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Bacon Cup Draft 2018

See how the Bacon Cup Draft played out.

Our annual Draft Day was held on Friday night with 10 of our 14 coaches in attendance at former winner Stu’s house. The coach of the Soup Nazis put on a great spread with some pulled pork a staple for us pig loving coaches).

The Bacon Cup has been running in this form for four seasons and to determine our draft order this year, Roy โ€“ the reigning premier โ€“ went with a lottery, complete with his spinning sphere and the last ball pulled out got pick one.

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Our league settings include:

  • 3-4-1-3-(4) team structure
  • 14 coaches
  • 8 teams finals fixture
  • snake draft
  • byes off
  • captains off

Hereโ€™s how it went down pick-by-pick and a bit of a summary of each team (a few words from me about best and worst picks).

1Tom MitchellHAWMIDThe Soup Nazi's
2Zach MerrettESSMIDBearfoot Running
3Patrick DangerfieldGEEMIDScottie doesn't know
4Josh KellyGWSMIDMerv Gray Autos
5Dustin MartinRICHMIDWarne Dawgs
6Adam TrelaorCOLLMIDTackling Tit-ed
7Taylor AdamsCOLLMIDThe Manzacs
8Dayne ZorkoBLMIDA Point For Trying
9Tom RockliffPAMIDCalvinator
10Rory LairdADEDEFThorpedo Punts
11Gary AblettGEEMIDCubby House
12Mitch DuncanGEEMIDdestROY
13Scott PendleburyCOLLMIDPoketrain
16Brodie GrundyCOLLRUCPoketrain
17Lachie NealeFREMIDdestROY
18Jack BillingsSTKFWDCubby House
19Nat FyfeFREMIDThorpedo Punts
20Bryce GibbsADEMIDCalvinator
21Max GawnMELBRUCA Point For Trying
22Sam JacobsADERUCThe Manzacs
23Luke ParkerSYDMIDTackling Tit-ed
24Stefan MartinBLRUCWarne Dawgs
25Isaac HeeneySYDMID/FWDMerv Gray Autos
26Matthew KreuzerCARLRUCScottie doesn't know
27Lance FranklinSYDFWDBearfoot Running
28Steele SidebottomCOLLMIDThe Soup Nazi's
29Kade SimpsonCARLDEFThe Soup Nazi's
30Elliot YeoWCEDEFBearfoot Running
31Sam MenegolaGEEMID/FWDScottie doesn't know
32Michael BarlowGCSMID/FWDMerv Gray Autos
33Michael HibberdMELBDEFWarne Dawgs
34Rory SloaneADEMIDTackling Tit-ed
35Jake LloydSYDDEFThe Manzacs
36Toby GreeneGWSFWDA Point For Trying
37Michael HurleyESSDEFCalvinator
38Lachie WhitfieldGWSMIDThorpedo Punts
39Jack MacraeWBMIDCubby House
40Marc MurphyCARLMIDdestROY
41Tom LynchADEFWDPoketrain
42Patrick RyderPARUCBEATBOX11
44Scott SelwoodGEEMIDPoketrain
45Toby McLeanWBMID/FWDdestROY
46Bachar HouliRICHDEFCubby House
47Toby NankervisRICHRUCThorpedo Punts
48Luke DahlhausWBMID/FWDCalvinator
49Chad WingardPAMID/FWDA Point For Trying
50Dylan RobertonSTKDEFThe Manzacs
51Zach TuohyGEEDEFTackling Tit-ed
52Devon SmithESSFWDWarne Dawgs
53Jack CrispCOLLDEFMerv Gray Autos
54Brad CrouchADEMIDScottie doesn't know
55Patrick CrippsCARLMIDBearfoot Running
56Todd GoldsteinNMRUCThe Soup Nazi's
57Travis BoakPAMID/FWDThe Soup Nazi's
58Mitch RobinsonBLMID/FWDBearfoot Running
59Luke HodgeBLDEFScottie doesn't know
60Sebastian RossSTKMIDMerv Gray Autos
61Stephen ConiglioGWSMIDWarne Dawgs
62Robbie GrayPAFWDTackling Tit-ed
63Josh P KennedySYDMIDThe Manzacs
64Ryan BurtonHAWDEFA Point For Trying
65James SicilyHAWDEF/FWDCalvinator
66Joel SelwoodGEEMIDThorpedo Punts
67Luke McDonaldNMDEF/MIDCubby House
68Christian PetraccaMELBMID/FWDdestROY
69Brad EbertPAMIDPoketrain
72Ollie WinesPAMIDPoketrain
73Connor BlakelyFREMIDdestROY
74Christian SalemMELBDEFCubby House
75Jack GunstonHAWFWDThorpedo Punts
76Shane SavageSTKDEFCalvinator
77Marcus BontempelliWBMIDA Point For Trying
78Jeremy HoweCOLLDEFThe Manzacs
79Jeremy McGovernWBEDEFTackling Tit-ed
80David MundyFREMID/FWDWarne Dawgs
81Heath ShawGWSDEFMerv Gray Autos
82Andrew GaffWCEMIDScottie doesn't know
83Jack StevenSTKMIDBearfoot Running
84Clayton OliverMELBMIDThe Soup Nazi's
85Angus BrayshawMELBDEF/MIDThe Soup Nazi's
86Ben McEvoyHAWRUCBearfoot Running
87Nathan JonesMELBMIDScottie doesn't know
88Jarrod WittsGCSRUCMerv Gray Autos
89Jeremy CameronGWSFWDWarne Dawgs
90Dyston HeppellESSMIDTackling Tit-ed
91Tom LynchGCSFWDThe Manzacs
92Dan HanneberySYDMIDA Point For Trying
93Aaron SandilandsFRERUCCalvinator
94Jacob TownsendRICHFWDThorpedo Punts
