Roy’s Trade Talk (Prelim Edition)

Under-Priced MIDs:

Dayne Beams (MID, $582,000) bounced back from his 80 last week to record his third score over 140 in the last four weeks with 143. He has a solid matchup with the Demons this week, but my eyes are on him for the GF with a tasty matchup against the Roos at the GABBA.

Nat Fyfe  (MID, $584,000) is almost in career best Fantasy form with five hundreds in six games with three of those games over 110. His score of 107 last week was extremely impressive given the Swans domination and the score of 32 his sidekick Lachie Neale managed. His last two games are at Domain and Etihad where he his most previous scores are 132 and 114.

Under-Priced FWD:

Jack Billings (FWD/MID, $526,000) is in sensational form with 119 and 135 in his last two. The thing I like most about Billings is he has a 150 ceiling and had he kicked straight last week, he would have reached it for the second time this year. He has a great match up this week against the Roos who have been giving up plenty points and should be great again.

Crisis Creates Opportunity:

Sam Menegola (FWD/MID, $536,000) loves the opportunity that arises with an under manned Cat midfield, embracing games where either Dangerfield or Selwood is out. With Joel ruled out for the next two weeks, there is no reason Menegola won’t continue his hot streak that has seen him score 103, 120 and 110 in his last three games.


Luke Dunstan (MID, $510,000) is in ripping form, rising 24K last week and 94K since the start of the season. If chasing a unique is your thing, he ticks all boxes with a .43% ownership, a dream matchup with the Roos and a four game scoring streak of triple figures that reads 107, 116, 100 and 110.

Pick Of The Week:

Chad Wingard (FWD/MID, $547,000) is also a great unique selection on the back of an injury layoff. There was certainly no easing back in for the Chad as he bumped Gray back to the forward line and collected himself 32 possessions from 92% game time for a score of 121. That gives him scores of 121, 136 and 141 within his last five outings to go with the easiest run home in footy with games against the Dogs and Suns at home in the GF.

As always, use the comment to discuss your trade ideas in the comments, I’m currently:

Ryan to Rookie
Greenwood to Kelly



  • thoughts on Crisp and Hodge as D6 Pods?

  • DEF: Doch Laird Lloyd Adams Ryan Sicily (Witherden Rice)
    MID: Titch Danger Zerrett Dusty Rocky Beams Fyfe J.Thomas (Allison Hibberd)
    RUC: Stef Gawn (Soldo Cameron)
    FWD: Macrae Menegola B.Hill Heeney Dahlhaus Burton (Miles Pickett)

    Thoughts on:
    Luke Ryan to Luke Hodge
    Luke Dahlhaus to Jarryd Roughead or any other forward around his price

    Team looks like this
    DEF: Doch Laird Lloyd Adams Hodge Sicily (Hibberd Rice)
    MID: Titch Danger Zerrett Dusty Rocky Beams Fyfe Witherden (J.Thomas Allison)
    RUC: Stef Gawn (Soldo Cameron)
    FWD: Macrae Menegola B.Hill Heeney Roughead Burton (Miles Pickett)

    • What about Jack Martin? He’ll be busy for the next fortnight. Isaac Smith is also finishing nicely as a DPP.

  • Why did Ryan score so bad? Is he back to his old role?

  • Thoughts on Newman to hodge and burton to billings?? Or Dahlhaus to wingard

  • Thinking witherden and Dahl out for:

    Hodge and ANB
    Crisp and pederson
    Any other suggestions

  • Be careful with wingard. Hasn’t scored a ton away from home this year.

  • Would you rather….

    Kreuzer and Ryder in the ruck with Darcy on the bench and Dahlhaus forward
    Kreuzer and Darcy in the ruck with Ryder forward and Dahlhaus on the bench??

  • Witherden to Hodge/Sicily/Simpson


    Gray to Menegola/Billings/Wingard?

