Round 9 Lockout Chat

Discuss everything AFL Fantasy in the comments over the round.

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Did you have a crack at Moneyball last weekend? The all-new daily fantasy wagering game went great guns with plenty of members of the DT Talk community getting involved.


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  • Anyone else got gaff other then we here? Poor fella, hurt his head and his fantasy score. : /

  • Barlow in the WAFL, 44d 26k 18hb 1m 13t 3g 1b 189 fantasy points….

    • Doing what he used to do to get the dockers’ attention in the first place then… Stupid Ross Lyon

    • That works out to 190 points.

      Pity the 4th quarter ended early at around 22-24 mins

    • Come on Ross. Barlow has to play Round 10! That’s almost as much as Sri Lanka totalled across 2 innings in the test against England.

  • Is mundy playing in defence tonight?

  • Spewing…I brought in Walters at the last minute after having Docherty sitting there all week

  • On tonight both Mundy and Ellis should get DPP.

  • I am having an unbelievably good week somehow. Holding Laird, Hall, Gaz and Rocky on the bench with Smith and Mills the only scores below 85. Hopefully for the first time in ages, everything doesn’t go to shit on Sunday.

    • How many teams do you have?

      I’m playing you this week in our DT Talk league and I count 4 more players of yours who went under 85 and no Laird on the bench.

      • Only 2.

        I just play for leagues nowadays and find it fun just to try out a mostly POD team to see how it goes. Not very well is the answer.

        • Fair enough.

          Can’t believe I’m playing you the week Neale almost broke 150! It’s like the fixture in that league has been specially designed to screw me this whole season. Need Zerrett playing tomorrow to have a shot, otherwise I’m cooked and you’ve got an easy win.

        • Only 2….Have they lifted the 1 team per player rule this year?

          • If I somehow win the money I will happily share it with you.

            Fantasy is a game for fun and trying a different strategy in one league you wouldn’t normally do is enjoyable (just like Warnie with The Trader’s team), which is what I do in the Regular Posters league.

            I could always just pull out the old excuse of “it’s my (insert family member)’s team”

  • 1435 ( neale captain) with 7 to come..
    Roo, Gawn, Leuenberger, Wagner, Fantasia, Hopper, Petracca
    Hoping for 2000

  • 1100 with 13 to play including Shaw, Rich,Biggs,Coniglio,Hunter,Zaha,Zmerrett & Zorko s. Please be good to me Sunday.

    • Not sure if legit or not the fact that you’re 1100 from 9? Must have avoided all carnage or you’re lying

  • 1482 with goldy (c) with shaw, heartly, dea, tippa, hunter, steph, monty to come . Thoughts??

  • 1339 still have Roo (c), Zork, JPaine, Kent, Libba, M Brown and Tippa! Could go either way! Hoping for the ball to pingpong all Bris/Ess game for lots of disposals!

  • 1193, with 10 to go, Zorko, Zerrett, Shaw, Hunter, Stef, Gawn, Fantasia, Hartley, Tippa and Wagner. Hoping for over 2000.

  • 980 11 to go shit so far was 1205 at one point in round.. Have Boyd and Wells on Bench and still have so cash cows. I have Montagna [Cap] Heater A McDonald Harwood Dea Libba Kennedy Vince Dahlhaus Gawn Zorko… Hope I get back up and about…

  • 1205 overall ranking sorry

  • Still sweating on Zach playing.

  • geez, the press on the eagles game. road worriers to road warriors, brave eagles, ect.

    they almost lost to port after a very healthy lead, they are no chance for flag and will be lucky to win a final if it is interstate

  • Anyone doing worse than me? 755 from 11.

  • 490/7 with 15 to play inc captain Joey. Heading for 1800

    after being undefeated all year in one league, looking set to lose the the 1st qualifying final there.

    • Blaming Jonas for the hit on Gaff, robbing me of 40 points, plus having 3 bench players scoring 80-90s is an extra slap in the face.

    • Feels depressing having only 1 ton so far, and none in the midfield. 3rd, 4th, & 5th best scores all sitting on the pine. Just wanna cry

  • Maxy Gawn…Of all weeks

  • Whats up with the rucks at the G’. Max has Gawn missing with 6…..Stef only on 4

    • Unreal hey! I got both the flogs too

      • I’ve got them both too. Very disappointing. I do however have the big C on Shaw so that makes me a little bit happier.

  • Gawn and Stef on 12 between them at qtr time. Must be Sunday.

  • Benken was a forced hold a few weeks ago…glad I did now. Been doing a bang up job. Three week ave of 82 and 47 at HT today.

    coming through in a time of need

  • Wish i had Petracca. Better than my half my spud farm. I knew i shoulda got it Trengrove instead of beast mode but he’s trying the kid. Fuck you Demons/Lions. Your shit scores are wrecking my sunday

  • If only petracca could kick straight…imagine if those 4 behinds were goals

  • What the hell is going on? Stef on 36 after almost 3 quarters? And Gawn is on 18 or something?

    • Martin played as a tall forward.West negated Gawn at bounce downs and around the ground.Max had one mark for the game.These are my rucks in all formats.

  • Apologies all – I brought Zorko in this week, so obligatory crap score ensues…

  • When Hunter scores more in a quarter than Gawn can manage in a whole game. At least he’s in my team

  • If this is Leppas new plan for Smartin having him as a forward, I may trade him out this week for West to upgrade a back and put Currie on the field (or get another rookie and move Luey back to R3
    Goldy is still the king ruckman

  • wtf fantasia…he’s been a forced hold for the last two weeks, but seriously…5 in a quarter??

    hes gone this week no matter what carnage there is.

    • Surely he has to be trolling his owners. I would rather a doughnut than him.

      • I brought him in the week his role changed. Haven’t got anything above 60 from him. Hands down one of my worst trades ever.

    • I will lose because of him and i have a 0 and my opponent doesn’t.

      Fantasia is out no matter what!

  • Jesus, Coniglio is on track for 180

  • Did Stef spend more time in the ruck second half? Scored a lot better and finished with 16 hit outs.

    I won’t be that quick to get rid of him, they may of felt west was a better match up for Gawn. Also I remember Stef scoring decent in games with Leunberger

    • Barely rucked, spent most of the time forward with West as main ruck…..hurt him badly.

  • I hope Fantasia just broke his jaw. Flog

  • FMDT.. traded out Dea after his 30 a few weeks ago….. and FUCKING FANTASIA is killing me. trading in Lewis and Montagna this week was supposed to see my ranking improve but instead I’ve dropped 5000 so far. shoulda spent the extra coin on getting in J Steven. worst week of the year for me

  • Also does anyone else think hat James Gwilt is the worst player on any AFL list? As a Bombers fan I cringe every time he goes near it. He’s the new Ty Zantuck

  • I know it isn’t really the place to post it, but what is everyone going to do with Stef Martin, Hold or Trade ?

    • surely you have about 20 more pressing things that need doing?

      • I don’t. Stef to Currie… will be a straight swap back in 3 weeks and could use the cash in the meantime. Have Blics in the MIDs so won’t hurt too much if a ruck goes down.