Inside the Fantasy Numbers – Round 11

St Kilda delivered a season low team points in Round 11 scoring just 1159pts against Adelaide on Sunday, that score was far removed from the 1843pts they posted in Round 10 against Fremantle.

Adelaide scored 2034pts vs St Kilda in Round 11, that is the highest Team score this year (Previous High was R6 Geelong vs Gold Coast 2022)

Essendon has conceded 400+ Disposals 6 times in 2016 (Last 5 Games Ave 417.8), the Bombers play the Hawks in Round 12 and it would be fair to say this could be a fantasy fill-up for quite a few Brown and Gold players.

Thinking ahead to Round 23 ESS v CAR (AFL Fantasy Grand Final), might be worthwhile investing in some Blues to help your team win a Premiership this year.

Leigh Montagna (3)

Best Team Points FOR Last 3 Weeks

Adelaide 1810.7
Sydney 1723.3
Western Bulldogs 1715.7


Worst Team Points FOR Last 3 Weeks

Brisbane 1442.0
Melbourne 1508.7
Richmond 1539.3


Best Team Points AGA Last 3 Weeks

Adelaide 1402.3
Hawthorn 1510.3
Nth Melbourne 1511.0


Worst Team Points AGA Last 3 Weeks

Essendon 1754.0
St Kilda 1742.7
Western Bulldogs 1739.0

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 06: Rory Laird of the Crows in action during the 2015 AFL round ten match between the Carlton Blues and the Adelaide Crows at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on June 6, 2015. (Photo by Michael Willson/AFL Media)

Who Am I?

I was priced under 300K Mid to begin the season

In the last 3 weeks I have averaged 103.7pts per game

I have kicked at least 1 goal in all but 1 of my games in 2016

I could be confused for a pop-up sprinkler this season

I currently average more than one of my popular team mates

I have appeared on ‘Inside the Numbers’ at least once already this season

Answer Below

Tom Rockliff

The 184pts scored by Rockliff was his 2nd Career Highest Score (Career High: R18 ’14 v Gold Coast 190pts), Rocky has scored 150pts or more in 10 games over his career (Strike Rate: 8.1%). Despite the monster score in Round 11 the debate somewhat continues whether to trade him in or not based on his recent injury history, time will tell either way which is correct for this year but avoiding him could be quite detrimental to any type of season success for your team.

Tom Rockliff


Trent Cotchin

Round 11 vs Kangaroos: 118
Last 3 Games Ave: 121.7
Season Ave: 105.0

Cotchin is flying since his return in Round 9, with 3 consecutive games over 100pts at an average of 121.7 he provides an option post the Round 13 Bye for Richmond. Cotchin has scored 100pts or more in 7 of his 9 games this year, he currently has a BE of 84 and plays Gold Coast in Round 12 & Brisbane in Round 14.

Jordan Lewis

Round 11 vs Demons: 106
Last 3 Games Ave: 106.3
Season Ave: 97.7

After an indifferent start to the season with wide ranging scores fewer than 60pts and a Round 1 mega return of 134pts Lewis hopefully has settled in with 2 consecutive 100pt games, he should be a potential target this week due to his Round 15 Bye and looking ahead to a Round 23 game against Collingwood (AFL Fantasy Grand Final).

Jordan Lewis (3)

Sam Kerridge

Round 11 vs Lions: 139
Last 3 Games Ave: 102.7
Season Ave: 89.7

Over half the AFL Fantasy competition owns Kerridge and investors were rewarded with a career high 139pts against Brisbane, he has scored 100pts or more in 3 of his last 7 games and has increased his starting price by $142K this season.


Jimmy Bartel

Round 11 vs Giants: 100
Last 3 Games Ave: 103.7
Season Ave: 91.3

Bartel has averaged 105.7pts in his last 6 games for the Cats, over the same period he has scored 100pts or more in 4 of the games. Bartel has been very durable over his career, having completed only 11 games in 2015 may be a concern but based on his current output in 2016 those concerns should have been alleviated by now.


Dion Prestia

Round 11 vs Swans: 149
Last 3 Games Ave: 117.3
Season Ave: 95.4

Prestia has stormed back on to the Fantasy radar posting his 2nd career highest score in Round 11 against Sydney, Prestia has a huge ceiling and alongside his running mate of Ablett should be able to put up some decent numbers in the 2nd half of the season.

Dion Prestia

Lachie Neale

Round 11 vs Bombers: 126
Last 3 Games Ave: 126.3
Season Ave: 113.3

Again Lachie Neale put up a big number this year with 126pts against Essendon, he has scored 100pts or more in 8 of 11 games (2 Scores also of 99 & 98) with 4 exceeding 120pts or more. If you are looking for a Round 15 Bye Premium option then Neale should rank highly amongst those to be considered.

Scott Pendlebury

Round 11 vs Power: 133 (8 of last 9 games 100+)
Last 3 Games Ave: 123.6
Season Ave: 109.3

Pendlebury has been a rock this year, after a slow start in which he averaged 91.0pts in his first 2 games he has bounced back averaging 113.3pts in his last 9 games which has included 8 games of 100pts more.