    Nestled into top 500

    • Depends if you’re chasing a unique to move up the rankings or win your leagues. I’ve been very happy with menegola since I brought him in – and decent forwards are few and far between…. Answer mine above please!

  • RGray/NNewman out, Buddy/Rocky in


    NNewman/Witherden (or Ryan) out, Danger/D7 bench cover

    Chase Danger score (and risk playing Gray) or go w/ two premo(ish) guys under 500k. C would go on Titch or Dusty (or Beams) in latter case.

  • Trade Gaff or Hanners to Kelly, Merrett, or Gibbs?

  • If Newmans fit this week. Play Newman (Adel @ Adel) or Ryan (Rich @ home) ???

  • Luke Ryan to Hibberd or Dahlhaus to Billings?

  • Or Greenwood to Billings and swing Dahl to mid bench as cover for the week?

  • Hi all, pick the lowest scorer:


  • What should I do?

    Dahlhaus and Newnes to Menegola and Rockliff+30k
    Newnes and Gaff to Any mid under 606k (still deciding) and Brandon Ellis (LOVE HIS RUN HOME)

    Any suggestions for a Mid would be nice 👍

    • A. But don’t discount Fyfe, Zaharakis or Isaac Smith as MID. If Hall is without Gax, it could be gold, but a huge gamble.

  • Is Rocky a trade target?

  • Which two to trade out of

  • Adams, Docherty, Laird
    Ellis, Newnes, Ryan

    Titch, Merrett, Murphy, Treloar
    Beams, Gaff, Redden, Sheed

    Kruz, Darcy

    Macrae, Ryder, Boak
    Heeney, D’haus, K Jack

    My question is should I Trade out Gaff and Sheed for Rocky and another good mid or should I Trade out a Rookie and one of my WCE Mids for Dangerfield?

  • who should i get with 108k in the bank???

  • Lloyd or Hodge?

  • Hurley, Menagola and Billings. Pick 2. Why?

  • Would you keep Scooter Selwood and Wingard OR Danger & Dalhaus??

  • Which mid 590k or under? Already have treloar

  • Trade Luke Ryan or Alex Witherden?

  • My team:
    Def: Docherty, Adams, Laird, Lloyd, Newnes, Ryan (Glass, Hibberd)
    Mid: Mitchell, Dangerfield, Merrett, Martin, Treloar, Rockliff, Hannebery, Menegola (Witherden, Allison)
    Ruck: Martin, Gawn (Buzza, Cameron)
    Fwd: Sidebottom, Macrae, Heeney, Yeo, Boak, Dahlhaus (Young, Polson)

    Cash: $73k

    Thoughts on what to do? Could possibly go Ryan (via Witherden) down to a rook in the mids or backs and go Dahlhaus or Boak to Kelly. Thoughts appreciated, cheers

  • I would like everyone’s thoughts on the Crows/Swans match up. I keep getting the feelings that Swans will cop what happened to Geelong a few weeks ago – walking into a cauldron of screaming Adelaide fans knowing this could be the possible GF match up.
    Therefore, I am very reluctant to bring Sydney players in my team as i think the crows will play a hard match and keen to shut the Sydney midfield down to win.
    If Sydney are to win, the brilliance of Buddy could get them over the line.

  • Ryan > Hurley


    Dalhaus > Wingard (Ryan on field)

  • Who would be better to keep out of Ryan or knewnes? Both can score about the same and can both give you complete stinkers…. I’d be looking to trade either one to a gun mid

  • Def
Docherty JJ Adams Laird hibberd newnes (Guthrie Glass)

    Merrett Dangerfield, tom Mitchell, Rocky Beams Murphy Gaff Sloane (Miles deluca )
Kruzer Gawn ( Cameron Simpson )

    Yeo Macrae Dahlhaus Heeney boak young (zurharr Pickett )

    I have currently 73k in the bank what 2 trades shall I do?
    I made the preliminary finals

  • Tuohy v Ryan