Roy’s Trade Talk – Round 12

The big boys came out to play this week and their timing is perfect with plenty of rookies fattening, while a fresh crop are coming through and showing good scoring potential… which hopefully equates to reasonable job security leading into the byes.

Rookies on the radar

(Brief and without the insight of Jeppa, so into his juniors later in the week)

Sam Collins (DEF, $194,000) Had a great second game against the lowly Bombers, taking many uncontested marks as predicted. He finished the game with 24 touches and 11 marks for 97 leaving him with a break even of -22.

Kade Stewart (MID, $153,000) Made a great debut for the Hawks with 16 touches and an impressive 9 tackles to compliment his sausage roll for 91. He has a break even of -18 leading into this weeks game.

Will Hams (FWD, $175,000) Having AFL experience is always a bonus and Hams looked like he had been there before, scoring a solid 75 against the Dockers. He worked hard to earn his sport on the team and will do everything he can to keep it. He had 14 touches, five tackles and a goal to give him a break even of 1.


Tom Rockliff (MID, $489,000) Showed what he does when fit and it must have been hard to watch for people that don’t have him. He had a massive 48 possessions, 8 marks, 9 tackles and a goal doing what pigs do best. He has a break even of 49 and will smash the Dockers this week, One of the biggest bargain in the history of Fantasy sport.

Matt Suckling (DEF, $410,000) Was looking like a washed up veteran at the Hawks in his last year and now he is arguably in career best form at the Kennel with only one score under 90 (87) when you discount the game he got injured on just 15 which is the only reason he is so under priced. He has a break even of 78 heading into his game against the Power.

Sam Mitchell (MID, $463,000) Speaking of big bargains, Mitchell is no Pig, but he is certainly capable of displaying a number of swine tendencies. After a massive start to the year, arguably career best, Mitchell dropped off for a few weeks and is heavily under priced. He is coming off 109 and has a good run up until his bye.

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Twitter Time:

Yeah mate, downgrade to Collins or upgrade to Vince or Suckers for value.

Williams, was going huge on the weekend until he copped a cork. Scoring at Skilled is hard as well.

I am a bit reluctant to say yes to Zaharakis trade… although that’s easy to say as a non owner. I think the Blakely ship has sailed at 300K+

Both great options but I think Jansen has better JS and I would punt on that leading into the byes.

Yeah I like it… Getting it done

Lock it in

Lock it in…

I like Suckers just ahead of Howe

A concern if we expect him to average 115 like the start of the year… But a keeper for me

Cheers guys, discuss your trades in the comments!




  • Surely a Barlow tag is a big possibility for Rocky this week?

  • Have 180k in the bank left…should I do…

    Option 1: Mitch Brown up to Laird and Courtney Dempsey to Suckling leaving no money remaining

    Option 2: Clay Cameron (bench) to Austin and Sumner (Bench) to Rockliff (and Josh Smith moves from mid 8 to bench)

    Option 3: Sumner down to Stewart and Mitch Brown up to Suckling leaving 161k to work toward getting Rockliff next week?

    Help would be very much appreciated

    • I will give you a scenario – you play a person in a league who has traded Rocky in this week and puts the big “C” on him. Rocky scores 180 again x2 = 360 and your capt scores 110 x 2 = 220 ….. does that help you decide your trades this week?

      For the record I changed all my plans this week and traded Rocky IN – mind you I have already traded Rocky out TWICE this year and dont want the hat trick.

    • Option 2, or a variation where you move J Smith to defence and play him on the ground

  • Thoughts on these trades?

    Brown to Collins and Dea to Suckling + 100k


    Brown to Collins and Kelly (GWS) to Rocky + 110k

    I’m not sure which because I like Suckers, but I don’t want to miss Rocky while he is so cheap.

  • My team
    DEF: Shaw, Docherty, Adams, Lonergan, Mills, Tippa, Collins, Harwood
    MID: Danger, Dusty, Parker, Gibbs, Duncan, Merrett, Petracca, Smith, McPherson, Menadue
    RUC: Gawn, Cox, Currie, Frost
    FWD: Franklin, Barlow, Wells, Hall, Kerridge, Robinson, Davis, Kommer
    (I know my team is terrible but this is my first year)
    Really stuck with my team and what I should do. Thinking of

    Menadue > Jansen
    Lonergan > Vince/Rockliff/suckling?

    Any other trades suggestions would be good

    • Pending how much cash you have, I’d look to upgrade Tippa and Adams. Adams is probably losing you money and Tippa has maxed out. McVeigh is dirt cheap right now. Suckers is another option if you can afford the double upgrade. If you need a down grade, maybe Logan Austin as a cheapie who can get you maybe another 100k.

      Menadue needs to go, but as M10 its not a major concern.

  • Collins or Jenson?

    Thoughts on who trade ruggles for?

  • Ablett or rocky?

  • Is there a chance some new DPP will be added, I’m thinking David Mundy as a mid/def?

  • I am torn. I already have Collins and there is not much else in DEF that makes a good downgrade target. Jansen seems the best downgrade target but is MID of course. I want to use dpp to ditch cameron and Jack Trengove. I coyld take jansen and suckers and have $69 left. But I would also love to get Parker in but that leaves a spud downgrade in DEF. Advice pls! (Yes i already have Rocky).

  • Cutla options:
    Brown and Dea OUT for Collins and Kelly

    OR Crisp (heating currently) OUT for rockliff then maybe brown for collins and save $$ for next round

  • Sam mitchell or Tom rockliff in for Ryan Davis

  • Ruggles or Walla/Tippa out this week?

  • How about E Curnow?? Last 7 game average of 110 and flourishing without the tagging role from previous years!
    Could be great POD

  • Duncan to rocky and then thinking Walters to Barlow/ Isaac smith or anyone under that 500k mark! Can’t see Walters playing in midfield again

  • Kade K or Tippa to Collins or Hams
    Can only choose one out and one in because Mathieson to rocky will be my 2nd trade.

  • Who to bring in

  • Should I trade in James kelly for Brown or Barlow for hall

  • Did anyone see Bellis. Ashamed to own him. 24 is not good enough for a Premo POD. Trade or Hold?Thoughts anyone?