Roy’s Trade Talk – Rd 5

Whether it be forced, rage or pure luxury trades, injuries and form have ensured that all categories are relevant this week. Here are some names that I think should be in your thoughts this week:

Trade out?

Heath Shaw- Use the shin injury as an excuse. Where are the rude +6’s?
Jarryd Roughead – Been solid, but doesn’t look like the 85 av we thought he would be.
Toby Nankervis– Done his job, but trade away any time from now.
Sam Powell Pepper – He will be fine to keep, but if you can trade him out as part of a genuine premium upgrade, that’s a good move.
Curtly Hampton– Still has more growth but a downgrade can make $150K now which is handy.

Bargain Cows:

Harley Balic (FWD/MID, $178,000) BE: -7
Josh Daicos (FWD, $150,000) BE: 25

Mid-priced cow:

Alex Neal Bullen (FWD/MID, $426,000) Is still playing well above his asking price despite rising by $171K so far this season. He is averaging 102 for the season and is coming off 95 which leaves him with a BE of just 12.

Which big dawg?

Zach Merrett (MID, $710,000) Owned by just  6% of teams, Merrett is having another pig season and we need to be on him asap. He is averaging 125 on the back of 134 this week and looks set for a huge game against the Pies on ANZAC Day.

Rory Sloane (MID, $669,000) Also owned by  just 6% of teams, Sloane has taken his game to another level again this year. He is averaging 144 in his last three games and looks unstoppable in the impressive Crows outfit. Has a BE of 71 and offers a little more value than Merrett.

Tom Rockliff (MID, $709,000) Averaging: Who cares? BE: Who cares? coming off: Who cares? One word: OINK.

Bargain Premo:

Josh Kelly (MID, $577,000) If you fall short of the guys above, Kelly is living up to the hype. He is a nice unique pick, currently owned by just 4% of teams despite averaging 117 in his last three games. He has certainly taken his game to the next level again with a secondary break out and carries a BE of just 64 as a result.

Clayton Oliver (MID, $557,000) Despite rising $141K since the start of the year, Oliver is still great value if you can’t reach one of the big boys. He is averaging 117 with a low score of 99 over four games which is very impressive and his tackling numbers are ensuring his score continues to tick over. He has a BE of 61.

As always, use the comment to discuss your trade ideas in the comments, I’m currently:

Hampton to Daicos via DPP
Roughead to Kelly via DPP

Docherty, Ablett and Neale also coming under consideration for Kelly’s position.



  • 11k remaining

  • Taranto – Ablett

    Spp – fox

    Can I get some input please

    Thanks guys


  • Roughy to Buddy
    Jäger to D Shiel

    • roughie to buddy because jaguar is coming back from 2 years out he can only get better from here back him in

  • Bernie Vince > Sharrod Wellingham
    Dyson Heppell > Rory Sloane
    (46K Remaining)

    Thoughts? Any other good options?

  • Ok I have a bit of a conundrum
    Do I go
    Roughead – Daicos
    Powell-Pepper – Josh Kelly or Oliver


    Roughy – Daicos
    Hampton – Docherty


    Roughy – Daicos
    D Swallow – Sloane/ Murphy

    • I went with the first option aswell this week . Hopefully Daicos can play well and make some money

    • powell has carlton so should still do ok.. id go swallow to sloane

    • I’d take the middle one if you’re looking for pure points increase. Docherty will gain you 50ppg. But Sloane you’re getting value for money

  • Any good defenders 200k or cheaper??

  • Kelly or Lloyd?

  • Sloane or Riewoldt?

    Just not enough cash for Merrett. Got both Rocky and Danger.

    or anyone else in the mid or fwd you guys recommend

  • Thoughts on Kolo? Averaging 87 in a bad team. Can cover him for round 9 with Otten and will help during the actual byes. Could be a good D6 or last upgrade?

    Roughy + Hampton > Balic + Kolo

  • Thoughts on Mitch Duncan over Kelly, gaz, Oliver etc.

  • How do you go Hampton to daicos via dpp? Did you have a fwd/def? Or did you go fwd/mid mid/def?

  • Is Murph still worth it? Or should I go cheaper and go Josh Kelly? How much more will Murph average?

  • Roughie to ANB?
    Or downgrade Roughie to Daicos to get an uber premium next round?

    • ANB plenty of cash to be made at this stage of the season and possibility to go big

      • Agree. He’s a good early candidate for permanent F6 or a cheap upgrade to a late-season DPP for finals.

  • Is Jack Steele worth getting? 450k and three 90+ scores to date. Could push for a top 6-8 forward position

  • Bowes+Kreuz to Doch/Lloyd+Daicos
    Taranto+Kreuz to Slone/Zorko+ Daicos
    Taranto+Roughy to Lloyd+ Daicos
    cheers legends

  • Roughy and nank to matera and tex +$30k


    Roughy to tex and miles to fisher? Fisher would be bench

  • Hampton to Hardwick and Roughy to Oliver yay or Nay?
    Or should I go Daicos If named?

  • Option 1 – JPK & Roughie to Rocky & Matera? (circa $80k left in bank)


    Option 2 – Roughie and Hampton to Matera & Roberton? (circa $19k left in bank)

  • ok then nank, spp, sps & hampton all have to go…which one should i cull first?

  • Should I trade Stewart to Laird or Williamson? One is a keeper and the other is going to make me money.

