Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 12


Did you come into Calvin’s Captain and NOT expect to see Tom Rockliff mentioned?

No, I didn’t think so – you’re smarter than that.

Just to let you know that I was in Rocky’s corner on the weekend, and for those who might have missed it, I wrote this Thursday heading into the live chat that night.

Rockliff spoke exclusively to the boys on Monday night’s podcast and not only told them he’ll return in round 11, but also promised a huge score of 180. Although that figure might have some sceptics thinking that ‘pigs might fly’, we all know that this pig can. He plays the Blues on Saturday afternoon, a team he averaged 130 on in his last three games.

There you go, I did everything BUT make him my captain. However… there’s always this week.

Against the Dockers on Saturday, Rocky will be nasty. He never played them last year but in 2014 he scored 154 and 172 on them. Yes… 154 and 172.

Two weeks ago, St Kilda’s midfielders had a day out against the Dockers. Armitage (138) Voldt (136), Steven (135) and Montagna (123) all went bananas. Last week the Dockers, in a win, we’re a little more restrictive but it was only against the Bombers. With that said, Zach Merrett still managed 121 (37 touches) and Goddard also cracked the ton. I heard some people saying that Barlow will tag him. Pffth, no chance and if he does… good luck.

He is currently the most traded player in this week and rightfully so. I’m not as good at predicting scores like Rocky is… but I think he can easily pump out a 150 this week. OINK OINK!

In the same game is another ball winning monster, Lachie Neale. Ranked #2 on form over the last three weeks averaging 126, Lachie will be massive again as the Lions are his favourite team to score Fantasy points against. Over his career he has met them three times for 117, 107 and 124… and you can expect more than that this week.

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Towards the end of the year, a new pig will be inducted into the pen to join Swanny and Rocky. So who could it be?

Tom Mitchell is a contender and has been killing it in recent weeks with scores of 132 and 163. This week he plays the third hardest team (GWS) to score against over the last 4 weeks. Tom had 111 on them in round 2 though, but I’ll be steering clear this week as the top scorers against the Giants in the last three weeks have been Selwood (111), Tex Walker (116) and Picken (108). Players haven’t been smashing them and it’s hard to see how Tom will this week away from the SCG.

The second pig contender is Lachie Hunter after his 163 last week. He had 122 two weeks ago and has been smashing it all year. He plays the Power, which is fine, but at the Adelaide Oval it’s a different story. Pendles (133) and Treloar (100) were the only Pies over 100 last week against the Power so I’ll be playing it safe with Hunter this week. Keep an eye on Jack Macrae though, he had 130 on Port last year (at AO) and has scored 126 and 139 in his last two this year.

Heath Shaw is the third and final pig candidate and it’s because he can go massive, he picks up loose uncontested ball and when his score is down, he’ll kick to himself and yell for more unnecessary marks and switches. At home he has been unreal this year with scores of 176, 132 and 135. Although it will be tough this week against the Swans, he did have 113 on them earlier this year and 119 in 2015. Back him in, he’ll be big once again this week.


When I start researching for this masterpiece I go straight to see who plays the easiest team to score against – the Gold Coast Suns. They gave the Swans 7×100+ scores last week and 4 of them were over 115.

The name ‘Dusty Martin’ then pops into my head after he has scored 140, 100 and 120 on the Suns in his last three game but his inconsistency turns me off. He had 67 last week and when you pan across his scores for the year you’ll see 68, 75 and 82. He’ll score somewhere between 80 and 150 this week, and for me that window is too open.

Averaging 122 in his last three with scores of 118, 120 and 127 is Mr. Trent Cotchin. He has averaged 119 on the Suns over his career 5 games against them and has never gone under 100. AMAZING!

Also in this game is the mighty Gary Ablett who has come back brilliantly with scores of 124 and 120. In his last 4 against the Tigers he has scored 141, 106, 128 and 101. Ablett doesn’t make my top 5 this week, although he did make my short list of 8 (along with Gibbs and Pendles). It’s not that I don’t 100% trust him, it’s the fact I don’t trust the Suns against the Tigers who happen to be the 2nd hardest team to score against in recent weeks.


Waiting for my Fantasy captain to play at 3:20pm on Monday would do my head in. But with that said, there are some good options and none better than Scott Pendlebury. The Demons are one of his favourite teams to play and he has scored a ton on them in 8 of his last 9 games. He had 103 on them in round 4 and is coming off some hot form of 133 and 124.

Adam Treloar had 124 on them in round 4 and that day Steele Sidebottom had 122. He only scratched up 89 last week but on his day he can certainly go huge.


