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2014 Prices

Adelaide Crows AFL Fantasy Prices 2014

Patrick Dangerfield is set to be one of the biggest locks with his return to MID/FWD eligibility. Read on for more Crow goodness.

It seems that most will be locking in Patrick Dangerfield ($534,700) from the start now that we can put him in the forward line again thanks to his MID/FWD eligibility. Matt Crouch ($203,200) has a massive fantasy game and he will be great value to pick up when he eventually gets a game.

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PatrickDangerfieldAdelaide CrowsFWD/MID$534700
RichardDouglasAdelaide CrowsMID$521500
RorySloaneAdelaide CrowsMID$512600
ScottThompsonAdelaide CrowsMID$504800
BradCrouchAdelaide CrowsMID$499000
Tom T.LynchAdelaide CrowsFWD$472200
RickyHendersonAdelaide CrowsDEF$435100
JamesPodsiadlyAdelaide CrowsFWD$409500
SamJacobsAdelaide CrowsRUC$406700
RoryLairdAdelaide CrowsDEF$386300
SamKerridgeAdelaide CrowsFWD/MID$375500
BrodieSmithAdelaide CrowsDEF$371600
Nathanvan BerloAdelaide CrowsMID$371100
MatthewWrightAdelaide CrowsFWD/MID$368900
DavidMackayAdelaide CrowsMID$364800
JoshJenkinsAdelaide CrowsFWD$350400
LewisJohnstonAdelaide CrowsFWD$349200
AndyOttenAdelaide CrowsDEF/FWD$343900
BrentReillyAdelaide CrowsDEF$342400
JarrydLyonsAdelaide CrowsFWD/MID$338800
ShaunMcKernanAdelaide CrowsFWD/RUC$332400
MitchellGriggAdelaide CrowsMID$325200
EddieBettsAdelaide CrowsFWD$323200
JasonPorplyziaAdelaide CrowsFWD$313300
MatthewJaenschAdelaide CrowsDEF$310400
LukeBrownAdelaide CrowsDEF$301700
KyleHartiganAdelaide CrowsDEF$301100
JaredPetrenkoAdelaide CrowsFWD$287300
TaylorWalkerAdelaide CrowsFWD$282900
BenRuttenAdelaide CrowsDEF$281800
AngusGrahamAdelaide CrowsRUC$258000
DanielTaliaAdelaide CrowsDEF$249800
MattCrouchAdelaide CrowsMID$203200
SamShawAdelaide CrowsDEF$197700
BrodieMartinAdelaide CrowsDEF$150300
RileyKnightAdelaide CrowsFWD/MID$140900
LukeThompsonAdelaide CrowsDEF$136600
RoryAtkinsAdelaide CrowsMID$115200
JamesBattersbyAdelaide CrowsDEF$115200
CharlieCameronAdelaide CrowsFWD$115200
CameronEllis-YolmenAdelaide CrowsMID$115200
JakeKellyAdelaide CrowsDEF$115200
JackOsbornAdelaide CrowsRUC$115200
SamSigginsAdelaide CrowsDEF$115200
AlexSpinaAdelaide CrowsFWD/MID$115200

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