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Did you have a crack at Moneyball last weekend? The all-new daily fantasy wagering game went great guns with plenty of members of the DT Talk community getting involved.


  • AFL $10,000 Demons vs Magpies Special ($15 entry)
  • AFL $5,000 Bombers vs Hawks Special ($10 entry)
  • AFL $1,000 All if Round 12 Special ($10 entry)
  • AFL $2,000 Power vs Bulldogs Special ($10 entry)
  • AFL $6,000 Saturday Slam Special ($15 entry)
  • AFL $1,000 Cats vs Kangaroos Special ($10 entry)
  • AFL $1,000 Saturday Specky (Late) ( $10 entry)
  • AFL $1,000 Eagles vs Crows Special ($10 entry)
  • AFL $2,000 Saints vs Blues Special ($10 entry)
  • AFL $5,000 Sunday Funday Special ($15 entry)
  • AFL $1,000 Giants vs Swans Special ($10 entry)

It’s very simple and easy to play. Grab Tbetta’s tips here and make sure you listen to our weekly podcast.

MB-AFL-10K-Gold-DEMvsMAG (1)


  • 2114 with Smith, Cox, Phillips, Wagner to come. Might get another 250. Which would come to 2360 odd. Time will tell, but I think we will see some much bigger scores than myself!

  • Best thing that happened this weekend was that I won $6.47 in Moneyball ! :)

    • I won $800 ;) Got first in Crows/Eagles game=300 and 1st in Saints/Carlton=500 :p

  • was 45th going in to this week,1801 with treloar as cptn,degoey and gawn to come,already slipped to 215th,poor week,hoping for at least 2100

    • 2307pts with smith & wags to go.Still will be alot higher somewhere. 500 overall ATM.

  • 2173 with Gawn, Pendles and Wagner remaining. First time this year I’ve been excited about my score

    • Oh man, that’s huge! You could crack the 2400s with a bit of luck.

      Have been smashed in head to heads this week, both opponents have got Danger and Rocky as C. I rolled the dice on Selwood to start the year and went Titch C for differential this week. Both backfired.

      I’m on 2000ish with Gawn, Tracca and Wagner to go, but will still get beat by about 200 points. Some seriously awesome scores this week, predicting weekly winner to be around 2600.

  • 2228 with smith to come

  • 2180 + Treloar and Wagner ….
    Might crack 2300
    Current Overall Ranking 1617 (up from 3805)
    Rocky as C,Danger,Chopsticks,Simmo,Zerrett,Heater,Joey,Zaha,Dea,Duncan my best.

  • 1933 with Wagner, J Smith, Gawn, and Petracca to play, with Big Cox on the bench.

    Hoping to stay about the same – rank 5800 ish or higher….

    better get back to work. No rest for us WAussies.

  • im on 1963 with wagner, sidebottom, patrecca and howe remaining, hopefully about 2200 if it goes to plan

  • 1742 with Pendles, Vince, Gawn, Wagner, Petracca and Smith.

    2250-2300 would be great and hopefully push me from 200 odd a little closer. Hard with some of the outrageous scoring this week.

  • 2134 with Gawn, Vince and Smith to come….pity about parkers 66 but cant complain…

  • These monday games suck. I really wanna rage trade. I’d be sitting within striking distance of 2400 if I traded Lonergan instead of Trengove last week. I’ll be happy with 2350 but oh what could have been…

  • How is everyone’s bye structures?
    Completely fluked without any planning I have (assuming predictable team selections):
    Rd 13 – 17 eligible / fielded scores from 19 playing
    Rd 14 – 19 scores from 19 playing
    Rd 15 – 17 scores from 18 playing
    That includes DDP but no trading yet.
    How are others faring? I definitely needed some luck from a luckless season to-date!

    • 10-9-11 before trades:

      Rd 13 – 19 eligible / fielded scores from 20 playing
      Rd 14 – 19 scores from 21 playing
      Rd 15 – 18 scores from 19 playing (but very weakened MID)

      Result of some planning but mainly luck/ convenience. Happy with that but still trying to figure out whether to hold some R13 rooks to pad out R14/15 weeks or just trade them…

      * = likely to be traded – FWDs decimated in R13!

      R13 rooks: JSmith, CByrne, Currie, McGov*, CEllis*, Phillips
      R14 rooks: DBJ, Mills, Frost
      R15 roosk: Blakely, Jansen, SCollins

  • Do kickins not count any more? Wagner just took a kick in and no stat change

  • Trengove looking good,
    Parker to Trengove a possibility or does Patty Cripps go first?

    • I wouldn’t get Trengrove in AF for over 330k. At that price he’d pretty much have to be a keeper as if you want to make cash you’re better off pocketing an extra 200k and getting a proper rookie imo.

      RDT defs try and get him, although wouldn’t do it for a premo in Parker/Cripps with limited trades.

      • It would be in af but yeah, I see what you mean

      • Almost tempting to pass him up in RDT too… pocket the extra dosh by getting in Kade Stewart. I’ve got a stacked bench anyway, won’t ever need Trengove to play so it’s tied-up coin

  • 2100 and dropped 300 spots!

  • Anyone else trade out Kennedy?

    • Held until his bye. Nice ton :) 2366 and still counting with wagner, gawn and bken