Jordan Lewis v Essendon @ Etihad – Freo had 7×100+ scores on the Bombers last week and the Hawks will have more. Lewis had 82 and 119 on the Bombers last year but has a shocking record under the roof. Hawks win this one by 120pts and 12 or more of them will crack a ton.

Patrick Dangerfield v Kangaroos @ Etihad – Hasn’t registered a ton on the Roos in his last 3 games. That’ll change, but the Roos have been tougher this year as well.

Nick Riewoldt v Carlton @ Etihad – Looked sore last week as a plodded around for 64. Only has 1×100+ score on the Blues in his last 7 games but this game is back under the roof where he has averaged 128 this year from 5 games. 50/50 even to play – too risky.

Andrew Gaff v Adelaide @ DS – The Crows are the #1 toughest team to score on based on recent form and last week, Steven (103) was the Saints top scorer against them. Gaff at home will be ok though and has scored 62, 152 and 124 on them in his last 3.

Zach Merrett v Hawthorn @ Etihad – 121 and 115 in the last two weeks but it’ll be tougher against the fifth hardest team to score on over the last 4 weeks.

Jack Steven v Carlton @ Etihad – Ranked #4 on form averaging 125, Steven has 1×100+ score on the Blues in his career 10 games. Easily his worst team to play. I didn’t expect that.

Dylan Shiel v Sydney @ SPO – 114, 113, 122 is hot hot hot form and last week, Prestia (149) and Gaz (124) found plenty of it against the Swans, so why can’t this jet!

Leigh Montagna v Carlton @ Etihad – 36 last week? You have to be kidding. You’d be a gutsy coach to be making him your captain this week.

Dan Hannebery v GWS @ SPO – Still carries a lowest score of 99 in his last 9 games this year, averaging 113 in his last 5. He has scored 100, 83 and 111 on the Giants in his last three, but as I keep saying… the Giants are too tough.

Bryce Gibbs v St Kilda @ Etihad – Saints are easy to score on at the moment and Gibbs actually doesn’t need any extra help. Ok, he did have 58 last week but prior to that he had 3 scores out of 4 over 130. Big bounce back week coming.

Sam Mitchell v Essendon @ Etihad – His 109 last week was his first ton in his last 5 games. Mundy (128) and Neale (126) racked it up last week and so will Sam on Friday night under roof where he had 117 earlier this year.

Josh P Kennedy v GWS @ SPO – 124 and 129 in his last two and traditionally finishes the back half of the season like a freight train. Don’t make him captain this week, but you can soon enough if you trade him in.




  • Surely we can’t just bring in a third pig for the sake of having a third pig! Both Rocky and Swanny have had seasons averaging well over 130… this next pig just wont be the same level of pigness

    • I agree! No one else this year is worthy of ‘pig’ status

      • Might want to head over to eithad stadium and ask the cats if anyone else deserves it

    • Yeah no one is even close this year – Shaw, Mitchell, Neale & Merrett all need to do a lot more.

    • Not even 2012 Gary averaging 124.8 made it to pig

      • pig isn’t a term for someone who just averages well. Guys like ablett and pendlebury aren’t pigs. Swan and rocky want the ball and gets as many easy dt points as they can. Not sure if I explained it that well.

        • Yes but the point is none of the guys this year play that way either. Except maybe hunter…

          • Mitchell would be a big chance, if he was allowed free reign by his coach, but as long as Longmire is there it will incredibly difficult for him to lose his poor weeks. Hunter’s love of the outside ball also makes him worth a look, however at the moment, if he received any attention at all he would put up a pretty average score.

            The guy who has probably come closest since Rocky is Lewis in his end of 2014, beginning of 2015 run. From round 18 2014 to round 5 2015, he had 5 140+ scores along with a 139 and 4 other 115+. You need scores like that, but for a longer period of time to be considered a Pig imo. The fist to Goldy’s face, closed the opportunity for him unfortunately.

          • I think Stef could have been a pig.

    • This was from 2013.
      dt pig

  • Not concerned about the potential Barlow tag? He kept Zaha to just 26 points!

    • zaha can’t handle a tag. Rocky has been tagged plenty of times and scored well. The only one I can recall having a big effect on rocky is jacobs

    • Zaha kept himself to 26. I was at the ground watching and by the time I confirmed Zaha wasn’t a late out and saw him hiding in plain sight, I realised it wasn’t a hard tag, they were going head to head and Barlow won it more.
      Honestly I hope there are people who don’t go Rocky, so his captain score is more unique for me.

      • Agree. Zaha wasn’t tagged. He just didn’t want it. Couldn’t wait till Sunday night to trade him out and bring in Rocky. Only his hamstring can tag Rocky this week.

