My Team 2017: Version 2.0

Fantasy is here! The game opened up on Monday night and thousands of coaches have already got their teams in. They’ll be tweaked hundreds of times over the next 58 days until lockout.

Post your team (in an easy to read format) and discuss where it’s at in the comments below. Now that we have My Team cranking, discuss any players, team structure, etc in the comments. As always, keep it civil and if you’re advice, make sure you dish out some of your own (make sure it well thought out and not blatant trolling – we’re totally over that after 10+ years of DT Talk!).

Get keen for a massive season ahead.

The 100 most popular players selected in the Drawing Board for AFL Fantasy Classic. As at 24 January. Don’t forget you can play with the Drawing Board right through the pre-season. Stay tuned for what Chad has in store in 2017. Data View is quite possibly the most underrated Fantasy tool on the web.

Hibberd, MitchellNMDEF/MID$15000084.6
McGrath, AndrewESSDEF/MID$25000077.4
Ryan, LukeFREDEF$15000076.9
Macrae, JackWBMID/FWD$59600075
Barrett, JakeBLMID$15000073.1
Adams, TaylorCOLLDEF/MID$62200072.4
Pickett, JarrodCARLMID/FWD$15000071.7
Heeney, IsaacSYDFWD$44200071.5
Myers, DavidESSMID$19700068.6
Heppell, DysonESSMID$54800065.2
Rockliff, TomBLMID$70400064
McCluggage, HughBLMID/FWD$24600062.9
Graham, JackRICHMID$15000058.9
Pierce, LewisSTKRUC/FWD$15000058.5
Docherty, SamCARLDEF$60900058.3
Thurlow, JacksonGEEDEF$28200055.7
Freeman, NathanSTKMID$15000050.8
Beams, DayneBLMID$51900050.1
Eddy, BrettPAFWD$15000048.2
Mitchell, TomHAWMID$63800047.3
Fyfe, NatFREMID$59500046.7
Hibberd, MichaelMELBDEF$42800045.6
Martin, StefanBLRUC$53800043.1
Bowes, JackGCMID/FWD$23200042.7
Gawn, MaxMELBRUC$64200041.8
McCarthy, CamFREFWD$21100037.8
Swallow, DavidGCMID$35500036.1
O'Meara, JaegerHAWMID$36400036
Frampton, BillyPARUC$15000033.4
Laird, RoryADEDEF$58400033.3
Dahlhaus, LukeWBMID/FWD$55700032
Powell-Pepper, SamPAMID$21600031.6
Grundy, BrodieCOLLRUC$60900031.2
Balic, HarleyFREMID/FWD$15000030.8
Roughead, JarrydHAWFWD$37300028.1
Bennell, HarleyFREMID/FWD$38800026.3
Berry, JarrodBLDEF/MID$21800026.2
Johannisen, JasonWBDEF$56300025.6
Ryder, PatrickPARUC/FWD$41100025.2
Treloar, AdamCOLLMID$67300025.2
Murphy, MarcCARLMID$48200024.9
Miller, ToukGCMID/FWD$49300023.5
Black, AaronGEEFWD$15000023.2
Dangerfield, PatrickGEEMID$71200023.1
Caddy, JoshRICHMID/FWD$51700022.5
Selwood, ScottGEEMID$38000020.9
Buzza, WylieGEERUC/FWD$15000020.3
Newman, NicSYDDEF$15000018.5
Goldstein, ToddNMRUC$58200017.9
Hodge, LukeHAWDEF$52500017.6
Lovell, KieranHAWMID/FWD$19500017.2
Bontempelli, MarcusWBMID$59500017.1
Hampton, CurtlyADEDEF$20400016.5
Elliott, JamieCOLLFWD$33000016
Weideman, SamMELBFWD$15000015.4
McCarthy, MitchellCOLLRUC/FWD$15000014.1
Nankervis, TobyRICHRUC/FWD$36500013.6
Otten, AndyADEDEF$15000012.9
Lloyd, JakeSYDDEF/MID$52100012
Hoskin-Elliott, WillCOLLFWD$23000011.8
Shaw, HeathGWSDEF$61400011.4
Steele, JackSTKMID/FWD$43200011.4
Montagna, LeighSTKDEF$59200011.3
Smith, IsaacHAWMID/FWD$53800011.3
Boyd, TomWBRUC/FWD$34700011.3
Pendlebury, ScottCOLLMID$64100011.2
Hannebery, DanSYDMID$65500010.3
Ablett, GaryGCMID$6110009.9
Sandilands, AaronFRERUC$4500009.9
Hartlett, HamishPADEF/MID$4740009.3
Knight, RileyADEFWD$2410009.1
Cameron, DarcySYDRUC/FWD$1560009
Ellis-Yolmen, CameronADEMID/FWD$3620009
Kolodjashnij, KadeGCDEF$4370008.6
Vickers-Willis, EdNMDEF$1500008.6
Strnadica, LukeFRERUC/FWD$1500008.1
Eagles, MatthewBLRUC$1500008
Ainsworth, BenGCMID/FWD$2440008
King, MitchellMELBRUC/FWD$1500007.8
Daicos, JoshCOLLFWD$1500007.4
Draper, SamESSRUC$1500007.2
Parker, LukeSYDMID$6630007
Watson, JobeESSMID$4770007
Steven, JackSTKMID$6300006.8
P. Kennedy, JoshSYDMID$6530006.8
Ahern, PaulNMMID/FWD$1500006.7
Hrovat, NathanNMMID/FWD$3800006.7
Brodie, WillGCMID$2340006.6
Scharenberg, MatthewCOLLDEF$2340006.5
Greene, TobyGWSFWD$5600006.2
Redden, JackWCMID$3920006.2
Marchbank, CalebCARLDEF$2050006
Gaff, AndrewWCMID$5640005.7
Rice, BaileySTKDEF$1500005.4
Brown, CallumCOLLMID/FWD$1820005.3
Collins, KieranWBDEF$1500005.2
Francis, AaronESSDEF/FWD$2300005.2
Soldo, IvanRICHRUC$1500005.1
Jacobs, SamADERUC$5340005
Mohr, TimGWSDEF$1500005




