My Team 2017: Version 3.2

The JLT Series continues, so here’s a new My Team post starting this Sunday evening. Don’t miss the JLT Notes for week three.

Post your team (in an easy to read format) and discuss where it’s at in the comments below. Now that we have My Team cranking, discuss any players, team structure, etc in the comments. As always, keep it civil and if you want advice, make sure you dish out some of your own (make sure it well thought out and not blatant trolling – we’re totally over that after 10+ years of DT Talk!).

Get keen for a massive season ahead.




  • Black out of the Geelong side today, I’d say he won’t be there round 1. There’s have to be doubts on Butler too now. Other than Barrett and Powell-Pepper there’s bigger all mid rookies too. A real shocker all round for rookies this year. May have to drop a premo and pay the big dollars for the good ones

  • Rocky & Jamie Elliot, or Neale and Tom Phillips.

    Very few fwd options, and I don’t even know if Elliot/Phillips will be in the 22..

    Any other suggestions around the 395k max option?

  • Fmd: NRoo, Dahl, Phillips, Roughy, Taranto, WHE, Eddy, Black
    Phillips F3 & Taranto F5 or Touk F3 & Miles F6 or 7? just like the look of Taranto & WHE @ F5 and 6, jeez Fevs, answered your question now doubting myself.

  • My team: I am a school teacher who wants to be competitive against my yeah 12s, appreciate the feedback

    Backs: Adams, Simpson, Mills, Tuohy, Hampton, Vicker (Hibberd, Stewart)

    Mids: Danger, Steven, Barlow, Beams, Watson, OMera, Swallow, Powell Pepp (Pickett, Barrett)

    Rucks:Goldy and Sandilands

    For: Macrae, Dalhaus, Billings, Roughy, WH, Black (Eddy, Butler)

    29 k left


    • Mills or Tuohy, I would lose one of them (Tuohy) for say Weitering as a good unique, No Barlow until after round 9…swap for Parker or Hannebery… but your team is good over all

    • My first bit of advice is, Don’t publicly declare that you are a teacher without proof reading your post. :)

  • Macrae Vs I.Smith

    What do you they’ll average?

  • Advice Please!

    DEF: Adams, Laird, Mills, Salem, Hampton, Stewart (Otten, Hibberd)
    MID: Titchell, Fyfe, M. Crouch, Gaff, Josh Kelly, Beams, O’Meara, Powell-Pepper (Wigg, Barrett)
    RUC: Grundy, Nankervis (Cameron, Preuss)
    FWD: Macrae, Billings, Steele, Roughead, Taranto, Hoskin-Elliot (Eddy, Pickett)

    $54,000 leftover

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!

  • Thurlow and 272K or Lloyd and 32K???

  • Jack Steven + SPP + T.Miles or I.Smith + Swallow + Barrett

  • Any thoughts on my current side??

    DEF: Adams, Laird, Mills, Hampton, Stewart, Vickers-Willis (Newman, Otten)

    MID: Danger, Treloar, Parker, Coniglio, Fyfe, Beams, JOM, Barrett (Wigg, Hibberd)

    RUC: Grundy, Nankervis (Preuss, Cameron)

    FWD: Macrae, Dahlhaus, Steele, Roughy, WHE, Butler (Pickett, Miles)

    Also have 22k left in the bank, not sure if I should lighten up my midfield and balance the other lines.

  • Swallow, Doch and Billlings or Fyfe, Mills and Steele

  • Jobe looking good yet again. Looked good all JLT, seems refreshed. I’m quite tempted, not sure he gets DPP as he’s playing mostly mid but could see him averaging 105, big call but he’s a ball magnet

  • What’s everyone going? 2 Rookie mids or only 1 rookie in the mid?

  • fyfe or beams?

  • S.Martin and 230k Rookie or Grundy and Barrett

  • Thoughts on these boys:

    W. Brodie or G. Horlin-Smith
    I. Heeney or O. Fantasia
    C. McCarthy or W. Hoskin-Elliott

  • Tom Phillps Vs Jack Steele vs Hrovat

    Will Steele avg 80+?

    Will Phillps or Hrovat get midfield time?

  • JPK, Parker or Hanners?

  • What is the earliest round people can see Archie Smith playing?

    • If Stef is smashing it does Archie even get a look in? If they were intent on playing 2 rucks surely he would have played yesterday. They may give Archie a run when they come up against the likes of Goldy and Gawn but I don’t see it being often

    • I don’t see why they would need him in Atleast the first 8 weeks.. according to the fixture you would think he would be rucking solo.. best ruck oppenent is Jacobs in round 9, will be dominating but who knows what Fagan will do

  • Currently got 170k for F6. Are there even any options that can be considered or do I need to downgrade a mid premo?

