My Team 2017: Version 2.1

Fantasy is here! The game opened up on Monday night and thousands of coaches have already got their teams in. They’ll be tweaked hundreds of times over the next 58 days until lockout.

Post your team (in an easy to read format) and discuss where it’s at in the comments below. Now that we have My Team cranking, discuss any players, team structure, etc in the comments. As always, keep it civil and if you’re advice, make sure you dish out some of your own (make sure it well thought out and not blatant trolling – we’re totally over that after 10+ years of DT Talk!).

Get keen for a massive season ahead.




  • Thoughs on what Jack Steven will average? Seems like no one has him in their teams.

    • I’ve grabbed him instead of titch as a sneaky unique. With a couple of other ball winners added in I have a sneaky feeling he may be back up over 110.

      • I’d love to have the balls to get him, has a huge ceiling. Just can’t handle a tag though sadly and teams have worked out how damaging he is

        • I don’t think he’s THAT dangerous of a user, so I’m hoping that some extra help in the ball winning department will wear off some of that reliance, he’s not the worst tag victim in the world either, with 80ish being more his norm than 50 when that happens. Titch I love like my own child, but the Hawks have never really had a pig average midfielder as they share the load so well, and last year we were stupidly direct so I’m a smidge worried we won’t get that huge accumulation set up that’d suit him, not enough to claim he’ll drop off or that I’ll be shocked to see him pump out 115+, but enough to take a unique option to be different and get him later if he succeeds.

      • He’s been in and out of my sides, toss up with him and Titchell, still undecided.

  • Titch and Sidebum or Treloar and M.Crouch

  • Macrae, Lloyd, Bowes, Myers or Miller, billings, mills and freeman

  • So whats peoples view on Zak Jones?

    • The bastard will probably tag when the real stuff starts.
      I’m not basing this on watching any of the game, just learned pessimism and Longmire’s history.

  • Anyone scared off the big 3 Swans mids with the new rotations? I mean they’ll still score well but I’m not sure they’ll be able to go 110 average if they’re not getting as much time through there. Parker will likely rest forward a lot and Hanners is stranded out on a wing

  • Just sitting here having a beer and watching the cricket playing around with the side, would be interested to see what others think of this side, thank you.

    Adams, Laird, Hodge, Hampton, Stewart, Smith, Vickers-Willis, Newman
    Dangerfield, Rockliff, Treloar, Titchell, Watson, O’Meara, Swallow, Powell-Pepper, Barrett, Miles
    Gawn, Grundy, Cameron, Pruess
    Dahlhaus, Miller, Heeney, Taranto, Hoskin-Elliott, Black, Pickett, Eddy

    Thing is, not too sure about Laird and Hodge, is Hampton, Stewart, Smith too weak?

    Watson, O’Meara, Swallow, Powell-Pepper too weak a midfield?

    Not much you can say about the rucks but am interested to see what role Nankervis plays.

    Not too sure about Miller, Hoskin-Elliott.

    2K left in the piggery.

    • I like the side. Don’t worry about Laird, he’s safe as houses, goes 90+ every week. Currently I’m running Hampton, Stewart and Newman on field, it seems weak but I think they offer much better value than the likes Of McGrath, Thurlow etc. I’m probably go one extra mid premo if you can, upgrade Watson. With Stef sharing duties I now think Gawn and Grundy is the way to go in the rucks. I think Hoskin Elliot is a good rookie, sounds like he’ll play wing and I see him averaging 70 odd. Miller is a top POD pick

      • Cheers Trent, appreciate the feedback.

        With Martin and Smith working together I can’t see Martin pumping scores of 85+ each week so there really isn’t a need for him, sadly, he was a monster a couple seasons back and served me well, so looks like the go with Gawn and Grundy, still keen to see how Nankervis goes.

        Will have to have another play with the side to make Watson a premo.

        • No worries man. Yeah sadly I think Stefs days as an uber premo are over. As a Tigers supporter I think Nankervis will score well, Hampson still in the rehab group too. However once for I think Hammer will be straight back in because Hardwick loves him. Just have to hope Nankervis has the form to keep him out

          • Wasn’t aware that Hampson was injured, man, I was so glad Carlton got rid of him, haha, I was hoping Carlton would chase Brisbane’s Archie Smith during the off season, think he can excel as a solo ruck and we all know Carlton needs one, haha.