  • Hopefully this is it… RDT…

    BACKS. Shaw, Docherty. Lloyd, Thurlow, McGrath, Keefe. (Hibberd, Ryan.)

    MIDS. Dangerfield, Neale, Hanneberry, T.Mitchell, Priddis, Hrovat, Swallow,
    McGluggage. (Myers, Freeman, Bolton.)

    RUCKS. Goldstein, Martin. (McInerney.)

    FWDS. Macrae, Heeney, Reid, Ainsworth, Turner, Bowes. (Pickett, Eddy.)

    $255,300 IN THE BANK. for any surprises.. would love to get Franklin in.
    all thoughts please…

  • Thoughts please:

    Def: T.Adams S.Docherty J.Johannisen J.Lloyd M.Scharenberg M.Hibberd (L.Ryan K.Collins)

    Mid: T.Rockliff A.Treloar T.Mitchell M.Bontempelli D.Heppell J.Bowes D.Myers J.Graham (N.Freeman J.Pickett)

    Ruc: M.Gawn S.Martin (D.Cameron L.Pierce)

    Fwd: J.Macrae L.Dahlhaus J.Roughead H.McCluggage C.McCarthy K.Lovell (B.Eddy J.Daicos)

    • Solid as man. Really hard to fault. Bit of a watch on some of the rookies but they are the ones to pick for now. Nicely done!

    • Solid team. Like your structure and a lot of your choices.

      A few suggestions

      Roughead’s fitness levels coming off a horrific cancer battle, would likely be lower than Scott Selwood who has apparently been training really well. Selwood has a great role too. I’d swap Bowes forward and trade Roughead for Scooter. Only pick Roughy if he looks a million dollars in pre season.

      Dangerfield or Merrett are so much more durable and reliable than Rockliff, so I’d prefer them over him. Same with Laird over Adams. Seems like you’ve gone for ceiling rather than durability, which has pros and cons.

      Also, your bye structure is absolutely awful, but it isn’t that important at this time of year. Just gotta keep it in mind.

