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Inside the Numbers Round 18 Wrap

Pete looks at the top 6 forwards for the rest of the season. Make sure you VOTE in the poll.

There has been much debate for Top 6 FWDs this year and with many trade decisions still to be made in this part of the ground selecting the right combination could play an important role in upcoming league Finals, the following is an overview & key numbers that will hopefully point you in the right direction..

Steele Sidebottom

For those waited one week on Sidey you can now get him at a discount but expectations should be somewhat conservative for the remainder of the year especially with the Pendles injury, Collingwood play Geelong & Melbourne in the final 2 weeks of the H&A with both teams ranked in the Top 3 for Disposals conceded this year.

Jack Macrae

The Bulldogs numbers are improving and Macrae has directly benefited averaging 111.0pts from his last 5 games, the Bulldogs play Hawthorn in Round 23 at Etihad Stadium but in the last 2 weeks the Hawks have conceded an average of 358.0 Disposals (Rank 5).

Bradley Hill

In the 5 games leading up to Round 18 Hill averaged 109.0pts but an underwhelming 77pts against the Hawks and a BE of 116pts this week is slightly concerning, a Round 22 clash (Preliminary Final) against the Tigers should also be noted. Hill does have a decent ceiling and still should be a target.

Toby Greene

Greene will miss the next 2 weeks via a suspension so if you are thinking of trading Greene in  prior to R21 it will be for the final 3 weeks of the H&A season only, the Giants play Geelong (Rank 2 Disposals AGA) at Simonds Stadium (Potentially on Monday N) in R23 but if you want a very late sweat on your fantasy Grand Final he could be your man to decide it all.

Patrick Ryder

Trading Ryder in to your Forward line provides extra security to cover any Ruck issues that may arise late in the year especially for those coaches currently starting Sean Darcy as R2. Ryder has averaged 111.5pts from his last 4 games and has Longer/Hickey, Jacobs, Grundy, Roughead/Campbell & Witts as opponents to finish the H&A season, at least Ryder is solo Ruck at Port Adelaide and with an injury free finish to the year should be a solid choice.

Tom Lynch (ADE)

Lynch will be as unique as they come for the final 5 weeks of the year averaging 103.2pts from his last 5 games, his next 3 weeks appear to be favourable match-ups but his final 2 games are a concern with games against Sydney & West Coast to complete the H&A season. With not many stand out choices to complete your forward line about Lynch could be the perfect point of difference.

Chad Wingard

It has been a bumpy ride that has now hit a brick wall for Wingard owners, he will miss up to 4 weeks with an Ankle injury and likely see his restricted minutes in the midfield when he returns as Port Adelaide prepare for Finals.

Kane Lambert

The bubble might have burst on Lambert after showing signs that he was a very good unique option averaging 111.8pts between Rounds 11-16, his average of 72.5pts from his last 2 games have certainly raised red flags. Don’t completely rule him out, match-ups in R22 vs Fremantle & R23 vs St Kilda could prove to be a very good 2 week late option.

Lance Franklin

Buddy will be a popular choice for many to complete FWD’s, he has averaged 98.5pts from his last 10 games & 106.0pts from his last 3 games. Franklin’s role has been solid for quite a long period of time and if he can maintain a solid Goal per game average in his last 5 games it is expected he will average around 100pts per game, the run home for the Swans is a slight concern only.

Elliot Yeo

Yeo has not scored 100pts or more in 5 straight games, he has been solid all season and has not delivered a score below 70pts in any game. It might be worthwhile checking your opponents line-ups for Finals, if they have Yeo it might be worthwhile trading him in as his points ceiling could be detrimental in single Round match-ups.

Isaac Heeney

Kieren Jack’s return to form has impacted the output for Heeney, in the 3 games leading up to Round 18 Heeney averaged 88.7pts and Jack 109.0pts. Heeney definitely has a very good points ceiling, if you don’t have him he should be a prime target at a very reasonable $529K and with a BE of 126pts is highly likely to be cheaper next week.

Travis Boak

Boak has averaged 105.5pts from his last 4 games and is a good chance to maintain a solid average with Wingard out with injury, sure Robbie Gray is in the mix as well but the run home for Port Adelaide is clearly noteworthy especially with Gold Coast in Round 23 at the Adelaide Oval.

