Roy’s Trade Talk – Rd. 11

The byes are here and depending on your goals for the season and current structure, trades options would vary immensely. Remember we only need 18 players and we have three trades. Personally I enjoy trying to navigate my way through with a few main points in mind:

  • Minimise or avoid doughnuts
  • Clear dead weight eg. Spuds on the bench that generate no cash.
  • Finish the byes with a better team than I started which counts out straight swapping premiums for three weeks.
  • Trade in premium players who have had a bye where possible.
  • Aim for rookies who help cover a zero, but job security remains a priority.
  • Remember that players I bring in, I will likely be stuck with for a while.
  • Avoid temptation of rushed cash grabs eg. I have much bigger problems and less reliable players than Marchbank, so I will keep him over the byes and shuffle the likes of Roughy and WHE next week.


Matthew Scharenberg (DEF, $244,000) Holds the round 13 bye, but should be around for long haul after a solid game on the weekend where he scored 67 which gives him a BE of 27. He had 16  touches and seven marks and although he comes at an inflated price, you could say he is worth that for job security.


Scott Selwood (MID, $439,000) Hasn’t had his bye which isn’t ideal, but has it in round 12 where most teams will have 20 or so players available anyway. Now, I am not saying he will keep up his 119 average or 17 tackles a game, but at this price, and with a BE of 27 he is a great stepping stone for a premium later in the year. He has been a premium in the past and should be a solid contributor until giving him the boot.

Aaron Hall (MID, $608,000) Wrote about him last week and you will need to pay more now but he continues to tick boxes. He followed up hi 156 and 134 with a handy 117 in the absence of Gaz on the weekend which included a 50 point first quarter. He has a BE of 87 and his three round average of 136 suggest he won’t have any trouble covering that.

James Cousins (MID, $167,000) Did a great job to score 66 from 14 touches with a (2nd) team high six tackles considering he only played 58% of the game. Depending on which way you look at this, he either has great scoring potential or no job security. At this stage I’ll be backing the scoring potential and grabbing him, especially after such a good win.


Jarrod Witts (RUC, $472,000) is playing some great footy of late, averaging 105 in his last three games. He has a break even of 64 and with the inclusion of Archie Smith hurting Stef Martins output… it could be an interesting option if you think the Lions are going to continue with the stupidity. For the record, I’m holding Stef, surely Archie won’t hang around.


Michael Barlow (FWD/MID, $531,000) kicked a late goal to save what would have been a disappointing score last week, eventually finishing on 93. This week I am confident of a triple figure return as the Suns return to Metricon where Barlow has averaged  around 120 in his last two. He also has a nice matchup against the Eagles.

At this stage I will trade out Williamson, Butler and Miles for Cousins, Ryan and S. Selwood

Use the comments to discuss your moves,


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  • Polson to Cunico
    Pickett to S.Selwood
    Houston to Ryan
    2k in the bank

  • Did Sloane get tagged by Freo or not? Did anyone watch the game (I didn’t….)
    DTLive indicates he was by Blakely, but he still managed 157!
    Has Sloane learnt to handle the tag (or more importantly has his team mates learnt how to protect him)?
    Considering trading in Sloane (or maybe Gazzy or Merrett – but boy his current price is juicy considering his ceiling…)
    Think Sloane will get tagged for the rest of the season – the big risk / reward is can he deal with it!

  • Scharenberg v Ryan (if named) and 95k??

    • imo Scharenberg has better JS. Bucks delayed playing him, but unless he has a real stinker, I reckon he’s pretty safe. With Lyons god knows when Ryan gets a game & how long he’ll be about (might be more about Freo’s form rather than Ryan’s). Both should score in the 60s – 70s imo – so Ryan should generate cash more quickly, but the risk is does he stay on the park long enough to overtake Scharenberg?

  • Anyone looking at bringing Polec in?

  • R.Gray v .S.Selwood?

    • no question go with scooter.. Gray is bleeding cash and still has a BE of over 100 and a 3 round average of 57.. scooter BE is 27..

  • Preuss > Ryan
    Kennedy Harris > cousins
    Black > s Selwood
    (Via a couple of DPPs)
    As above, but black to yeo instead.

    Plan would then be to downgrade Tarrant, WHE, and otten next week to rocky.

    Thoughts? Basically thinking if scooter is worth the extra cash generation to get titch after all the byes.


  • Who are top 8 mids??

    My guess is ( not in order )
    Titch, rocky, danger, trealoar, Merrett, Sloane, Zorko, Martin/pendles

    Only reason I don’t put gaz is because of injuries

    Thoughts or any help because I am upgrading jack Steven – rocky next week and Fyfe to a top 8 mid and wanna know who is best option to get

    Already have
    Merrett, trealoar, danger, rocky,
    Thanks for any help

  • hi guys, first year fantasy player and i am 10/10 panicing about the bye lol. I hope i set out these possible trades correctly, cheers

    polson – scharenberg
    miles – cousins
    mutimer – cunico
    159k leftover


    miles – cousins
    polson – cunico
    Barrett – R Gray
    98k leftover

  • Got an interesting trade idea for next round, thoughts on the better option?