      Apart from that, it seems really strong. Best of luck this year!

    • your entire team is strong, i think that the premium rookie team is the way to go this year. Should be scoring 2000 week in week out

    • Your picking Stef Martin bothers me. I am a huge fan of Martin, but he is a member of the club of ruckmen who have to ruck all game. Goldstein was possibly the founding member of the club, but now appears less bothered by Brown. Perhaps these people were all only children; they have never learned to share.
      Brisbane seem very keen on Archie Smith, stingrays permitting, and Martin’s performance falls alarmingly when he is in the team.

  • Pendles, Swallow and JJ
    Bont, S.Selwood and Montagna?

  • Afl fantasy

    Def: Docherty, JJ, Mills, Hibbo, Newman, Hibberd, (Johnson, Ryan)

    Mid: Rocky, Treloar, Steven, Heppell, Kelly (GWS), Murphy, Sam P-P, Myers, (Barrett, Graham,)

    Ruck: Stef, Ryder, (Cameron, Pierce)

    Fwd: Macrae, Heeney, Dunkley, McCluggage, Turner, Pickett,
    376k in the bank. Not sure where I should upgrade but I do usually like to have some money left over
    Thoughts a

    • Assuming you have two fwd bench rookies? Otherwise spend the money there!

      Personally i’d upgrade Mills & Kelly. Nice picks but don’t see either making top 8-10 players in their line. At their prices you’d be looking to hold them for much of the season before upgrading late in the season. The loss of points could hurt you badly. Maybe keep one if you’re really keen on one of them but feel both of them is too risky

  • Titch or Pendles?

  • Goldy & Hodge or Stef & Docherty?

      • Hmm thought that’d be the response. Real keen on Goldy but see great value in Stef (if sole ruck). Will have to wait & see i guess

        • Apparently Goldy is having an interrupted pre season so may take a few rounds to get going. I’d also much prefer Docherty over Hodge. Hodge is quite cheap but will likely only give you 16-18 games. Doc is as consistent as they come and durable

          • Very true. Not so concerned about him building into his pre-season as a lot of senior players arent pushed as hard. Will monitor over alphabet cup. Cheers. True about Hodge v Doc but also concerned about Archie Smith impacting Stef

  • Swallow v S.Selwood?

    • I currently have scooter in my team, but I’m not sure myself

      • Scooter for mine. Played late last season so should be over injury problems. Also has history of higher ceiling & consistency. Cant really fault either though. I often have both in my team but then keep thinking its too risky. May end up with both if there are good signs in the alphabet cup!

  • Thoughts?

    DEF: Adams, Laird, JJ, Hibberd, Scharenberg, Hibberd (Ryan – Newman)

    MID: Rocky, Ticth, Coniglio, Gaff, Heppell, S.Selwood, Myers, Barrett (Freeman, Graham)

    RUC: Goldy, S.Martin (Pierce, McIenerney)

    FWD: Macrae, Heeney, Bennell, Roughy, Turner, Lovell (Pickett, Black)

    I also have 83k in the bank, any improvements the need to be made?

    • I think there is better value than Laird. Can’t see him dropping or improving and with premo options down back and a lot of high end value options I am going elsewhere this year. Monty or Doch for too 6 keeper or Hodge/Lloyd/Mills for value
      Luke Ryan is in everyone’s team but won’t be playing for at least 6 weeks min. Too many returning players plus Logue drafted for half back
      Rucks could get Gawn with money or whatever you do down back
      Good having some cash now for easy changes as you have a few basement rookies

      • Dont mind the Laird pick myself. Very consistent & theres been talk he’s been training with the midfield group. Whether that comes to fruition we’ll have to wait & see but that could be a nice added bonus

  • Deledio and Thurlow or Hibberd and Roughy

  • DEF: Adams, Laird, Docherty, Hibberd, Shaw, Hibberd (Marchbank– Johnson)

    MID: Rocky, Tom Mitchell, Beams, Murphy, Heppell, Swallow, Petrevski-Seton, McGrath (Freeman, Pickett)

    RUC: Ryder, English (Pierce, Pittonet)

    FWD: Macrae, Heeney, Dahlhaus, Roughy, Thomas, Mcluggage (Bolton, Mccarthy)

    124k in the bank, any thoughts?

