – Priidis

    Stevenson/Heath/Neade – ????

  • Cheers Tbetta.

    Curious who people think is the bigger priority get this week. I can get any of:

    GAJ, N Riewoldt, J Watson or L Franklin.

    I’m leaning heavily towards the sweet merciful one (cause he’s GAJ and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy seeing his little peanut head in my line-up), but Riewoldt has the lower BE, and L Franklin at 400k is almost impossible to pass up, especially with him playing GWS.

    I’m thinking Watson is another week from bottoming out, but I’m also a bit nervous about bringing him in with the whole peptide scandal thing. Not assuming guilt here, but how big a risk do people think it is for JW to get rubbed out this season? Is it as pointless as worrying about whether someone will or won’t do an acl, or is it a realistic worry?

    • I wouldn’t worry about Jobe getting rubbed out for the season.. Buddy is also another week from bottoming out. You would have to go with Ablett over anyone if you don’t have him.

      • Thanks XPL. I’m going with that one. I just can’t tolerate not having Ablett in my team any longer I think.


  • What are people’s thoughts re bringing Dusty in at current price $488k?

    Recent form suggests he is over his 2nd half fadeouts and low BE of 54 (vs Melbourne he should smash it) points to a price rise of $40k in 2 weeks. He is looking very much like a top6 forward at the moment so now may be the best time to jump on

    On the other hand there is Buddy available for $80k cheaper, Daisy $70k cheaper, and also good mid options like Watson at same price and Priddis $90k cheaper. And its Dusty, do we trust him

    (Trading out Hartlett and Wines plus cash gives me $973k to spend)

    I’m leaning towards Priddis and Martin, take Watson+Buddy over next couple wks. I think the jury is still out re Daisy tho Bucks says he is close to full fitness

    • Not sure with Dusty, last time he smashed out a big score he backed it up with a pissweak score.

      • Statisically wise, that 58 is a bit of an outlier. If you look at the season as a whole, he is averaging well over 100. 98% sure I’ll be taking the punt on him this week.

    • your right on watson and buddy, both due to be cheaper next week

  • I’ve got 500k, who would be the best midfield option

    Dustin martin, Deledio, or Other?

    • Already got; Jobe, Gaz, Dangerfield, Pridis, Daisy, cotchin, o’meara, evans, vlastuin.

      Also got Gibbs, goddard and heppell (DPP)

  • Jobe

  • GAJ a must have if not on team, Swan, Jobe, Buddy to bottom next week so wait to pocket the $$$ if you can. GAJ, Dusty, Hanley will rise. Plan around peaking rooks to maximise value. Not sold on Priddis as he’s solid but not likely to tear it up

  • Hodge or pridis?? Hodge is only $414,000