Lachie Hunter

Round 11 vs Eagles: 163 (Career High, best previous career high by 30pts)
Last 3 Games Ave: 125.7
Season Ave: 111.8

The warning signs were evident late last year when Hunter averaged 101.3pts from his final 8 games of 2015, after being priced at 433K he has not failed to deliver especially after recording a career high 163pts against West Coast in Round 11. Hunter has a huge ceiling of points and should post some decent numbers in the 2nd part of 2016.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 26: Lachie Hunter of the Bulldogs reacts after missing a goal during the round three AFL NAB Challenge match between the Western Bulldogs and the Fremantle Dockers at Etihad Stadium on February 26, 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

Rory Sloane

Round 11 vs Saints: 140
Last 3 Games Ave: 109.0
Season Ave: 102.3

Sloane cranked out another huge score in Round 11 with 140pts against the Saints, he is now averaging over 100pts on the season and is some chance to post a career season high average (Season Career Ave, 2014: 104.6).


Who Am I Answer: Aaron Young 

Good Luck for Round 12


  • the “AARON YOUNG” guy will be happy.

    nice stats as always.

  • What I liked about this week’s rising star nomination was that he scored his 108 points, or whatever it was, from only 64% tog. Nicely done Mr Blakely

  • What a pointless article

    • Eric – then why don’t you value add and do some research & post yourself. These guys do a fantastic job keeping us informed with very relevant stats and figures that assist us in enjoying the game that is ‘Fantasy’

    • There are a shit load of points in the article. Some very big ones… Rocky for example.

      • Here, here Warnie! I was going for the more subtle & diplomatic approach. I for one greatly appreciate and look forward to each & every one of the articles you and the team contribute to this site each & every week. Eric can E.A.D.

  • and your surname is “Theclown” ?

  • AARON YOUNG AARON YOUNG what a star!!!!! You just forget one stat…….Future triple brownlow medal winner

    • Wow that’s a massive call. I understand your excited and ATM rightfully so,I just think your man crush for this lad my dissolve a little when an opponent actually matches up on him.”A fox that sneaks in to get the chickens ,sooner or later gets caught”. Good luck with the brownlows.

    • Young hasn’t had an opponent for a number of weeks now, the commentators even said it on the weekend. Kudos for his ton this week but don’t be expecting that week in week out.
      Has a long way to go before Brownlow is mentioned before his name young fella, how do you think he would cope with a tag? Bring it down a notch

    • This is absolute garbage

    • Lol port obviously realise his talent potential and they inked a new deal yesterday

  • Aaron Young was an outstanding addition for AFL Fantasy Elite off the scrap heap, with no-one really interested in his services he was an easy get and has rewarded Coaches big time.
    Again in AFL Fantasy Match Day/Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) Young has been a good addition when the match-ups suit, the best part about people opposing Young in this type format is that when he hits a decent score he has low ownership which for those who prosper and have knowledge at this type of format has monster value.
    Young is a decent selection against teams that can’t defend also in non Salary Match Day formats.
    In AFL Fantasy classic Young was awkwardly priced to begin the season, after 2 solid games Rounds 2 & 3 (95pts & 84pts) Young delivered an average of just 57.8 from his next 5 games which doesn’t appeal to anyone. The last 3 weeks for Young have been solid with an average of 103.7 and he is now priced at $396K.
    The comment ‘I could be confused for a pop-up sprinkler this season’ is absolutely relevant, it would be hard to imagine teams not putting some time in to Young which is likely to hurt his Fantasy scores.
    With so many varied Fantasy Formats around these days some players will be suited in some games and not others, for those solely focused on AFL Fantasy Classic the players listed above may/will not suit but for those that play mixed formats discussing players low on any radar are absolutely relevant.

    • with r gray, wingard and neade firing so to does young. if the power can regain consistency then young will stay player free as opposing teams will be robbing peter to pay paul; wingard and gray would get the hard tags before young.

  • I think an exciting prospect to get in a couple of weeks will be Caleb Daniel, Caleb is just breaking into his stride. My prediction is that he will be tonning up points in the coming weeks as he is a ball magnet. His run is superior to all with a 16.1 beep test he makes people like Aaron Young look silly. I am telling you get him!!!

    • I agree but I think NAHAS!! is the champ

    • I tell you what I think is an exciting prospect….You leaving this sight and never coming back.

      • Boys No need to fight, cause NAHAS!! will demolish you all

      • aaron young reminds of that kid, who has no friends in school and gets bullied at school who nobody likes. Aaron Young is probably the son of somebody with down syndrome. I am quite sure Caleb Daniels highest score is 128! whats aaron young’s? 124, thats right, absolute rubbish

        • While were on the topic of parents what about Caleb Daniels. His must of been dwarves because thats why he can’t get a single contested possession, he’s to small and just get thrown around like the rag doll he is.

      • I agree with you CALEB DANIEL!

  • Caleb Daniel is a champ and always will be. Aaron Young thrives on the lack of attention paid to him by opposition teams, and doesnt get any attention because he is no good.