  • Def – Adams, Monty, JJ, Mills, Scharenburg, Hampton (Keefe, Hibberd)
    Mids-Danger, Rocky, Titchel, Heppel, Beams, Scooter, PowellPepper, Myers (Graham, Freeman)
    Ruck -Gawn, Ryder (Pierce, Cameron)
    Fwds -Macrae, Heeney, Roughy, Bowes, McCarthy, Pickett (Black , Eddy)
    $133k left

    Gone light in forwards as only Macrae, Voldt (too expensive) and Franklin guarenteed top 6 IMO
    Plenty of cheap value there

    Waiting till final team and will only leave myself around $50k left over

    Ryder maybe to SMartin or Scooter to a rookie and Bowes to Franklin


  • Pretty set with this team, would love some feedback on it.
    Fantasy 5K in the bank
    DEF:Adams, Shaw, Doc, JJ, Gibbered(NTH), Otten (Ryan, Newman)
    MID:Rocky, Treloar, Mitchell, Heppell, Beams, Swallow, Graham, Freeman (barrett, Gore)
    RUCK:Gawn, Gruny (Pierce, Mcinnerney)
    FWD:Macrae, Heeney, Bennell, Roughead, Miles, Black (Rioli, Pickett)


    • Dam autocorrect, suppose to be Hibberd(NTH), Titchell not Mitchell, Grundy

      • Nothing wrong with that side
        Depends on rookies
        You have all 6 at basement price on the field and no money in the bank which will probably hurt
        You need all players playing even bench to make money and upgrades and doubtful there will be a dozen decent $150k players playing (this is excluding rucks) in the first week

        You will likely need a downgrade or two – Shaw and Grundy to Monty and Goldy/Stef?

        • +1
          Only really query is how many if any of your rookies (onfield & off field) play. Maybe look to get some more expensive rookies in now so once we know who’s playing you dont have to change your whole structure or team to fit playing rookies in. If the cheaper one’s do then play you’ll gain a bit extra cash to bolster your squad

  • Team Name: The Harlequins

    Cash Left: $1,600

    Def: T.Adams, K.Simpson, L.Montagna, A.McGrah, G.Logue, C.Hampton (M.Hibberd, T.Stewart)

    Mid: P.Dangerfield, A.Treloar, S.Pendlebury, T.Mitchell, A.Gaff, D.Heppell, J.Bowes, J.Barrett (N.Freeman, K.Mutch, J.Graham)

    Ruc: T.Goldstein, A.Sandilands (D.Cameron)

    Fwd: N.Riewoldt, J.Macrae, L.Franklin, H.McCluggage, C.McCarthy, K.Lovell (J.Pickett, B.Eddy)

    I know Sandilands is injured, but if he’s named for Round 1 I see no reason not to start him anyway. Rookies are all placeholder at this stage, until we’ve seen how they go in the JLT Cup.

    I’d love any advice/suggestions.

  • Adams, Doc, Hartlett, Thurlow, Mcgrath, Hampton (who cares atm)

    Rocky, Steven, Gaff, Hepp, Beams, Scooter, Swallow, Myers (meh)

    Sauce. Stef

    Macrae, Heendog, Harley, Roughy, Jamie Elliott, Turner (rookies)

    Thoughts boys? not concerned about rookies atm.

    • Tad too mid pricey for mine. Could pay off in spades but rarely does. Maybe look to upgrade/downgrade a few

  • Thoughts on my team dream team
    $16,800 remaining
    Adams shaw Simpson docherty hampton scharenberg (keeffe hibberd)
    Danger treloar pendas heppell scooter d swallow Powell-pepper Myers (Barrett pickett freeman)
    Gawn grundy (frampton)
    Macrame Henry roughy Bennell mccluggage c McCarthy (c brown eddy)

    Thoughts would be great cheers

  • For all you serious but OLD FOGIES: Classic ZZXZDKXS or Real Dream Team 422651

  • Thoughts on my team fantasy team?
    $35,000 remaining
    Adams laird hodge hibberd scharenberg berry (ryan hibberd)
    Danger titchell jacksteven fyfe beams swallow myers freeman (graham wigg)
    Martin Ryder (frampton)
    Macrae caddy toukmiller CEY McGluggage Lovell (black eddy)

    • Very solid. All of Caddy, Touk & CEY is a bit risky. Be nice if they all paid off but maybe downgrade at least one & then upgrade another or alternatively upgrade Ryder or Hibberd if you’d rather.