    • The likes of Black, Butler, Eddy etc but I’m real worries about starting any on field. Thinking of downgrading a premo to a cheaper one to find some coin to get someone like Parfitt in. He looks likes he’s best 22 and should average 60-65. Also don’t mind Matt Kennedy but unsure if he’s best 22 at GWS

    • Begley for ESS played all JLT and did well. 190k

  • Docherty, Touk and Billings


    Macrea, Steele and LLoyd

  • Am I the only one that’s absolutely lost at the moment in regards to putting a side together? Kind of struggling to put a side together, even though I’ve posted probably 50 on here.

    • I scrapped my side, going to start again, no idea where I am at the moment, haha.

    • I don’t know whether to go mid heavy, there’s no stand out picks for my last defender and last 2 fwd spots. Got no cash left and don’t wanna change my structure, I can’t do it either.. I’m scraping the barrel with random cheapies and thinking “This’ll do”

      No good this year.

    • I’ve gone mid heavy to the point of having Beams at M7 and it looked shit hot, but I can’t remember the side now and I deleted it to try something else.

      I have a few players locked in though, just lost, especially with rucks.

      Locks: Shaw, Laird, Hampton, Dangerfield, Fyfe, Beams, O’Meara, Nankervis, Roughead, Dahlhaus, the rest I’m lost with!

      • I’m thinking of choosing my certain locks then just going by a structure… I’ve got Beams M6 and I love the look of 5 uber premos M1-M5.

        Only people I wouldn’t lock out of yours is Shaw and Fyfe. Both could be exceptional however.

        • That’s the way I’m going, M1 to M5 is: Danger, Rocky, Treloar, Neale and Parker

    • I think the lack of good rookies all round has bamboozled people. Can’t remember a year they were so bad. You almost have to go a few of those 200-250k rookies which in turn forces you to go one less premo somewhere. Also massive headaches in the ruck area too. Goldy and Gawn won’t be solo, Stef looking solo now but still some risks attached

      • I’m fine with the rucks, i’m going Stef + Nank just for value and they’ll stay in until at least the bye rounds bar injury.

        I agree, no rookies are standing out for best 22, let alone a decent enough 60 average.

        • Yeah I’m puzzled with rucks, I’ve even gone in with Kreuzer and Nankervis, just doesn’t look right, so I can strengthen lines elsewhere.

        • I love that ruck set up, going it myself. Can we trust Stef to go solo all year though? I think he can match Gawn/ Grundy if he does and is 70-100k cheaper than those two

          It’s going to almost be a case of just selecting whichever rookies are picked round 1 which can be fraught with danger but I don’t think we’ll get a choice this season

          • Here is where I am at the moment.

            Adams, Shaw, Tuohy, Hampton, Stewart, Otten, Hibberd, Newman
            Dangerfield, Titchell, Fyfe, Gaff, M Crouch, Beams, O’Meara, Barrett, Wigg, Pickett
            Martin, Nankervis, Cameron, Preuss
            Macrae, Dahlhaus, Billings, Phillips, Roughead, Eddy, Black, Miles

            $35 in the piggery, no where near sold on this side at all.

          • Or… Tuohy to Laird, Crouch to Rockliff, Gaff to Powell-Pepper, Phillips to Steele?

          • Someone just pick a side for me, haha.

    • stay strong….

  • Thoughts, ta

    Defenders: Adams, Shaw, Laird, Hampton, Stewart, Otten (Newman, Vickers-Willis)

    Midfielders: Dangerfield, Treloer, Mitchell, Fyfe, Beams, JOM, SPP, Barrett (Hibberd, Wigg)

    Rucks: Grundy, Nankervis (Preuss, Cameron)

    Forwards: Macrae, Dahlhaus, Steele, Philips, Roughead, Taranto (Miles, Black)

    Are my mids to weak?
    Steele and Philips good enough?

  • Well would like some suggestions and comments on structure and what to do with my little remaining cash.

    Def; Adams, Laird, Mills, Hampton, Marchbank, ______ (Smith, Otten)

    Mid; Danger, Treloar, Neale, Parker, Titch, Beams, JOM, Barrett. (Wigg, Miles)

    Ruck; Stef, Nank. (Pruess, 150k)

    Fwd; Dahl, Billings, Steele, Roughy, WHE, ______ (Eddy, Butler)

    Got 380k for D6 and F6, was thinking going either;

    Tom Stewart or Jake Kelly (Ade), not sure how they fit into their respective teams…

    And no idea for F6, at all.

    • Got 380k left, btw…

      Was looking to downgrade a premo in parker to a Horlin-Smith for extra cash.

    • I’m not sold on Mills but if you are go for it man, he could be awesome. I’m a big fan of the Parker and Neake selections, for me they’re the next pigs and both have 115-120 averages in them. As I said above, probably going that same Ruck set up, the Stef solo news is massive, such a bargain at that price. As for the 380k remaining, lock Stewart in, he’s apparently best 22 at the cats and should average 60-65, leaves you 210k, I’d then go Parfitt, think he’s a beauty and should go 65ish

      • Yeah the longer Mills is in my team the more i’m not convinced about him, but not sure who else to go for..

        Currently got Jake Kelly and Parfitt in, will see what I can do with Stewart.