95Zac SmithGEERUCCubby House
96Michael WaltersFREMID/FWDdestROY
97Josh J KennedyWCEFWDPoketrain
100Joe DaniherESSFWDPoketrain
101Jason JohannisenWBDEFdestROY
102Blake AcresSTKMID/FWDCubby House
103Brandon EllisRICHDEFThorpedo Punts
104Jack MartinGCSFWDCalvinator
105Kade KolodjashnijGCSDEFA Point For Trying
106Jarryd RougheadHAWFWDThe Manzacs
107Callum SinclairSYDRUCTackling Tit-ed
108Brandon GoddardESSMIDWarne Dawgs
109Dylan ShielGWSMIDMerv Gray Autos
110Luke ShueyWCEMIDScottie doesn't know
111Bernie VinceMELBDEFBearfoot Running
112Jarryd LyonsGCSMIDThe Soup Nazi's
113Tom PapleySYDMID/FWDThe Soup Nazi's
114Caleb MarchbankCARLDEFBearfoot Running
115Alex WitherdenBLDEFScottie doesn't know
116David ZaharaksESSMIDMerv Gray Autos
117Ryan ClarkeNMDEFWarne Dawgs
118Liam PickenWBFWDTackling Tit-ed
119Jordan LewisMELBMIDThe Manzacs
120Callan WardGWSMIDA Point For Trying
121Alex Neal-BullenMELBFWDCalvinator
122Nic NewmanSYDMIDThorpedo Punts
123Josh DunkleyWBFWDCubby House
124Tom BellchambersESSRUCdestROY
125Jayden HuntMELBDEFPoketrain
126Jasper PittardPADEFBEATBOX11
128Daniel RichBLDEFPoketrain
129Hamish HartlettPADEFdestROY
130Jack SteeleSTKMIDCubby House
131Sam GrayPAFWDThorpedo Punts
132Shaun GriggRICHMIDCalvinator
133Jordan de GoeyCOLLMID/FWDA Point For Trying
134Trent CotchinRICHMIDThe Manzacs
135Jack VineyMELBMIDTackling Tit-ed
136Lachie HunterWBMIDWarne Dawgs
137Rory LobbGWSFWDMerv Gray Autos
138Nick GrahamCARLMID/FWDScottie doesn't know
139Jesse HoganMELBFWDBearfoot Running
140Daniel WellsCOLLMID/FWDThe Soup Nazi's
141Tom McDonaldMELBDEF/FWDThe Soup Nazi's
142Isaac SmithHAWMIDBearfoot Running
143Pearce HanleyGCSDEF/MIDScottie doesn't know
144Callum MillsSYDDEFMerv Gray Autos
145Luke RyanFREDEFWarne Dawgs
146Paul SeedsmanADEDEF/MIDTackling Tit-ed
147Dion PrestiaRICHMIDThe Manzacs
148Jarrod HarbrowGCSDEFA Point For Trying
149Luke DunstanSTKMIDCalvinator
150Shaun HigginsNMMIDThorpedo Punts
151Braydon FioriniGCSMIDCubby House
152Andrew McGrathESSDEFdestROY
153Ben ReidCOLLDEF/FWDPoketrain
156Brayden MaynardCOLLDEFPoketrain
157Nic NaitanuiWCERUCdestROY
158Matt ScharenbergCOLLDEFCubby House
159Jarrad McVeighSYDDEFThorpedo Punts
160Sean DarcyFRERUCCalvinator
161Liam ShielsHAWMIDA Point For Trying
162Brett DeledioGWSFWDThe Manzacs
163Lewis TaylorBLFWDTackling Tit-ed
164Jack ZiebellNMMIDWarne Dawgs
165Dom TysonMELBMIDMerv Gray Autos
166Justin WesthoffPAMID/FWDScottie doesn't know
167Jaeger O'MearaHAWMIDBearfoot Running
168Allen ChristensenBLFWDThe Soup Nazi's
169Jacob WeiteringCARLDEFThe Soup Nazi's
170Steven MotlopPAMID/FWDBearfoot Running
171Bradley HillFREMIDScottie doesn't know
172Jack ReddenWCEMIDMerv Gray Autos
173Nathan WilsonFREDEFWarne Dawgs
174Dane RampeSYDDEFTackling Tit-ed
175Hraley BennellFREFWDThe Manzacs
176Sam KerridgeCARLMIDA Point For Trying
177Tom LangdonCOLLDEFCalvinator
178Cameron PedersenMELBRUC/FWDThorpedo Punts
179Tom LiberatoreWBMIDCubby House
180Jack NewnesSTKMIDdestROY
181Mark BlicavsGEEMIDPoketrain
182Matthew WrightCARLFWDBEATBOX11
183Koby StevensSTKMIDBEATBOX11
184Jack WattsPAFWDPoketrain
185Charlie CurnowCARLFWDdestROY
186Sam GibsonADEMIDCubby House
187Riley BonnerPADEFThorpedo Punts
188Tom HawkinsGEEFWDCalvinator
189Ricky HendersonHAWMIDA Point For Trying
190Mitch WallisWBMID/FWDThe Manzacs
191Alex FasoloCOLLFWDTackling Tit-ed
192Josh JenkinsADEFWDWarne Dawgs
193Scott LycettWBERUCMerv Gray Autos
194Dawson SimpsonGWSRUCScottie doesn't know
195David SwallowGCSMIDBearfoot Running
196Shaun BurgoyneHAWMIDThe Soup Nazi's
197Jack StringerESSFWDThe Soup Nazi's
198Darcy MacPhersonGCSFWDBearfoot Running
199Caleb DanielWBMID/FWDScottie doesn't know
200Dam Petrevski-SetonCARLMID/FWDMerv Gray Autos
201Dom SheedWCEMIDWarne Dawgs
202Rory AtkinsADEMIDTackling Tit-ed
203Liam DugganWCEDEFThe Manzacs
204Cyril RioliHAWFWDA Point For Trying
205Ben CunningtonNMMIDCalvinator
206Taylor WalkerADEFWDThorpedo Punts
207Rhys MathiesonBLMID/FWDCubby House
208Hayden CrozierWBFWDdestROY
209Will Hoskin-ElliottCOLLMIDPoketrain
210Anthony MilesRICHMIDBEATBOX11

