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Benjy’s Rookie Radar – AFLW Round 2

Benjy looks back at how the rookie priced players performed in Round 2.

Hopefully there were less points left on your bench this round as we get another look at the rookies and improve our chances at roulette.

Of the 127 rookies who played in Round 1, 115 kept their spot so job security is high.

Another 13 rookies were also named – we’re definitely spoilt for choice this season!

Rookies of the round

The votes for the Charlie Rowbottom Medal for best rookie of the season go to:

5. 🦒 Molly Eastman (DEF) 86

4. πŸ¦‰ Tamara Smith (MID) 75

3. 🐢 Heidi Woodley (FWD) 68

2. πŸ”΅ Keeley Skepper (MID) 67

1. 🏁 Imogen Evans (MID) 63

1. 🏁 Jordan Membrey (FWD) 63

Leaderboard: 🍐 Dowrick (5), 🦒 Eastman (5), 🍐 McGrath (4), πŸ¦‰ Smith (4),Β  ✈️ Scott (3), 🐯 Sheerin (3), 🐢 Woodley (3).

Cash is queen

The biggest price rises by rookies this round were:

🦒 Molly Eastman (DEF) $14,200

πŸ¦‰ Tamara Smith (MID) $12,000

🍐 Abbey Dowrick (MID) $12,000

🏁 Imogen Evans (MID) $9,900

🍐 Elizabeth McGrath (RUCK) $9,100

Trade targets

🦒 Molly Eastman | DEF, $49,400, 39%

Yes it’s a lot to pay now that Eastman’s price has increased by $20,700.

But with scores of 86 and 61, she’s the third highest averaging defender and it looks like she’ll be able to sit on our field for the entire season.

πŸ¦‰ Tamara Smith | MID, $46,200, 12%

Smith gave away a whopping eight free kicks (-24 points) in Round 1 but still managed to score 55.

The 75 in Round 2 was no surprise and she could form a potent M4/5 combo with Dowrick.

Side note

🍐 Abbey Dowrick (MID) proved why it’s not too late to trade in a rookie after they’ve scored big and jumped up in price.

She scored more in Round 1 but had a bigger price rise after Round 2 – 83 and $9,900 compared to 58 and $12,000.

Dowrick’s first score dropped her breakeven from 18 into the negatives, which meant that the 58 was more than enough for her price to skyrocket even though it was 25 points less than Round 1.

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