  • Is it worth going Lloyd over doc and getting the extra cash, Lloyd is looks elite out there

    • At 90k less and to half time in today’s game Lloyd has had a better JLT than Doc over two games each. Yes it is worth it.

  • lads, thoughts on who is the best mid price defender on the market? mills, tuohy, hibberd or bob murphy?

  • Lloyd & Phillips or Billings & Tuoy/Mills or 449k defender?

  • billings and mills or jones and franklin

  • Fyfe, Miles, Black
    Watson, Powell-Pepper, Parfitt?

    • 1st but eddy/butler (if he’s named) over black, can’t see black in cats 22 r1. if you don’t have them.

  • Pick 3: Treloar, Neale, Parker, Titch

    • Treloar, Neale, Parker. I think Titch will be good but the others will be 5 points better

    • Parker, Treloar, Titch

    • Would appreciate some suggestions and feedback

      Def; Adams, Shaw, Laird, Marchbank, Hampton, Stewart (Hibberd, Otten)

      Mid; Danger, Treloar, Parker, Fyfe, Gaff, Beams, JOM, Horlin-Smith. (Wigg, Barrett)

      Ruck; Stef, Nank (Pruess, Pierce)

      Fwd; Dahl, Billings, Roughy, Sam Reid (Syd), WHE, Turner (Eddy, Butler)

      17k remaining

  • SC 588512 seven spots left.

  • Thoughts on these:
    Worth picking Stef over Gawn/Grundy?
    Pick 2 out of each line:
    Laird, Mills, Tuohy and LLoyd
    Billings, Steele, Miller and Phillips

    • IMO, yes.

      Laird & Lloyd.

      I like all apart from Miller, all are risky but Steele & Phillips just cause they’re a little cheaper.

    • Stef Yes
      Laird & Tuohy
      Steele & Philips just as Miller didn’t do enough in JLT, solid but no-more. Phillips is high risk/reward

  • Touk or Steele guys?

  • Hey guys haven’t posted team in a while, any suggestions?

    DEF: Adams, Laird, Marchbank, Hampton, Stewart, Otten (Melican, Hibberd)

    MID: Dangerfield, Merrett, Treloar, Parker, Fyfe, Beams, JOM, Barret (Wigg, Fox)

    RUC: Grundy, Nankervis (Cameron, Preuss)

    FWD: Macrae, Greene, Dahlhaus, Roughead, Taranto, Miles (Eddy, Butler)

    Thinking of dropping Greene to Hoskin-Elliot and getting Lloyd in for Stewart?

  • Thoughts on Jobe Watson? Flown under the radar this pre season? Can’t see any reason why he can’t go 100-105. Had a ripper JLT series

    • I don’t see Jobe going 100+ due to all the others being back but I can see him push low-mid 90s

    • Watson has had a ripper JLT and the moment he confirmed he was coming back people should have known his pride and determination to get Essendon moving on and successful would drive him.

      Watson has been my M5 or M6 for weeks and for me his range is difficult to gage, 95-102 that area.

      He will be battling on price with those who like Billings and Murphy.

      • Yeah I don’t see Billings or Murphy matching him though, particularly Billings. I feel Jobe is being very undersold this pre season. Absolute gun and will next to no attention

  • how many rooks are on your ground I have 5

  • Accidentally sent my Team as a reply the first time

    Would appreciate some suggestions and feedback

    Def; Adams, Shaw, Laird, Marchbank, Hampton, Stewart (Hibberd, Otten)

    Mid; Danger, Treloar, Parker, Fyfe, Gaff, Beams, JOM, Horlin-Smith. (Wigg, Barrett)

    Ruck; Stef, Nank (Pruess, Pierce)

    Fwd; Dahl, Billings, Roughy, Sam Reid (Syd), WHE, Turner (Eddy, Butler)

    17k remaining

    • Honestly can’t fault much here, very nice side

      Backs- love the Shaw pick, a POD this year but will still go close to 100

      Mid- huge fan of Parker. Gaff is an awesome pID and will give you good points

      Ruck- Stef now looking a goer, solo he goes about 105-108 absolute beast

      For: don’t get the Reid pick, never been a good scorer. Billings should break out

      Overall quite solid, could you rate Jobe above? Cheers man

  • DEF: Adams, Laird, Lloyd, Hampton, Marchbank, Otten (EVW, Melican)
    MID: Danger, Treloar, Neale, JPK, Gaff, Beams, Horlin-Smith, Barrett (Hibberd, Pickett)
    RUC: Grundy, Nank
    FWD: Dahlhaus, Franklin, Steele, Roughy, WHE, Miles (Eddy, Butler)
    41k left.
    Thoughts? Too many rookies?

  • why whe over taranto????
    deciding between the 2 atm.

    • Taranto a lock for me. Only had to see on Friday night that he was at centre bounces to see how much they rate him. Will be the rookie of the year and average 75

  • Fantasy league created last night and listed on this forum only J66FDJX4

    For experts experienced coaches

  • jones and steele or lloyd and taranto