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AFLW Fantasy Ins and Outs – Round 2 2022

Get your key selection info for R2 of AFLW thanks to Ben.

Round 2 of the 2022 AFLW season is fast approaching and you’ll need to finalise your team before the full lockout at 7:10pm Friday 14 January.

We won’t know the Sunday teams by then but we’ll have:

  • injury news
  • Friday teams at 5:30pm Thursday 13 January
  • Saturday teams at 5:30pm Friday 14 January

Coaches have three trades a week and the priority after the first round is to get rid of red dots and make sure you’ve got the best rookies available.

Also keep in mind that Brisbane and Footscray are unable to field teams this weekend so all players who took the field last week will receive the same score but their price won’t change.

Injury news

Updates on players injured since the start of Round 1 with ownership of 2% or more.


🦁 D Davidson, FWD (Foot): 4-5 games

🦁 K Lutkins, DEF (ACL): Season

🏁 B Davey, MID (ACL): Season

🏁 T Brown, MID (Concussion): 1 game

🌞 C Whitfort, DEF (Concussion): 1 game

πŸ… P Kelly, RUCK (Knee): A few games

πŸ… E Yassir, MID (Concussion): 1 game


🐱 M McDonald, DEF (Cramp)

🐱 C Scheer, FWD (Head knock)


🐢 S Hartwig, DEF (Health and safety)

🦘 K Rennie, RUCK (Head knock)

Team announcements

Rookies and players with ownership of 2% or more who’ve been added or dropped from the team.

πŸ…Β Richmond

  • OUT: E Yassir (MID, $15,300), P Kelly (RUCK, 38,600), M Shevlin (MID, $24,700)

😈 Melbourne

  • IN: G Colvin (DEF, $17,100), L Magee (DEF, $14,300), K Petrevski (FWD, $17,000)
  • OUT: S Lampard (DEF, $33,000), C Sherriff (DEF, $40,500)

🏁 Collingwood

  • IN: A Porter (MID, $19,400), A Velardo (MID, $14,300), A Newman (FWD, $18,800)
  • OUT: B Davey (MID, $76,800), C Molloy (FWD, $36,700), T Brown (MID, $35,500)

Β πŸ˜‡ St Kilda

  • OUT: I Shannon (DEF, $21,700), K McCarthy (FWD, $18,000), J Matin (FWD, $27,900)

πŸ”΅ Carlton

🐱 Geelong

  • IN: D Moloney (MID, $17,600), G Featherston (FWD, $18,700)
  • OUT: N Morrison (MID, $34,800)

For more content: Follow Selby on Twitter at @AFLWFantasy or give Ben a follow at @BeaufortBeaus. Check out FanFooty for live AFLW Fantasy scores.

Benjy is a Swannies supporter whose love of fantasy footy far exceeds his skill. Is a sixth year breakout on the cards? Follow on Twitter: @benjylat

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