      • i’ve been laughing all week at the ‘barlow tag’. my old man watches freo so i regularly hear about him and watch him on tv being in the west. he would legit have to be the slowest player in the afl barring mason cox. couldn’t tag a farkin kid in a game of chasey. spud.

  • Thanks Calvin. Rocky for me this week.
    Hope your home and Roy’s, Warnie’s haven’t been affected by the floods.

  • God, I haven’t made Rocky captain this year, but I’ve copped the 2 injury affected scores. If I do put the C on him I’ll probably have a heart attack before he even plays!

    • I’ve only captained him twice this year, and both were to his injury affected scores…

  • Yeah I’m a bit over all the ‘pig’ references. It used to be a term of respect to a consistent DT’er. Now it’s just thrown around to fill up the word count

  • Trade Kerridge or wingard for Rocky?

    • Wingard

    • Neither! Don’t turn your whole team upside down to get him in. If you can’t afford him, you can’t afford him.

      • +1. Both have big upside

        • +2. Ideally, use the cash you have or generate the additional cash you need, and upgrade a topped out cash cow to Rocky.

          • +3 both have still got money to make and have scored well over the last 3 weeks!!
            Kerridge b/e – 55
            Wingard b/e – 43

  • I’m feeling Brandon Ellis with the C this week (provided he isn’t dropped).

    • I like it. More motivation to play well after a poor one. He and Montagna should be right amongst it this week.

    • I hope to see you on the wash up backing in that call & ellis bagging you a 120+. Gutsy,very gutsy.

  • …captain Gunston it is

  • Can someone explain to me where the PIG definition came from? A Pig to me is a lazy animal who rolls around in the muck..What has that go to do with a high scoring fantasy player?

    • Pigs are greedy. They like to eat as much as possible. See a correlation between this and Tom Rockliff + Swanny?

      (If you are really that stupid) Rocky + Swan have a brilliant work-rate, collect as much cheap ball as possible, and never give up.

    • Obviously you haven’t had the experience of feeding a pig. when approaching the sty with a bucket of oats, the lazy animal rolling in the muck becomes a frenzied maniac trying to get at the food. It doesn’t matter how many buckets you give to the pig, it will squeal and grunt and over-gorge until there is no more food. Like the pig, rocky and swanny go at the ball in a frenzy and they over-gorge on food (DT points). they are never satisfied with the amount they consume(Score),and will keep feasting (scoring) until the food runs dry (game ends). Hope that clears it up for you.

    • We’ve been calling players who get greedy and ‘pig’ out on stats for almost a decade. Over beers – like most things with us – we unofficially called Swanny ‘The Pig’. He plays like a pig! We love it. When Rocky showed he had the same tendencies, then he was awarded. Rocky and Swanny at their best are ultimate. They may never be matched.

      • Shaw goes close at times… but agree with the sentiments above that Swanny and Rocky are in a league of their own. Gaz when the Suns first burst on the scene came close, but then it’s daaaaaaaaaylight next.

  • Huge decision this week.
    Two options
    1. Currie to archie smith and kent to Rocky through kerridge dpp. leaves 0$

    2. Macpherson to jansen and dea to vince.

    current team:



    • Number 1 is the ‘risky’ option because rocky will have to probably play every game and average 110+ for that to be worth getting rid of a ruck bench and keeping MacP another week. Also, your bench is pretty weak all over so it could be handy to have the extra player during the byes. As well as that, Vince is a lock 95-100 avg rest of the season, so youre probably getting a top 6 Defender.

      Then again, you’d be missing out on Rocky, so… there’s also that. I’d go 1.

    • This is the captains discussion page dude, so maybe Shaw or if you do your first trade then Rocky

  • How will Scully go this week?
    Wondering whether Rocky takes his place in my team..

    • Scully to Rocky would be considered an upgrade. He’s just not quite a premo I reckon… so good trade!

  • I don’t have any R15 bye forwards… lol.
    Martin, Hall, Gray, JJK, Kerridge, Petracca (Kommer, Beech…..)

    What should I do?!

    • Plan better next year

    • although this is the captains discussion page, then I suggest you start trading now accordingly, for example Hall attending 2 centre clearances last week and his output now doubtful and has high b/e so trade him and so on you have like a few rounds for the round 15 bye so trade accrodingly

  • Wow theres going to be 67% of coaches sad if and i say if loosely does a hammy on the weekend.

  • I have Lewis, titch, hanners, hunter and Neale. I’m still leaning towards Lewis because of the opposition the others have and Lewis looks like coming into form. Wish I could slip rocky into the team but it would mean taking out zaha-going sideways, and I’ve only got 10 trades left in dt, also got Nik Nat so may need a trade there depending on fitness. Rocky doesn’t fit my bye weeks plan and hopefully zaharakis redeems himself. Any suggestions or comments gratefully accepted

    • yes I have lewis, neale, rocky, titch, dangers, shaw etc… thinking Neale to be safe over rocky but will cry if the rock gets 180.

