Round 12 Lockout Chat

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Discuss everything AFL Fantasy in the comments over the round.

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  • Can anyone confirm if the lowest scores drop out ?

    I have score 2030 with adams and WHE to play, currently have had 20 players play
    Low scores of cousins 38 Greenwood 49 Taranto 45 Sloane 62

    ranked 809 overall which is the highest I have ever been haha

    • sorry if they drop out automatically or after the round

      • After the round would make sense… website doesn’t know in advance whether WHE and / or Adams will be late outs. So their scores will count the moment they tick past 38 and 49 respectively. They’ll only start adding to your ‘real’ total then.

        • Fuck, ignore this… someone answered it better below and actually read and understood your question instead of misunderstanding it.

    • Only the top 18 scores count during the byes.

  • As you will be fielding a full 22, 4 players with the lowest score will drop out. The lowest scoring players are automatically updated during the round. Those 4 players are currently Cousins, Taranto, WHE and Adams (as they are currently on 0). Once (if) Adams and WHE score above 49 & 62, their points will start being added to your round total. eg. WHE gets 50 and Adams 100 you would gain 39 points ((50+100)-(49+62)). Hope this sort of helped.

    • Yeah that helped heaps cheers!

      • Nicely explained, Sam! What I still don’t understand is that last week after the last game of the round, I had narrowly won my game. Then, half an hour later, the scores were updated and I lost by quite a bit. How do you figure that?

        • Not 100% sure, depends on how many points we’re talking. I find, especially in Sunday games, that a lot of points get taken away after a retake of stats. eg. Greenwood lost about 15 points last week due to tackles etc being given to other players.

          • Also if you used a loophole and had your VC as your C, that wont be doubled until the end of the round.

        • When I loopholed the VC / C the score didn’t double on my tally until lockout was lifted.

          • Yeah, that could have been it. (His captain’s loopholed score) It was a rude surprise after clawing my way back into the match, only to lose anyway. As Matt says, “that’s why this game sh-ts me!

  • Fucking Adams cost me my league game

  • Love how these stat recorders keep giving free points to Grundy in the final term, even though he’s not actually winning hitouts to disposing the ball.

    Thanks fuckheads. What a way to narrowly lose a head to head – that plus choosing to put the C on rocky instead of Ablett.

    • * “…hitouts OR disposing the ball”

    • Hey J & LW …

      If you would pay attention and know what your fucken doin then you would know Melbourne are one of the hardest steams to score points against.
      For that reason with your pathetic comments I now say….. Your a squeezer