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Rummerz’ NFL Moneyball Money-blitz!

$20K is up for grabs for the first NFL Sunday, get your tips from Rumballz!

 Welcome to week 1!


It’s that time of the year again, when the twilight of the AFL season is upon us, and the NFL season peeks over the horizon. Don’t pack away your cheeseboards and head to the snow just yet, Demons fans. Don’t put down the remote and pick up the balaclava yet, Pies fans. Don’t start doing lines with high-schoolers yet, Saints fans. Because this week Moneyball has pumped TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS into the Sunday Blitz, and last time I checked they’re paying out to 344th position. So I’m here to break down some Sunday Blitz selections and try to help you get your grubby mitts on some of that sweet, sweet cash-money.

I’ve broken it down into three categories; Studs, Value and Match ups. The studs are the backbone of your team, these are the guys that will score you the most points (hopefully!) Value plays are players that are cheap for the amount of points they are capable of putting up for the game. They allow you to fit more studs into your team. Match ups are players that might be playing a team that’s weak in a specific position. They might be a mixture of studs, mid-priced and value. If you’re tossing up between two players, it generally helps to go the one with the better match up. Balancing out these three categories will give you the best chance of scoring well.


Week 1 contests

NFL $20,000 Sunday Blitz Special (Starts 3am AEST Monday)
NFL $5,000 Patriots vs Chiefs
NFL $2,000 Hail Mary Special (All games)
NFL $500 Sunday Spike Special (All 3am AEST games)
NFL $1,000 Sunday Touchdown Special (All 6am AEST Games)
NFL $2,000 Cowboys vs Giants Special
NFL $2,000 Tuesday Snap (Double/Both Tuesday Match-Ups)
NFL $1,000 Vikings vs Saints
NFL $2,000 Broncos vs Chargers



David Johnson, RB, Arizona, $9,500

Johnson is basically a running-back-wide-receiver. He’s a dual threat and should finish the season as number 1.


Le’Veon Bell, RB, Pittsburgh, $9,200

People might be wary of Lev, as he sat out the preseason games, but not me. He’ll be fresh as a daisy and wanting to prove he’s the best.


AJ Green, WR, Cincinnati, $8,500

The last three times Green faced Baltimore his total scoreline read 27 targets, 20 receptions, 392 yards, and 4 TDs.


Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay, $8,400

With weapons all over the field, Rodgers is predicted to finish as the best QB this season.


LeSean McCoy, RB, Buffalo, $8,400

Bills’ coach Sean McDermott said the following about Shady on Wednesday: “If it means he’s got to play every snap, that’s what we’ll do.” That’s good enough for me.




Leonard Fournette, RB, Jacksonville, $7,000

He should get a majority of touches, and is said to be over his preseason injury.


Christian McCaffrey, RB, Carolina, $6,600

The rookie certainly won’t have a baptism by fire, coming up against the easiest defence for fantasy running backs last season.


Zach Ertz, TE, Philadelphia, $5,800

Ertz has the ability to become an elite TE if he can get some consistency.


Zay Jones, WR, Buffalo, $5,000

Jones was productive in college and has the talent and opportunity at Buffalo who are lacking in healthy talent at WR.


Vance McDonald, TE, Pittsburgh, $4,600

Could have easily gone in the Match ups category due to the fact Cleveland gave up the most fantasy points to TE last season. He was recently traded to the Steelers so playbook knowledge may lower his ceiling.




Antonio Brown, WR, Pittsburgh, $9,200

He’s a gun and should have a field day against the Browns.


Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle, $7,900

He’s a dual threat that can score you points on the ground and in the air. Faces Green Bay which allowed the second-most passing yards last season.


Doug Baldwin, WR, Seattle, $7,600

He’s the go to guy. Faces the Packers. (see above)


Michael Crabtree, WR, Oakland, $6,800

If Cooper isn’t 100% healthy then Crabtree might be the more productive WR, facing a team that gave up the second-most fantasy points to wide receivers last season.


Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Carolina, $6,400

He might have been brought back from his ACL injury too early last season. He’s showed in the preseason that he’s healthy and faces a bottom-five defence to receivers in San Fran.



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