  • Fantasy: 51k Remaining.

    DEF: Adams, Doch, Laird, Thurlow, Scharenberg, Hibberd (Otten, Ryan)
    MID: Danger, Rocky, Pendles, T.Mitchell, Fyfe, Powell-Pepper, Myers, Graham (Barret, Freeman)
    RUC: Grundy, Ryder (Pierce etc)
    FWD: Macrae, Dahlhaus, Heeney, Roughead, Bowes, Lovell (Pickett, Eddy)

    Thoughts would be appreciated, Cheers.

  • Fantasy: 51k Remaining.

    DEF: Adams, Doch, Laird, Thurlow, Scharenberg, Hibberd (Otten, Ryan)
    MID: Danger, Rocky, Pendles, T.Mitchell, Fyfe, Powell-Pepper, Myers, Graham (Barret, Freeman)
    RUC: Grundy, Ryder (Pierce etc)
    FWD: Macrae, Dahlhaus, Heeney, Roughead, Bowes, Lovell (Pickett, Eddy)

    Thoughts would be appreciated, Cheers..

  • Laird + Montagna or Docherty + johannisen

    • Tough man. Think 2 but only cos having Doc’s name in the team makes it feek stronger to me lol. Really cant split them though.

  • Goldy & Laird or Stef & Doc?

  • Ok changes to team
    Thoughts on my team dream team
    $8,400 remaining
    Adams shaw Simpson docherty hampton scharenberg (keeffe hibberd)
    Danger treloar pendas heppell scooter d beams Powell-pepper Myers (Barrett pickett freeman)
    Gawn grundy (frampton)
    Macrame Henry roughy bowes mccluggage c McCarthy (c brown eddy)

  • AFL Fantasy – $40k remaining

    DEF – Adams, Docherty, JJ, Thurlow, Scharenberg, Berry, (Keefe, Hibberd – North)
    MID – Rockliff, JPK, Titchell, Beams, Murphy, Bowes, Powell-Pepper, Lovell, (Graham, Myers)
    RUCK – Gawn, Martin (King, Pierce)
    FWD – Roo, Heeney, Bennell, Roughead, McCluggage, Turner, (Black, Pickett)


  • AF
    DEF: Adams, Doch, Monty, Thurlow, McGrath, Keefe (Ryan, Newman)
    MID:Rocky, Steven, Neale, Heppell, Murph, McClugage,Myers,Graham(Barrett,Freeman)
    RUC: Gawn, Stef (Frampton, Pierce)
    FWD: Macrae, Haus, Heeney, Roughy, Bowes, Drew (Pickett, Eddy)
    67k remaining.

    Ik, not many pods, but that’ll come after the JLT when I’ll be able to access role changes etc. Rookies are random and will change.

    Thoughts? Cheers:)

  • What’s the better structure?

    Adams – Laird – JJ – Hibberd


    Adams – Laird – JJ – Thurlow to save me cash and upgrade elsewhere

  • Thurlow + Pendles + Beams + 4K
    or Hibberd + Gaff + Scooter Selwood + 74K

  • Change in team taking advice into account
    Dream team $17,000 remaining
    Adams,shaw,Simpson,docherty,thurlow,sharenberg (Hampton,keeffe)
    Danger,Merrett,treloar,heppell,scooter,d swallow,Powell-pepper,Myers (Barrett,Pickett,mich hibberd)
    Gawn,grundy (frampton)
    Macrae,heeney,roughy,cam mccarthy,Lovell,Bowes (c brown,eddy)

    Thoughts I really like this one rookies depending

  • Def v. Strong, Mid not sold on scooter. No Rocky!! Shock horror!! Pod not to have him. Rucks great. Fwd as good as we can do but i like dahl myself. Overall nice job.