Others that should be considered:

Sam Menegola, Shaun Higgins, Toby McLean, Dom Sheed, Koby Stevens, Jack Martin, Joe Daniher, Robbie Gray & Taylor Walker

Vote for you six (6) players you think will be the top six forwards for the last five rounds.

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R18 Highest Scoring Teams

1. Hawthorn 1842
2. Brisbane 1720
3. Melbourne 1767

R18 Lowest Scoring Teams

18. Carlton 1279
17. Richmond 1361
16. Geelong 1412

Last 4 Weeks Highest Ave Teams AGA

18. Fremantle 1734.3
17. Melbourne 1711.8
16. Collingwood 1694.5
Rory Sloane scored a game high 134pts in Round 18, he has scored 120pts or more in 41.2% of games this season
Joel Selwood scored a team high 115pts in Round 18, he has averaged 107.3pts from his last 3 games
Cale Hooker scored a team high 111pts in Round 18, he is averaging 91.5pts when kicking 3 or more Goals this season
Taylor Garner scored a career high 129pts in Round 18, that was his 1st career 100pt game (30 Games)
Michael Hibberd scored a career high 129pts in Round 18, he has scored 100pts or more in 6 of his last 10 games
Travis Boak scored a team high 120pts in Round 18, he has averaged 105.5pts from his last 4 games
Lachie Hunter scored a game high 115pts in Round 18, he has scored 100pts or more in 3 of his last 5 games
Brayden Fiorini scored a team high 109pts in Round 18, he has scored 100pts or more in 3 of his last 4 games
Callum Sinclair scored a season high 117pts in Round 18, he had a season low 4 Hit Outs & a career high 5 Goals
Seb Ross scored a team high 113pts in Round 18, he has scored 100pts or more in 70.6% of games this season
Connor Blakely scored a team high 114pts in Round 18, he has averaged 126.3pts from his last 4 games
Jack Gunston scored a game high 132pts in Round 18, he has averaged 95.8pts in his last 6 games
Dustin Martin scored a game high 116pts in Round 18, he has averaged 123.5pts from his last 2 games
Callan Ward scored a team high 114pts in Round 18, he has averaged 109.1pts from his last 8 games
Brodie Grundy scored a game high 127pts in Round 18, that was his 1st 100pt game since Round 14
Shannon Hurn scored a team high 117pts in Round 18, he has averaged 127pts from his last 2 games
Dayne Beams scored a game high 142pts in Round 18, he has scored 120pts or more in 5 of 14 games this season

Charlie Curnow scored a team high 95pts in Round 18, he has averaged 95.5pts from his last 4 games

Who Am I?

I am a FWD only

I have scored 100pts or more in 29.4% of games this season

When I have kicked 3 Goals or more this year I am averaging 90.9pts

I am averaging 7.0 Marks per game this season

My final 2 opponents in R22 & R23 will not play Finals this season

My jumper number equals a combined total of 6


Answer: Place your best guess in the comments below

Good luck for Round 19

Pete is our numbers man. Covering all things Fantasy, DFS and betting through his website and social platforms, at, knowledge is everything.



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    July 25, 2017 at 9:22 pm


  2. Avatar


    July 25, 2017 at 9:49 pm

    Is Young or Glass a better option this week? If Glass plays out the year, then I reckon he’s worth it but it’s probably the last week to get Young…

    Also, if I bring in Young I will play him over JKH in the FWD but it leaves me with no Emergency in the MID, whereas going Mount > Glass does.

    • Avatar


      July 26, 2017 at 1:00 pm

      If Jordan Dawson gets named I would pick him.

  3. Avatar


    July 25, 2017 at 11:02 pm

    joe daniher

  4. Avatar

    Joel vh

    July 26, 2017 at 2:44 pm

    Where’s Dalhouse?

    • Avatar


      July 26, 2017 at 2:50 pm

      at the bottom of the list, someone else 2% – 42 votes


    July 26, 2017 at 3:03 pm

    Answer: Joe Daniher

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