BACK: Cub, Luke, Roy, Chop, Chook, Tit-Ed MIDDLE: Calvin, Stu, Pokey FRONT: Warnie

Pick 1 โ€“ The Soup Nazis โ€“ Coach: Stu

Best pick: Clayton Oliver at 84 drew the most disappointment from other coaches in Stu’s loungeroom.
Worst pick: FWDs are super weak – used last three on-field picks to fill that line.
Possible league winning pick: Having pick one (& wanting captains on AFTER the fact – not happening, Stu) sets up the Nazis for a big year.

Pick 2 โ€“ Bearfoot Running โ€“ Coach: Luke

Best pick: Jesse Hogan and Caleb Marchbank late could be two of the better selections for this year as well as Jack Steven at pick 83… so long as he avoids the tag.
Worst pick: Hard to call any a bad pick, but Bernie Vince may not be the best 2nd defender.
Possible league winning pick: Opting for Zach Merrett over Patrick Dangerfield may define the season.

Pick 3 โ€“ Scottie doesnโ€™t know โ€“ Coach: Scottie

Best pick: Lions fan Scottie will be happy to get Witherden as his D2 next to Hodgey.
Worst pick: Maybe Hodgey is a little early… even a lot early, but his team has those beautiful eyes staring at him in the backline.
Possible league winning pick: Bench is very solid and will cover well for those missing – although with Hodgey down back, may need to find a DEF emergency.