      Guess goes like this
      1. Select Rocky he does hammy gets 45 – Neale gets 120 = disappointed but took the chance and will not be Robinson Crusoe
      2. Select Neale gets 120 – Rocky does hammy 45 = nice one good decision Euman
      3. Select Rocky gets 120 – Neale 120 = meh
      4. Select Rocky gets 185 – Neale 120 – yahoo Euman you beauty finally you nailed a captain this year that’s awesome almost as good as in Supercoach when Shaw got that massive score over 200 this year and you had him as captain – hell yes

      So out of all scenarios being a true DT junky living for the highs – its the Rock captain the highs outweigh the lows is true addiction


  • For the first time this year, Freo had junk time and a young 6th gamer Connor Blakely was out there feasting.

    This kid’s stamped himself as a DT prince already.

    Just saying.

  • LOCKie Neale for me, will carve Brissy to bits.

  • Does anybody think Neale may cop a tag from Robinson? Worried about putting the C on him

    • Someone said if anything, Robbo would go to Mundy. That would make more sense, but you never really know with Leppa.

  • Anyone else willing to back Lewis for 30+ disposals tomorrow night?

    • Yep. Is he my best C option tho? Dunno… won’t be risking it tho. Ruins my whole weekend when my Friday night C gets 90-something

      • If Mitchell sits out. Which is a possibility (Nick Bowen dt twitter feed). Would be a solid POD..tempting

      • Watching Gibbs get tagged as captain for 50s on Saturday morning didn’t help my weekend. Especially when every other player in my team scored more than him.

        • Hehe… saw your post the other day. Very unlucky, but if someone was gonna do it it’s Gibbs. If someone else is gonna do it, it’ll probably be Lewis!

  • “Sam Mitchell in doubt for Dons clash tomorrow night with soreness, while Jack Gunston also has to prove his fitness, Alastair Clarkson says”…

    Don’t start that again.

    Looks like Rocky gets my C then.

  • With the monday game can we do the captains loophole this week??

  • Completely off topic.
    Just saw my match day rank dropped 400 places to 600 and i seems the last two games last round haven’t been included in my score. Anyone else notice this? How does one contact fanhub to discuss?

    • I’m ranked #1 overall in Match Day, so keep a close eye on it. I did receive full scores for all of the games bar being very pissed with the site being down on Sunday afternoon & couldn’t replace late out Scott Thompson (Adel), so copped a donut (very surprised to still be #1). Whether your issue has anything to do with the site being down, who knows? Re Fanhub, go to Help>Game Guidelines>Contact Us & type away. Good luck.

      • Yeah i got on sunday night and it showed everything except the last 2 games. I thought it would correct itself once they sorted the site crash issues.

        Question has been sent. Thanks for the help. Hope it gets sorted so i have a realistic chance of catching you!

  • I know the difficulties in picking top 5 week in week out, however think Pendles & Treloar against Melb bit stiff to miss out top 5. Surely got point to prove after last week and asides historically still score well in losses. Considering the C on Pendles, Treloar or Rocky (if I can trust that hamstring!).
    I also think Bernie could be a big smoky now back in the Mid after going 120 against the Hawks last week could be 120+ this week easily!

  • All who are in favour of labeling Rodeny Eade as a faggot say I (dropping Hall coz apparently he’s “Out of form”)

    • Oddly enough, this will be great. A two week rest together his shoulder right and be a great pick up in r15, after he drops in price, ripe for the plucking

  • Silly question Calvin. No loophole this week with the game on Monday?

  • What are we doing with hall?

  • suns r 2 games off the bottom of the ladder and Eade pulls a LYON ON HIS BEST PERFORMED PLAYER. Richard Cranium award for the season .. and the winner is Roddy Eade.

  • Sam J.Reid? He’s not even listed in the GWS complete playing squad on the AFL website.

  • Nice post as per usual Calvin. I’m having a little trouble with deciding which player to C in my elite team. I’m considering:

    I. Smith
    D. Mundy
    M. Robinson
    J. Ziebell
    B. Deledio

    I do also have Viney and S. Martin but thinking they’re a bit too risky. What do you guys think, any of them stand out?

    Cheers boyzzz

  • I actually reckon Ziebell would be a good crack for C this week, should get lots of tackles in the Geelong game and reckon he has pretty godd record against them!

  • Yeah, I agree. He’ll also have Goldy feeding him and if he gets a couple of sneaky goals he could go big.

  • Hey lads I need some help on who to put the C on this week.
    J Lewis
    All help is greatly appreciated