  • Is Redden too risky?

  • Treloar vs Titch

  • DEF- T.Adams, S.Docherty, R.Laird
    M.Scharenberg, J.Berry, M.Hibberd
    (A.Otten, C.Sheehan)

    MID-T.Rockliff, A.Treloar, T.Mitchell D.Heppell, D.Beams, D.Swallow, N.Freeman, S.Powell-Pepper
    (J.Barrett, J.Graham)

    RK- B.Grundy, S.Martin

    FW- J.Macrae, I.Heeney, H.Bennell,
    J.Roughead, J.Elliot, B.Eddy

    154k left over

  • Ok guys… i’ve spent like 12 hours on this team today, someone please provide some feedback

    Remaining in the Kitty 112k

    Adams Docherty JJ Hibberd (Melb) Thurlow Riordan – (L Ryan Hibberd (NM))

    Rockliff Treloar Steven Heppell Redden Myer Miles Graham (Barrett Pickett)

    Gawn Martin (L Pierce, Pittonet)

    Macrae Billings Roughead Ellis Yo- man whatsup? Ryder Black ( Balic Eddy)

    Thanks dudes!

  • Defenders
    m.hibberd, k. simpson, s.docherty, c.hampton, JJ, J.thurlow (M.hibberd NM, H.goddard

    Omeara, heppell, watson, J.mekjsham, D Swallow , J.steele, Fyfe H.Bennell B.hill, J,bowes, J elliot (C.wagner . C Mccarthy

    Thoughts please guys got $ 58k left

  • Defenders
    m.hibberd, k. simpson, s.docherty, c.hampton, JJ, J.thurlow (M.hibberd NM, H.goddard

    Omeara, heppell, watson, J.mekjsham, D Swallow , J.steele, Fyfe

    Rucks M.Gawn, Ryder (L.peirce, N. Mullenge

    H.Bennell B.hill, J,bowes, J elliot (C.wagner . C Mccarthy

    Thoughts please guys got $ 58k left

  • Thoughts on any trades?

    DEF: R. Laird, T. Adams, J. Johannisen, A. McGrath, J. Thurlow, M. Hibberd (A. Johnson, L.Ryan)

    MID: T Rockliff (c), N. Fyfe, M. Bontempelli, D. Heppell, R. Gray, D. Swallow, B. Ainsworth, D. Myers (J. Graham, N. Freeman)

    RUC: M. Gawn (vc) T. Hickey

    FWD: J. Macrae, L. Dalhaus, I. Heeney, H. McCluggage, J. Bowes, C. McCarthy

  • DEF-Shaw, Laird, JJ, Scharenberg, Hampton, Keefe (Logue, Ryan)

    MID-Dangerfield,Ablett,Heppell,D.Beams,Watson,S.Selwood,Ainsworth,Petrevski-seton (Freeman,Graham)

    RUC- Martin, Giles (Pierce,Cameron)

    FWD- Dahlhaus,I.Smith,S.Johnson,Heeney,McCluggage,Bowes (Daicos,C.McCarthy)

    I have $131K in the bank and not sure if I should upgrade a low cost rookie or hold the $$ and upgrade scooter, I.Smith or stevie J to a premo when the time comes (pending on rookie success)

    Thoughts guys?

  • how much is Bowes actually going to average his cost is 232K?

  • Mcgluggage or Bowes?

  • Hey can i grab some thoughts please,

    DEF: T.Adams, S.Docherty, M.Williams, J.Thurlow, C. Marchbank, T.Stewart. (L.Ryan, M.Hibberd)

    MID: D.Martin, A.Treloar, N.Fyfe, J.Lewis, D.Heppell, J.Omeara, H. Mccluggage, N.Freeman, (J.Barret, J.Graham)

    RUC: B.Grundy, M.Gawn (L.Pierce, B.Frampton)

    FWD: J.Roughead, K.Lovell, N.Riewolt, I.Heeny, C.Mccarthy, T.Phillips. (A.Black, J.Pickett)

    $203k in the bank with a team averaging over 1800 coming into round 1.