Pick 4 โ€“ Merv Gray Autos โ€“ Coach: Chook

Best pick: A top couple MID and FWD had Chook off to a flier.
Worst pick: Some old man risks there with Barlow and Shaw.
Possible league winning pick: Could have some ruck trade bait with Witts, Lycett and Lobb (who should gain DPP) to help him bolster another line.

Pick 5 โ€“ Warne Dawgs โ€“ Coach: Warnie

Best pick: Coniglio sliding to 61. Oh – and getting my boys Hibberd and Devon as picks 3 & 4.
Worst pick: Ryan Clarke could be an ugly pick.
Possible league winning pick: The Dawgs drop away for depth, but if Goddard can gain DPP – which is a possibility as it has been noted that he’ll play behind the ball – then that may help. Just a shame the midfield looks weak.

Pick 6 โ€“ Tackling Tit-Ed โ€“ Coach: Tit-Ed

Best pick: Massive midfield with Treloar, Parker and Sloane likely to be 110+ and Heppell not far behind. *Sloane was traded to Manzacs soon after the Draft for Lloyd
Worst pick: Robbie Gray may play too much forward to be worth Tit’s fifth pick.
Possible league winning pick: We well balanced side where the heavy MID strategy could pay off – especially his Sinclair as ruck in the 8th round who is likely to be solo.

Pick 7 โ€“ The Manzacs โ€“ Coach: Brett

Best pick: The coach of the Manzacs loves some DPP and I reckon Jordan Lewis will be heading back. A bargain in round 9.
Worst pick: Massive punt in the forward line.
Possible league winning pick: The first up trade to bring in Sloane for Lloyd shows how much Brett is keen for a couple to gain DPP. If they don’t, there’s going to need to be some work done with free agents.

Pick 8 โ€“ A Point For Trying โ€“ Coach: Chopper

Best pick: Grabbing Max in the ruck run.
Worst pick:ย Chad Wingard will probably play a lot of forward minutes to justify a fourth round selection… and defence is shaky.
Possible league winning pick: Chop’s mate Cyril as his last bench option. Haha. But really, if some under performers such as Hanners, KK and Shiels step it up, it’s a nice squad.

Pick 9 โ€“ Calvinator โ€“ Coach: Calvin

Best pick: Rounding out defence early with Savage. Looks good. MIDs strong.
Worst pick: FWDs aren’t pretty… and if you listen to other experts, Rocky was way too early (I like it).
Possible league winning pick: The Freo ruck handcuff could be a ripper as Sandi in the seventh is about right.

Pick 10 โ€“ Thorpeado Punts โ€“ Coach: Thorpy

Best pick: Whitfield in round three might be early, but if he gets that DPP in round six, it is massive.
Worst pick: FWDs are very interesting and could burn.
Possible league winning pick: Not coming on Draft night and drafting sober. But the possibly Whitfield and Newman DPP could be great – will be some trade bait. Needs to fix forwards.


Pick 11 โ€“ Cubby House โ€“ Coach: Cub

Best pick: Billings, Acres and Dunkley could be one of the best forward lines in the league.
Worst pick: After Ablett and Macrae – who could be classed as risky anyway – the MIDs read Steele, Fiorini, Libba and Gibson. That would make me nervous.
Possible league winning pick: If Ablett can play 20+ games, then the first round pick will pay off. Defence has plenty of upside.

Pick 12 โ€“ destROY โ€“ Coach: Roy

Best pick: Great midfield with Duncan, Neale and Murphy as first three picks. Blakely a chance for DPP as well as Newnes and Crozier. Roy loves his DPP targets.
Worst pick: Leaving ruck until late and Roy’s reaction in the room on drafting Bellchambers was priceless.
Possible league winning pick: The DPPs will be the key, but Michael Walters as his last on field FWD will be a barometer that could help Roy go back-to-back.

Pick 13 โ€“ Poketrain โ€“ Coach:ย Pokey

Best pick: Joe Daniher was value at 100 (Pokey’s last FWD) and should knock on the door of a 90 average.
Worst pick: Scooter Selwood as second midfielder way too early – especially after his Pie loving pick of Pendles.
Possible league winning pick: Jack Watts coming off the bench while JJK is out and won’t be disgraced. Could be trade bait when the Eagle returns.

Pick 14 โ€“ BEATBOX11 โ€“ Coach: Beattie

Best pick: Matt Crouch was a good get at the start of the second as was Darcy Parish in the sixth.
Worst pick: Fell into the Caddy pre-season hype, but at pick 8, that’s fair. There’s just too many names that don’t excite me.
Possible league winning pick: Later picks will determine Beattie’s fortunes – as well as his use of free agency.


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