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2014 Prices

Gold Coast Suns AFL Fantasy Prices 2014

Gary Ablett leads the Gold Coast Suns list for the prices. Nathan Bock could be a popular option if he’s ready for round one at his price.

Obviously Gary Ablett ($621,200) comes in as the most expensive Sun due to his average last year and he’s worth every cent. Look for some value up on the Gold Coast in Nathan Bock ($135,900) who has been heavily discounted and available as a FWD. The number 5 draft pick Kade Kolodashnij ($252,000) is one of the better fantasy players out of the current draft crop, but is the midfielder going to cost us too much to start with him?

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GaryAblettGold Coast SunsMID$621200
DionPrestiaGold Coast SunsMID$523600
JaegerO'MearaGold Coast SunsMID$483400
HarleyBennellGold Coast SunsMID$462900
DannyStanleyGold Coast SunsMID$449600
TrentMckenzieGold Coast SunsDEF$438100
JarrodHarbrowGold Coast SunsDEF$438000
TomNichollsGold Coast SunsRUC$406900
CharlieDixonGold Coast SunsFWD/RUC$386100
MatthewShawGold Coast SunsDEF/MID$383900
MichaelRischitelliGold Coast SunsMID$381400
DavidSwallowGold Coast SunsDEF/MID$377000
BrandonMateraGold Coast SunsFWD$364800
AaronHallGold Coast SunsFWD$357500
GregBroughtonGold Coast SunsDEF$352900
ThomasMurphyGold Coast SunsDEF$325500
LukeRussellGold Coast SunsDEF$324300
ZacSmithGold Coast SunsRUC$322200
Tom J.LynchGold Coast SunsFWD$307600
RoryThompsonGold Coast SunsDEF$295000
DanielGorringeGold Coast SunsRUC$290300
JackMartinGold Coast SUNSMID$268300
SamDayGold Coast SunsDEF/FWD$267500
KadeKolodjashnijGold Coast SUNSDEF$252000
StevenMayGold Coast SunsDEF/FWD$246100
JackHutchinsGold Coast SunsDEF$240100
SebTapeGold Coast SunsDEF$227600
KarmichaelHuntGold Coast SunsMID$224900
JesseLonerganGold Coast SunsMID$224400
TimSumnerGold Coast SunsFWD$219800
JackLeslieGold Coast SUNSRUC$211400
AndrewBostonGold Coast SunsMID$193600
SeanLemmensGold Coast SUNSMID$192400
JoshHallGold Coast SunsFWD$184100
JacksonAllenGold Coast SunsDEF$174100
AlexSextonGold Coast SunsMID$162200
MatthewWarnockGold Coast SunsDEF$148900
JeremyTaylorGold Coast SunsDEF$146100
NathanBockGold Coast SunsFWD$135900
LeighOsborneGold Coast SunsDEF$135500
ClayCameronGold Coast SunsDEF$115200
JarredEllisGold Coast SunsDEF$115200
LouisHerbertGold Coast SunsFWD$115200
HenrySchadeGold Coast SunsDEF$115200



  1. Avatar

    The Rogue Nutter

    December 10, 2013 at 11:44 am

    I was a little disappointed that Nathan Bock lost his DPP and is only a forward.

    • Avatar


      December 10, 2013 at 12:57 pm

      Bock is a lock at that price if he has a full preseason we need as many basement bottom mature types as possible with these inflated starting prices. David Swallow might be handy with DPP hopefully he can go up from averaging 70 odd up to 80-85 like what McKenzie/Harbrow did last season. McKenzie is a no from me though he stuffed me up come crunch time last season when all the premo defenders were getting injured, he stopped kicking it to himself from kick ins and generally played a deeper role limiting his scoring when I needed him to score.

      • Avatar

        The Rogue Nutter

        December 10, 2013 at 1:22 pm

        David Swallow a DPP that is interesting and he could have break out this season. He won’t get tagged because of the talented onballers on the list.

        • Avatar


          December 12, 2013 at 8:09 pm

          Spot on, we need more DPPs or defenders/forwards with good scoring capabilities etc like finding next seasons Hibberd or Stokes, hopefully there will be a few of them.

  2. Avatar


    December 10, 2013 at 2:24 pm

    Both Prestia and Seb Tape are having huge preseasons. Gold Coast definitely on the rise

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