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AFLW Fantasy Weekly Wrap – Round 7 2022

Ben looks back at a high scoring Round 7 of the AFLW.

There’s still one more game to go in Round 7 of the AFLW but for fantasy purposes the round is done and dusted.

There were some big scores from premiums this week so it’ll be tough to cement a place in the top 100 without a completed team.

⚓ Mikalya Morrison (FWD) was a common pick among savvy coaches though, receiving her 50 average despite costing less than $20,000.

Fantasy pig of the week

🐦 Ebony Marinoff (MID) notched up her 1,000th disposal on her way to a monster 147 but it was her tackling that was most impressive – 16!

She’s the second player to win this award twice this season, following ⚓ Kiara Bowers (MID).

The rest of the top 10 were:

🦅 Emma Swanson (DEF) – 116

😇 Tilly Lucas-Rodd (MID) – 110

🐶 Kirsty Lamb (MID) – 102

🐦 Anne Hatchard (MID) – 98

🟠 Alyce Parker (MID) – 98

🐯 Monique Conti (MID) – 97

🏁 Jaimee Lambert (MID) – 96

🐦 Eloise Jones (FWD) – 88

🦁 Emily Bates (MID) – 85

Cash cows of the round

Players who started the year at $20,300 or less are eligible for the AFLW Fantasy Cash Cow of the Year medal and the top five scorers will be awarded votes each round.

🦘 Brooke Brown (RUCK) has leapt into the top five of the leaderboard by claiming the five votes by one point with 75.

She’s been a fantastic pick – she’s now scored over 60 in half of her games and has already risen by more than $15,000.

The remaining votes go to:

4. 🟠 Emily Pease (MID) – 74

=3. 🟠 Pepa Randall (DEF) – 70

=3. 🦘 Amy Smith (MID) – 70

1. 🟠 Brid Stack (DEF) – 58

Leaderboard: 😈Eliza West (11) 🐱 Georgie Prespakis (11), ☀️ Charlie Rowbottom (10), ☀️ Tara Bohanna (9), 🦘 Brooke Brown (7).

Side note

Spare a thought for owners of 🦁 Emily Bates (MID) – she scored 126 and 85 in the official Round 7 but the first game didn’t count for fantasy purposes.

The same goes for 🦁 Orla O’Dwyer (MID) who scored 92 and then 65, and 🦁 Courtney Hodder (MID) – 81 and then just 33.

On the flip side, 🦁 Natalie Grider (DEF) went from 43 to 60 and 🦁 Tahlia Hickie (RUCK) from 45 to 63.

For more content: Follow Selby on Twitter at @AFLWFantasy or give Ben a follow at @benbutmostlyhaz. Check out FanFooty for live AFLW Fantasy scores and DFS Australia for extended stats like CBAs.

Benjy is a Swannies supporter whose love of fantasy footy far exceeds his skill. Is a sixth year breakout on the cards? Follow on Twitter: @benjylat

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