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2014 Prices

West Coast Eagles AFL Fantasy Prices 2014

Cox and NicNat are RUCs only in 2014. Are you considering either of them? See if you can find some value from the boys out west.

Both Dean Cox and Nic Naitanui have lost their RUC/FWD status and are just named up as straight RUCs. New recruit Xavier Ellis ($135,500) will potentially be a very popular selection if he’s in for Round 1. Despite the premium put on him, Dom Sheed ($235,800) still might be an option as he is a good chance to get opportunity at the start of the season.

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ScottSelwoodWest Coast EaglesMID$587500
ChrisMastenWest Coast EaglesMID$533400
DeanCoxWest Coast EaglesRUC$526000
MattPriddisWest Coast EaglesMID$519300
MarkHutchingsWest Coast EaglesMID$480200
LukeShueyWest Coast EaglesMID$479300
Josh J.KennedyWest Coast EaglesFWD$466600
MarkLeCrasWest Coast EaglesFWD$458500
BeauWatersWest Coast EaglesDEF$428400
NicNaitanuiWest Coast EaglesRUC$419800
SamButlerWest Coast EaglesDEF$417700
SharrodWellinghamWest Coast EaglesMID$391900
MattRosaWest Coast EaglesMID$381900
AndrewGaffWest Coast EaglesMID$378700
JackDarlingWest Coast EaglesFWD$374500
ShannonHurnWest Coast EaglesDEF$352300
JoshHillWest Coast EaglesFWD$318400
AshleySmithWest Coast EaglesDEF$317100
BlayneWilsonWest Coast EaglesDEF$315000
ElliotYeoWest Coast EaglesDEF$314600
WillSchofieldWest Coast EaglesDEF$307900
DarrenGlassWest Coast EaglesDEF$305100
JamieCrippsWest Coast EaglesFWD$298100
EricMackenzieWest Coast EaglesDEF$282600
PatrickMcGinnityWest Coast EaglesMID$282500
ScottLycettWest Coast EaglesRUC$278300
BradSheppardWest Coast EaglesMID$274700
AdamCarterWest Coast EaglesDEF$266300
JacobBrennanWest Coast EaglesDEF$258000
CallumSinclairWest Coast EaglesRUC$258000
DomSheedWest Coast EaglesMID$235800
Mitchell J.BrownWest Coast EaglesDEF$212500
MalcolmKarpanyWest Coast EaglesFWD$181600
MurrayNewmanWest Coast EaglesFWD$155600
TomBarrassWest Coast EaglesDEF$149000
JamieBennellWest Coast EaglesMID$135500
XavierEllisWest Coast EaglesMID$135500
DylanMainWest Coast EaglesMID$135500
SimonTunbridgeWest Coast EaglesFWD$135500
BrantColledgeWest Coast EaglesFWD$126700
WillMaginnessWest Coast EaglesMID$115200
JeremyMcGovernWest Coast EaglesFWD$115200
FraserMcInnesWest Coast EaglesFWD$115200
RowenPowellWest Coast EaglesDEF$115200



  1. Avatar

    The Rogue Nutter

    December 11, 2013 at 10:35 am

    I have notice that the West Coast Eagles don’t have any DPP’s players. Any suggestions why?

    • Avatar


      December 12, 2013 at 2:00 pm

      They all played one-dimensional roles in 2013.

  2. Avatar


    December 11, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    Xavier Ellis could be a good cash cow!

  3. Avatar

    The Rogue Nutter

    December 11, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    My thinking exactly with Xavier Ellis. As soon as he breaks down after 3 games kick him out.

  4. Avatar


    December 12, 2013 at 1:59 pm

    I was kind of excited to have my first Eagle rook since Gaff/Darling this year, but with rookies getting the extra premium this season, might have to overlook Dom Sheed for the moment.

    Xavier Ellis is cheap…. But nowhere near a lock in the Best 22, even when fit. I think either way he’ll have to win his spot over the NAB Cup, and likely for East Perth early in 2014.

    No DPPs? That’s because Eagles were one dimensional last year. I’d love to see guys like Yeo (def/mid), LeCras (mid/Fwd), Cox (ruck/fwd), NicNat (ruck/fwd) evolve into DPPs through flexible roles this year, and Adam Simpson has already said he’s big on creating multi-faceted players.

    Overall, not too many Eagles will come into calculations for my starting squad. My boy Scooter is a chance, because I know he hasn’t topped out yet – but with so many under-priced Mids, he may get overlooked. Even a cheap NicNat in the ruck is tempting, but with Sandi and other ruckmen also discounted, it could be a case of picking the best value guys.

    Gaff’s the breakout contender, and one guys right alongside Greene for mid-price contention in my side. Unfortunately, I think he’ll continue to get tagged with Kerr now retiring, and that lowers his ceiling greatly.

    Waters, Masten and Tunbridge make the watch-list, but that’s about it for me.

  5. Avatar


    December 12, 2013 at 6:46 pm

    Tbettas spot on about WCE being 1 dimensional, they need more depth guys rotating through half forward and being part of their midfield rotations as they just don’t seem to have any apart from Lecras at times.

    Anyways Masten copped an injury effected 16 I think late in the season which dented his average, he’d be more so a Rockliff type price if he didn’t get injured then. Defo a decent unique type if he stays fit.

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