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2014 Prices

Western Bulldogs AFL Fantasy Prices 2014

Check out the Western Bulldogs prices and positions for AFL Fantasy in 2014. Can you find any value?

The Bulldogs might end up as one of the teams that offer up the least amount of selected players in AFL Fantasy in 2014. Defender Christian Howard ($135,500) provides some interest as one of the cheaper players on the list.

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RyanGriffenWestern BulldogsMID$571800
MatthewBoydWestern BulldogsMID$563300
TomLiberatoreWestern BulldogsMID$527000
AdamCooneyWestern BulldogsMID$502900
WillMinsonWestern BulldogsRUC$498100
RobertMurphyWestern BulldogsDEF$459600
BrettGoodesWestern BulldogsDEF$428200
JarradGrantWestern BulldogsFWD$399900
ToryDicksonWestern BulldogsFWD$384800
LukeDahlhausWestern BulldogsFWD$381100
DanielGiansiracusaWestern BulldogsFWD$379900
MitchWallisWestern BulldogsMID$379100
KobyStevensWestern BulldogsMID$364300
ClaySmithWestern BulldogsMID$361600
StewartCrameriWestern BulldogsFWD$352600
MichaelTaliaWestern BulldogsDEF$350500
LiamPickenWestern BulldogsDEF$348200
JacksonMacraeWestern BulldogsMID$344400
TomYoungWestern BulldogsDEF$340000
JasonJohannisenWestern BulldogsDEF$312300
ShaunHigginsWestern BulldogsFWD$305400
NathanHrovatWestern BulldogsMID$288200
JordanRougheadWestern BulldogsDEF$281800
LachlanHunterWestern BulldogsFWD/MID$271000
SamDarleyWestern BulldogsDEF$264400
DaleMorrisWestern BulldogsDEF$260900
LiamJonesWestern BulldogsFWD$260400
MarcusBontempelliWestern BulldogsMID$254700
JasonTuttWestern BulldogsFWD$245400
JakeStringerWestern BulldogsFWD$239000
TomCampbellWestern BulldogsFWD$217000
LinJongWestern BulldogsMID$215300
MarkAustinWestern BulldogsDEF$192400
AyceCordyWestern BulldogsFWD$171400
EastonWoodWestern BulldogsDEF$171400
FletcherRobertsWestern BulldogsFWD$153700
MatthewFullerWestern BulldogsDEF$151800
TomWilliamsWestern BulldogsFWD$148300
DanielPearceWestern BulldogsDEF$139600
MitchHoneychurchWestern BulldogsFWD/MID$135500
ChristianHowardWestern BulldogsDEF$135500
AlexGreenwoodWestern BulldogsMID$115200
JoshuaPruddenWestern BulldogsMID$115200
JackRedpathWestern BulldogsFWD$115200



  1. Avatar


    December 10, 2013 at 1:06 pm

    Lachie Hunter and Matt Fuller imo should be considered. Dahlhaus and Libba could breakout big time and be fantasy relevant and if Grant is consistent he could score similar to Jack Gunston/Tom Lynch.

    • Avatar

      The Rogue Nutter

      December 10, 2013 at 4:13 pm

      Christian Howard could be worth a punt on at 135500.

      • Avatar


        December 12, 2013 at 8:04 pm

        Na imo he’s a goner, he currently has an ankle/foot/leg problem I think but not sure on which. I went to open training yesterday and I didn’t see him out there. We have bolstered our fwd and midfield depth recently so if Dahlhaus ever gets more midfield time he could be next seasons Matt Stokes type bolter.

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