            Carlton has Richmond first up.

    • The Defs are ok I think, I’ve gone similar except Doc for Laird and Mills at d4, but I think going bottom price-ish for the rest of the defenders shouldn’t hurt much, I don’t see any Def’s jumping to 85+ before the 400k mark so I agree with not loading up with midpricers or high end rookies there.

      I’m interested to see how PP goes, until he plays I guess we can’t know, personally I’m not wanting more than one of the Swallow/Omera/Scooter batch because they will all need to be moved on at some stage and their profits will be a little lower than an outright rook.

      I’m already sold on Heeney so Miller is missing out for me, trying to go harder on the guns and rooks approach and two guys in the 400-500k range in one line is a bit risky for me. I like Hoskin-Elliott at f5, he’s currently my f4 and I’d love to be able to get someone else in above him but can’t find the cash.

      • Yeah I had originally had Docherty and Laird in the back lines with Adams but needed to drop one or two out to make the cash for Gawn.

        Powell-Pepper was sitting at M7 with Foote at M8 but after today I’m just not too sure about him, will see how he goes next match, brought in Swallow for Foote, hoping that one of the 150K names like Barrett, Pickett, Miles or Freeman get games early on.

        • Yeah I’m in the same boat, if we could get 4 150k mid rooks owning spots I’d be very happy (Would be a good step in getting H-E down to f5), can’t see Barrett getting elevated on today’s effort sadly.

        • How shit are the mid rookies this year? I usually go a 5-3 premo/rookie split but no chance this year due to no standouts. Hopefully a few present themselves over the coming weeks but no real good ones at this stage

          • Yeah it’s early so hard to tell, but makes us all do out heads in when choosing a side for fantasy, haha.

  • Bowes v Lovell?

  • Classic league for anyone that’s keen

    Code: JMS73474

  • Whats peoples thoughts on this team?

    Defenders: T.Adams, S.Docherty, R Laird, C Hampton, T Stewart, N Newman (E Vickers-Wills, L Ryan)

    Midfielders: P Dangerfield, T Rockliff, A Treloar, T Mitchell, D Swallow, J Bowes, S.POP, D Myers, (N Freeman, J Barrett)

    Rucks: M Gawn, B Grundy, (D Cameron, L Pierce)

    Forwards: L Dahlhaus, T Miller, J Billings, I Heeney, H McCluggage, W Hoskin-Elliot, (A Black, B Eddy)

    $28k Left. Have a gut feeling the young forwards with receive more mid time and natural growth to all bump up to 90 – 100. Obviously watching all NAB games first to see if this theory will work or strip back to a GnR approach

    • I get your point with picking billings because he will get more midfield time but that doesn’t mean that he is going to become a great scorer. Not all midfields are good fantasy players.

      • That may be the case but from rumours, ability and chances it has him in the frame for a real breakout. Could backfire so thats why its only my first nab week team. No point going in with the same players as everyone else

  • Everyone list your top 3 breakout contenders and their predicted averages

  • Who is better out of Hoskin-Elliott or McCluggage?

  • hi all any comments and help on this team would be great.

    Adam’s, docherty, laird, Koloa, thurlow, scharenberg (Hibbert, stewart)

    danger, treloar, Tom Mitchell, fyfe, opera, David swallow, powell- pepper, myres ( basic, Freeman, graham)

    gawn, goldy ( strnadica)

    macrame, caddy, Heaney, roughead, mccluggage, bowes ( Pickett, eddy)

  • Team 7Up:

    Def: Adams, Montagna, Laird, Hampton, Stewart, Hibberd (Vickers-Willis, Newman)

    Mid: Rockliff, Heppell, Beams, Murphy, Watson, O’Meara, Swallow, Powell-Pepper (Barrett, Wigg)

    Ruc: Goldstein, Martin (Cameron, Preuss)

    Fwd: Macrae, Dahlhaus, Miller, Heeney, Roughhead, Pickett (Black, Eddy)