    1 . Go for Dan Hannerbery 614k, costing me a trade like barratt to him
    2. Go for Josh Kennedy 540k, costing me a cheaper shitter rookie like parsons to get

    Which one would u be getting and why? both perfect targets for after rd 11 bye, just wondering which one u would be targeting and why, kennedy massively underpriced i think but hanners maybe the better pick?

    • barratts still got about 50k to make imo so go for kennedy who will go bananas after his bye (scientifically proven) and deal with barratt in a few weeks

      • okay so shuffled around trades and i made it so i can afford either without trading out barratt, would you still go JPK or is hanners the better pick? cheers mate

  • If you disregard all the bye stuff is barlow still a top 6 fwd?

    Very very slim down there this year, wish we had dusty and merritt like last year.

    • nah dont think so unfortunately, i wanted to bring him in after judging his performance against melbourne but he limped his way to a 93, which a flukey free kick for a melbourne player throwing the ball gifted him a goal on the final siren, so he played at a 75-80 game and looked off pace. He would be a top 10 mid but surely there are better mids to come trough like newnes maybe because barlow is looking outdated

  • Just wishful thinking I reckon. He’s been ‘ready to be selected’ for weeks now … We’re either waiting for the donut that’s been taking up space on our benches all season to actually do something apart from get in the way, or to bring him in cos we’re desperate for a cheap DEF rookie (I know I am).

  • My problem is this, I went from 166 to 528 on the rankings, mainly due to Jake Lloyd’s and Sam Reid’s early concussions last week. I have never been in this ranking territory in previous seasons. I am dead keen to roll the dice if need be to head back to the ‘beanie’ zone.

    This week I have brought in Ellis (very low BE, and on the rise with his scores, but a dice roller) for Lloyd and Robbie Grey (poor BE, but a high reward dice roller) for Reid.

    Is Lloyd to Ellis a better trade than Lloyd to Harbrow?

    And is there a better trade for Reid, than Grey, to springboard back towards the beanie zone?

    Have 157k in the chest for variations.

  • I can upgrade Barrett to any player with 665k – who should i get?

    Dusty is looking attractive at the moment, or Jelwood.

    • Scooter mate, save yourself money for next week to bring Hanners and Rocky back in! You’ll get Scooter for under $450k.

  • Trades:
    Caleb Marchbank OUT (Swapped Burton into my backline) – Cunico IN
    Michael Hibberd OUT – Luke Ryan IN
    Jack Steele OUT – Scooter IN.

    My rationale I hear you ask? Having $760k next week to bring Rocky and Hanners back in. There’s a couple of plays like Foote, Black, Eddy and Barrett that I’m looking to get rid of, so the process of elimination shall be sweet and simple.

    Anyone got any thoughts on that?

  • Thinking of bringing in both Danger and Sloane this week, is it risky to wait until after this week with them playing eachother or just get one of them?

  • Otten > Ryan
    Barrett > Cousins
    Aaron Black > Barlow


  • Bob Murph – Scooter via DPPs

    McGovern – Ryan

    And not sure about third trade.


    Kolodjashniji – Adams/Docherty- Around 611k left


    McCarthy to Cousins via DPP around 980k left

    What should my third trade be??

  • trade roughy or WHE?

  • Def: docherty, Adams, marchbank, Robertson, Newman, EVW (Stewart, oconnor)
    MID: dusty, danger, j.Selwood, Fyfe,t.mitchell, treloar, Gaff, Hanners (fishe, miles)
    RUC: Martin, grundy (pruess, pierce)
    FWD: Dahlhaus, Greenwood, Hoskin Elliot, Henry, Houston, otton (Pickett, eddy)

    Fellas, need extreme help!! I’m so stuck on trades this week. Looking to get rid of Houston, evw and those other players that are just a waste of space… appreciate the help guys

  • If Callum Brown is named, who would be a better option out of him and Cunico?

  • Would you go Marchbank to Tuohy this week and ply less than 18 this week.

    or hold for another week and get Roberton next week

    Tuohy has rd 12 bye which i will easily field 18

  • Which has more chance of playing in the future Norths Hibberd or Carlton’s Polson

  • DEF: Adams Lloyd Tuohy Newman Marchbank Otten (EVW, Oconnor)
    MID: Mitchell Merrett Dangerfield Trelor Martin Hannerbry Crouch Fyfe (myers mountford)
    RUC: Martin Grundy (Preuss Cameron)
    FWD: Macrae Dahlhaus Heeney Barrett Butler Greenwood (parsons polson)

    Need some serious help thanks guys!