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AFL Fantasy Draft 2019 and rankings – Ep. 255

PODCAST: The boys participate in the annual AFL Media Fantasy Draft and drop their individual rankings.

The boys sit in front of the microphones as they take on the journos in the AFL Media Fantasy Draft. Roy, Calvin and Warnie chat through the picks, different strategy and the fun of a live draft as draft season is in full swing. Click play in the player above and don’t forget you can find the podcast via the providers below.

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NEW Draft Rankings

Roy, Calvin and Warnie have released their 2019 Draft rankings – individual and combined – here on DT Talk as well as the downloadable PDF. Be sure to check them all out as your prepare for your Draft Day!

Click here to access 2019 AFL Fantasy Draft rankings.

The 2019 AFL Fantasy Draft Rankings compiled by RoyCalvin and Warnie. These rankings – by position – aim to help you for your leagues on Draft Day. We ranked our top 80 defenders, 100 midfielders, 20 rucks and 80 forwards for Draft. These have been sorted as a ‘site average’ using everyone’s picks.

Please note for all of the rankings that if a coach ranked them lower than the cut off for the position, the player will be blank. The players listed were ranked in the top 80/100/20/80 for at least one of the coaches. With this in mind, therefore, some players certain coaches may have ranked in their list may not appear.

If viewing on mobile, you should be able to see the site rankings just fine. We recommend using a desktop to get all of the info that you need. To get back to the Draft Rankings page at any time, there is a link in the top menu on the site.

Click links for positional ranks

Click here for the Official AFL Fantasy Draft Kit.

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    March 6, 2019 at 3:07 pm

    Hi to anyone that can help me out I have picked a Midfield I am happy with but I recently had a thought which is pretty unusual.
    My backline has Mills in it, would it be a good idea to swap one of my mids for a mid that has DPP in the backline. I’m thinking McGrath if he scores over 80 this weekend as he has a low BE 65

    It would be much appreciated if some one can help

  2. Avatar


    March 13, 2019 at 10:39 am

    Greetings. We have 1 sport left in a 10 person cash draft league if you are keen. Sun 17th March at 7.30am WST. msg me on facebook (Jacob Halse – UBWH Australia). $50 buy in. $350 first, $150 second.

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