  • Is Barrett or Parfitt and Eddy to Daicos good trades? Or do I go Barrett to Zac Fisher?

  • My team with 2 trades and only 3k in bank – who goes and who’ to come in

    Laird, doc, Newman, Marchbank, Hampton, Otten (macreadie, Stewart)
    Adams, titch, treloar, danger, gaff, beams, crouch, swallow (Taranto, mountford)
    Martin, Nank (preuss, Cameron)
    ANB, WHE, Dahl, Steele, roughy, butler (Pickett, eddy)

    • I’d move Mountford and Roughy.
      Mountford to Balic, Roughie to Burton/Wigg if named (via dpp with balic/taranto)

  • nank > martin
    touhy > docherty/lloyd?

  • Keep Marchbank still?

  • Taranto to Daicos via DPP
    Mills to Hodge


    Hampton to Ed Vickers-Willis
    Mills to Jake Lloyd


  • Hey all,

    Any idea who might get some DPP changes?

    I want to make some early moves in draft league.


  • Thoughts on bringing in Heeney if named?

  • what are peoples thoughts on riley knight?

    • I found him too, Busta! He comes into my team this week as he looks like a perfect stepping stone

      Scoring looks solid and BE is 23, so hopefully some cash to earn there. The only other two I considered were Cam McCarthy and Sam J Reid. My only concern is score consistency with both

  • Adams, Simpson, ZJONES, Marchbank, Hampton, Newman (Otten,Stewart)

    Rocky, Titch, Pendles, Shuey, Libba, ANB, Steele, SPP (Pickett, Barret)

    Grundy Martin (pruess, Cameron)

    Dahl, McRae, Nank, Roughy, Houston, WHE , (Miles, Butler)

    Trade ideas? stuck for strategy at this stage as this is my first season. When to jump off the Nank train and SPP, guys like Roughy.. also what’s everyone’s bye rounds looking like? Is it any of your players that can score or does a certain amount of DEF, FWDS, MIDS and RUCS all have to be available or can your scores come from.any 18 players with the byes?


  • Should i go Curtly Hampton to Laird, or David Swallow to Rocky?

  • Thinking of trading Shaw. Who would people choose out of Salem and Roberton?

    Any help would be appreciated

  • Who to trade out of Swallow and Watson? Thinking Watson with his high BE ?

  • any trade options???

    Sam Docherty, Taylor Adams, Andrew McGrath, Caleb Marchbank, Curtly Hampton, Nic Newman
    (Tom Stewart, Mitchell Hibberd)

    Patrick Dangerfield, Tom Rockliff, Tom Mitchell, Marcus Bontempelli, Marc Murphy, Dayne Beams, Clayton Oliver, Sam Powell-Pepper (Jake Barrett, Declan Mountford)

    Brodie Grundy, Jarrod Witts (Darcy Cameron, Braydon Preuss)

    Jack Macrae, Touk Miller, Jarryd Roughead, Will Hoskin-Elliott, Dan Houston, Tim Taranto
    (Jarrod Pickett, Sam Weideman)

  • Hey fellas what option do you think i should do??

    1 SPP> Fisher +Hanners>Rocky
    2 Mountford>Fisher+ Eddy>Hardwick

    I like 1 sick of Hanners but opt2 fixes my nonplaying bench rooks

  • Is there any other rookie ruck apart from pruess getting a game or going to ?

  • Heath Shaw > ?
    Roughead > ?

  • desperately need some help lads, want to get rid of roughy and hampton but don’t know which one to downgrade/upgrade and who to.
    feel free to pick apart weak links as i’m totally stuck!

    adams, laird, touhy, marchbank, hampton, newman (otten, stewart)

    danger, treloar, titch, murphy, fyfe, beams, ANB, balic (barrett, pickett)

    grundy, nank (preuss, cameron)

    franklin, dahl, steele, roughy, WHE, houston (butler, miles)

    • 1. Roughy via Balic –> Wigg or another playing 150k bloke (Barrett on ground if he plays otherwise leave Balic and move Pickett FWD and play Butler).

      2. Hampton –> Docherty/Roberton/Yeo/Simpson? Depends on coin.

      • cheers was just fiddling with something along those lines but wasnt sure if that leaves too many rooks exposed on field.
        not sure how to go roughy via balic move?
        but who would be your top pick defender under 577k?

        • Go into advanced trades and trade roughy, sub balic into the forward line and then bring in a mid. I’d only do that if Barrett plays, if not leave it as is.

          Best defender under 577k imo is Roberton. He’ll earn some coin for a few weeks and then you can reconsider and get in Simmo if he picks up a bit.

  • a) Kelly or Oliver

    b) Docherty or Roberton


    • Oliver and Doc for me, tho im not really familiar with Kelly his numbers are great

    • kelly and doc for me but if you need a little cash and aren’t sold on kelly as a keeper go oliver and use as stepping stone later on in the season

    • Oliver and Doch.

      IMO Oliver will average (currently 116) more than Kelly (currently 109) over the year and Doch will likely average more than Roberton due to his higher ceiling.

      That said, Roberton is an ideal POD and should be amongst the best defenders by years end. I have Doch already and intend to bring in Roberton next week barring unforeseen circumstances.

    • Kelly & Docherty

  • Which to trade first? Hampton, SPP or Nank? Just wondering which to trade next week so I can plan it out