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AFLW Fantasy Weekly Wrap – Round 2 2022

Join Ben for a look back at round two of the AFLW Fantasy competition.

The AFLW was hit by its first major COVID disruption in Round 2 with Brisbane and Footscray unable to field teams.

Fantasy footy must go on, however, and players will be given the same score the got in Round 1 unless the game is played before Round 3.

6.5% of the competition will be hoping the Lions don’t take the field so 🦁 Orla O’Dwyer (MID, $52,000) is awarded another 106.

Fantasy pig of the week

Take a bow 🧲-🥅+🥧 Brittany Bonnici (MID, $79,400) for a monster 133! It’s the biggest score of the year so far, helped by 10 tackles and a kick to handball ratio of 23:3. BB8 carried Collingwood on her shoulders in the absence of reigning AFLW best and fairest co-winner Brianna Davey and looks like a must-have for the 78.3% of the competition who doesn’t own her yet.

An honourable mention has also got to go to 🐦 A Hatchard (MID, $71,200). For the second round in a row, she was the second highest scorer of the week by a measly 3 points. She’s now the highest averaging player after her 130 but is only owned by 5.1%.

The rest of the top 10 were:

3. 🔵 Kerryn Harrington (DEF, $46,000) – 107

4. ⚓️ Hayley Miller (MID, $56,700) – 105

5. 🦘 Ashleigh Riddell (MID, $74,800) – 103

6. 🦘 Emma Kearney (MID, $69,000) – 101

7. 🔵 Maddy Prespakis (MID, $61,100) – 99

8. 🐯 Gabby Seymour (RUCK, $49,400) – 95

=9. ☀️ Charlie Rowbottom (MID, $23,000) – 94

=9.🐦 Erin Phillips (MID, $69,200) – 94

Cash cows of the round

Players who started the year at $20,300 or less are eligible for the AFLW Fantasy Cash Cow of the Year medal and the top five scorers will be awarded votes each round.

Number 1 pick ☀️ Charlie Rowbottom (MID, $23,000) was unbelievable, amassing the ninth best score of the round with 94. The 18 year old was a tackling machine with 12 +4s across the game.

The remaining votes go to:

4. ☀️ Tara Bohanna (FWD, $13,700) – 87

3. 🦘 Isabella Eddey (FWD, $18,700) – 68

2.  ⚓️ Dana East (MID, $16,300) – 65

2. 🦘 Brooke Brown (RUCK, $14,300) – 65

Leaderboard: ☀️ C Rowbottom (6), 🐱 G Prespakis (5), 🦘 J Ferguson (4), ☀️ T Bohanna (4), ⚓️ A McMahon (3), 🐯 M Kiely (3), 🦘 I Eddey (3)

Side note

98 points at halftime. 98! I’ve covered 🧲-🥅+🥧 Brittany Bonnici’s 133 already but that epic first half deserves a special mention.

98 points is more than she scored in Round 1 (96) and by itself it would’ve ranked as the 8th highest score of the week. If the game wasn’t over, and her time on ground wasn’t managed in the second half, imagine what she could’ve pumped out.

For more content: Follow Selby on Twitter at @AFLWFantasy or give Ben a follow at @BeaufortBeaus. Check out FanFooty for live AFLW Fantasy scores and DFS Australia for extended stats like CBAs.

Benjy is a Swannies supporter whose love of fantasy footy far exceeds his skill. Is a sixth year breakout on the cards? Follow on Twitter: @benjylat

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1 Comment

  1. Warnie

    January 16, 2022 at 10:23 pm

    Make sure you check out Morts’ extended stats for AFLW Fantasy.

    There’s a heap of excellent AFL Fantasy resources on his DFS Australia site. Make sure you check them out. We’ve been using them heaps this pre-season.

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